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When To Do Sparklers At Wedding [These Are The Best Times]

You’re contemplating getting sparklers for your wedding, but you are not sure when is the best time to do them, right? Maybe you’re not sure when the right moment will be during the day, perhaps it’s the time more generally. Nevertheless, here are when are popular and typically considered ideal.

So, when should you do sparklers at a wedding? You should do sparklers at a wedding when the sun has begun to or set; dusk or darkness is considered ideal. You, therefore, need to plan your day and schedule – and ensure your send-off/guest photoshoot or first dance takes place during these times.

Ultimately, it all depends on how you want to use your wedding sparklers.

It could be something really specific, at a particular time, or it could be a lot laidback and just happen naturally at a certain phase or time of the evening.

So with this in mind, let us look at how they are commonly used by couples and how to incorporate them into your special day.

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Best Time To Do Sparklers At A Wedding

The best time to do sparklers at a wedding is generally considered to be at dusk or dark. The exact time this takes place will vary depending on your location and seasonality, so be sure you know this will occur at the time of your wedding.

Now, whether you opt for dusk or dark will have pros and cons.


If you opt for dusk – guests are going to have more visibility of one another.

Equally, chances are your guests will be a little soberer (as it is earlier in the evening), and this can result in better photos and reduced safety risks.

You’ll also likely have more guests at this time (which can be a pro or con depending on how you see it), as some will naturally leave earlier than others.


The benefits of complete darkness are a little obvious but clear to state nonetheless; your sparklers will be much more vibrant and effective.

Just consider when and how long it takes to get completely dark – you don’t want to lose too many guests or have them wait around too long.

When To Do Sparklers At Your Wedding

The best time to do sparklers at a wedding will vary from wedding to wedding. It will depend on the look (and possibly photos) you would like to have.


Send-off/exits are a particularly popular and effective use for sparklers.

Essentially, you have your guests line up and create a sparkler arch or path that you will walk through as you leave the wedding.

Well, most couples come right back to enjoy the rest of the party – but again, this will depend on when you want to do it (just consider the later you do so the fewer guests will be there to send you off!)

Guest Photoshoot

Guest photoshoots are usually scheduled at a particular time.

Here, you will get your photographer to capture some shots of your guests waving their sparklers around, talking, and just having fun.

You could even get a group shot if you can get everyone organized in time.

It takes some planning in advance, and usually a few designated people to act as lighters, but usually ends up in some amazing photos.

Newlywed Shoot

Alternatively, you could use sparklers in the photoshoot with your new husband/wife.

It does usually take some expertise on the photography front, so you will want to speak to your photographer to ensure they can shoot it (and have the equipment to do so).

First Dance

Depending on where you have your first dance, it can look amazing to have your guests light up their sparklers as you give your first dance.

Just ensure sparklers are long enough so that they do not go out too early.

At the same time, be sure to check in with the venue about what sparklers are allowed (and where).

If your first dance is taking place indoors, for instance, this may not be feasible.

Cake Cutting

Similar to the first dance, you can also get your guests to light up their sparklers during the cake cutting.

Again, when and where your cake is held and you undertake the cake cut will have a big impact on what is possible/and not here.

Tips On Timing Wedding Sparklers

  • Talk to your venue – get their opinions and recommendations for when is the best time to have your wedding sparklers. Ask them what previous couples did and what tends to work best at their venue.
  • Talk to your photographer – to get an understanding of their knowledge/expertise in taking photos in different lighting. Ask them about the equipment they have and what they can/cannot shoot. It’s also a good idea to set expectations early and let you know the kind of photos you want.
  • Talk to your vendors – and ensure that your plans on lighting sparklers do not cause issues or interrupt timings.
  • Plan ahead – to ensure you know what is going to happen on your wedding day, and when. You need to think about how your sparklers will be displayed, where they are placed, and how guests will light them.
  • Get some help – call upon two or three bridesmaids/groomsmen to help on the day – get guests into position or help light guests’ sparklers. Ensure they coordinate with the photographer on the day too.
  • Be willing to be flexible – try not to be too rigid. Weddings never truly run exactly to schedule and things always turn out differently than planned. Go with it, try to relax, and enjoy the day for what it is.
  • Have a backup plan – just in case the weather is bad on the day or something goes awry that causes plans to change.
  • Get the right sparklers! You need to ensure that you purchase wedding sparklers and not general, cheap sparklers. Wedding sparklers are typically longer (20″+) and will burn for a sufficient time (2-4 minutes). The best sparklers are smokeless, and burn warm golden colors too.


Only you and your partner will know when the best time to do sparklers are at your wedding.

Besides, this is your special day after all.

That being said, there is a reason why most couples opt for dusk/darkness.

And also why they tend to be scheduled to coincide with particular events during the day (send-off/exit, photoshoot/first dance).

Ultimately consider the type of day you would like to have, the kind of photos you would like, and the intricacies of your day (the type of venue, number of guests your having, etc).

And then, just plan accordingly.

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