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The Best Wedding Sparklers Bucket You Absolutely Need To Have!

Sparklers are an increasingly popular trend at weddings – it could be that you are lusting after a sparkler exit and the amazing photos that can be snapped during this time – or you may have even already purchased your wedding sparklers and have some amazing ideas for how to use them! 

Something everyone must consider if intending to have sparklers at their wedding is how to store them. 

The dazzling effect sparklers can have to enhance your wedding also come with a few risks, so it is imperative that they are stored correctly and safely. 

But with wedding day aesthetics to consider, many couples may be wondering if there is a solution to storing their sparklers that also blends in with their wedding theme and looks stylish and elegant too.

Here at Everlasting Occasion, we are delighted to share the sparkler storage solution that we have found, and besides, we’ve done enough research into the matter!

Storing your sparklers in a bucket works well for so many different reasons – both in terms of style and safety. 

Thankfully, we’ve found a retailer whose sparkler buckets do both and that we would highly recommend. Here is the bucket to get.

Best Bucket Sparklers For Weddings

Sparkler Bucket

If you are looking for a/several high-quality, dependable buckets for your wedding sparklers, look no further than Sparklers Online.

Sparklers online have been selling all things wedding sparklers for over twenty years. 

Browsing their website will reveal not only a comprehensive range of high-quality sparklers but also the different accessories that couples will likely require, such as sparkler buckets.

A leading supplier in their field, their premium product is supported by countless positive reviews, hence why you should consider purchasing your wedding sparkler bucket from Sparklers Online. 

Why I Recommend Sparklers From Sparklers Online

Here are all of the reasons that we recommend buying your sparkler bucket from Sparklers Online. 

Reputable Company

Sparklers direct are a reputable company within the sparklers industry. 

With reviews from satisfied customers that support this, you can trust that the sparkler buckets you purchase from Sparklers Direct will meet your satisfaction. 

And should you need even more reason to commit to purchasing your sparkler bucket through them, Sparklers Direct also offers a 100% money-back guarantee. 

Designed For Sparklers

The buckets available on Sparklers Direct are specifically designed for sparklers. 

There are simple instructions for how to get the most out of your sparkler buckets in terms of safety and style. 

As sparklers do carry with them some risks, as any product that is flammable does, the buckets offered by Sparklers Direct are specifically designed for the purpose of holding sparklers. 

Personally, I wouldn’t want to compromise the safety of anyone or anything at my wedding, so if you are thinking of having sparklers, purchasing sparkler buckets (like the ones from Sparklers Direct) seems like a no-brainer to me. 

Stellar Customer Service 

Sparklers Direct offer a highly personal service to their customers. 

An independently-owned, family-run business Sparklers Direct has impressed me with just how easy it is to contact them – whether about an order or just an inquiry in general. 

In fact, on their contact page, you can find a direct number to call should you wish to speak to someone in person or their founders’ email address. 

From our experience, any questions or queries are responded to very quickly.

Planning a wedding can be stressful, so using a company that provides such an outstanding service, such as Sparklers Direct, can help to ease some of this burden. 

Stylish Design

The sparkler buckets available from Sparklers Direct have the added benefit of being aesthetically pleasing, so much so that, when filled with sparklers ready to be used, they would make a stylish piece of décor for your wedding. 

As well as being highly functional, the designs on offer will also fit any style of wedding and look stunning on display. 

Great Sizing

Due to the fact that they are specifically designed to hold sparklers, the sparkler buckets from Sparklers Direct are a great size. 

With different options available, depending on the length of the sparkler you have opted for, ordering a bucket from this supplier can help to ensure that your sizing is correct and that they won’t look oversized or too small. 

That is another benefit of ordering from this industry expert, as they have buckets that will suit all different sizes of sparkler. 

One-stop Shop For All Of Your Sparkler Needs

Sparklers Online offer some great sparkler buckets and also other accessories and sparklers too! It is a one-stop shop for all your sparkler needs. 

If you haven’t yet ordered the sparklers for your wedding, we would recommend ordering all of the sparklers, buckets, and other accessories you need from sparklers online, as you can get it all from one place, and the shipping is quick too!

You can order everything you need for your wedding, all at once!

What Size Bucket(s) Do I Need?

The size of bucket you will need depends on the length of sparklers you opt for. 

Fortunately, Sparklers Online has buckets to suit a variety of different lengths. 

Typically, it is advised that if your sparklers are 10-inches, you choose a bucket that is 11-inches. 

And an 18-inch bucket can be used for sparklers that are 20 – 36-inches in length. 

You will need to use sand to fill the base of your bucket and then put your sparklers in by the handle, the sparkler tips exposed. 

How Many Buckets Do I Need To Get?

The amount of sparkler buckets you will need depends on the number of sparklers you intend to have at your wedding. 

Generally, each bucket can safely hold 50 – 100 sparklers – potentially even more than that. 

You just need to consider how you want your pre-lit sparklers to look: spaced out elegantly or, for a more boho vibe, piled into a bucket altogether. 

If you are looking to put labels on your sparklers, you will need to consider that they will take up more room, so you are likely to need an additional sparkler bucket if you have more than 50 sparklers for the 11-inch bucket and more than 100 for the 18-inch. 

Other Bucket Options To Consider

Whilst we would highly recommend ordering from Sparklers Online, for a number of different reasons, as already stated in this article, if you want to order your sparklers from elsewhere, a few great options can be found on Amazon too. 

Weddingstar Large Galvanzined Silver Tin Bucket with Handle

The first option comes from the brand Weddingstar and are a pair of large galvanized silver tin buckets with a handle. 

With a wooden handle to accent the design, these buckets would fit a wide range of wedding themes. 

Also, the buckets come with a waterproof liner meaning that they can be re-used after the wedding to hold flowers.

Weddingstar Large Galvanzined Silver Tin Bucket with Handle - 2 Pack
  • These delightful galvanized market buckets are ideal for creating elegant arrangements using long-stemmed flowers
  • The wood-accented handle adds a nice, natural detail and the cool, Pewter Grey of the bucket evokes an industrial vibe
  • Will complement a wide range of wedding themes
  • Galvanized tin includes waterproof plastic liner
  • Per package: 2 count

Houston International Trading Steel Metal Vase

This Huston International Trading Steel Metal Vase is another good option to use as a sparkler bucket for your wedding. 

Its traditional style and two handles on either side of the rim would make it perfect for distributing sparklers at your wedding. 

Houston International Trading Steel Metal vase, 10.5" D x 18" H, Galvanized Silver
  • Made in Turkey
  • Package length :11.0"
  • Package width :11.0"
  • Package height :29.5"

WH Galvanized Metal Farmhouse Flower Vases 

For those couples looking for a romantic, floral-looking sparkler bucket to compliment the décor of their wedding, these Galvanized Metal Farmhouse Flower Vases would be perfect. 

With additional floral detail, these sparkler buckets are eye-catching and beautiful. 

With their rustic charm, these sparkler buckets could also be re-purposed after the wedding to hold flower arrangements. 

WH Galvanized Metal Farmhouse Flower Vases 9 Inch, Set of 3 - Rustic Decorative French Flower Bucket Pots for Wedding Table Centerpiece Decorations, Home Decor by Walford Home
  • GALVANIZED FLOWER VASES - Bring a charming rustic flair to your home decor with these decorative metal flower vases. Pair them with real, artificial flowers or plants to complete the vintage french country look.
  • RUSTIC FARMHOUSE DECOR - These farmhouse vases for flowers will add a touch of rustic decor to your home or kitchen. The galvanized finish on these metal flower buckets have an intricate flower detail specifically designed with a farmhouse look in mind.
  • DECORATIVE AND FUNCTIONAL - These table vases are ideal for flower arrangements, dried flowers or plants. Perfect as decor for restaurants, you can use the rustic vases on their own to elevate the look of any space.
  • STUNNING WEDDING TABLE CENTERPIECE - These decorative buckets are sure to impress as an eye-catching wedding table decoration. Bring style and flair to a party, your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or any part of your home.
  • DIMENSIONS - Set of 3 premium quality metal buckets. Each vase is 4.3 x 4.3 x 9 inches tall. Made of heavy-duty galvanized steel with a vintage finish and sealed in a durable clear powder coating. For best results combine with a simple plastic cup for live flowers. The durable 4-point connected handles on the metal vases make them as functional as they are elegant.


So there you have it, my premium recommendation, and then some optional alternatives should you want to shop on Amazon.

One quick final last tip from me; don’t skimp on your bucket!

Besides, if you are going to all the effort of wedding sparklers, it would be almost a sin to ruin it all with unattractive buckets!

And at the same time, they are going to need to store hot (and used sparklers). So they need to be durable and safe, too!

So, click below to visit Sparklers Online and get the one(s) you can depend on!

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