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Everlasting Occasion; your online resource to learn everything you need to know to plan your dream engagement, wedding or honeymoon.

Everlasting Occasions’ Mission

We founded Everlasting Occasion to be your ultimate online resource for wedding, engagement, and honeymoon planning.

As newlyweds who have recently navigated the wedding planning process ourselves, we struggled to find the information we needed. When we needed it. At least actionable, helpful, realistic and personal information.

We started with essential guides and have expanded to tools and vendor recommendations, all inspired by our personal journey.

We are dedicated to providing useful, helpful and independent advice.

Now a top destination online, we’re dedicated to helping others make their once-in-a-lifetime celebrations truly everlasting.

Our Story

Our Wedding Sign

We are not just a married couple with a passion for event planning; our love story is the heartbeat behind Everlasting Occasion. We met in 2016 and fell in love instantly. Two years into our relationship, we moved in together, celebrating our connection and building our life as a team.

Our relationship blossomed, leading to an engagement five years after we began dating. After a joyful seven-year journey filled with love and understanding, we tied the knot in 2022. The happiness didn’t stop there; we were blessed with a young baby, conceived on our magical honeymoon.

Planning our dream wedding required significant research, and we faced countless questions. This process, although challenging, inspired us to help others navigate their journey. Everlasting Occasion was born from our experiences, our love, and our professional background in Event Management.

Our website is more than a platform; it’s our shared journal of well-researched and well-thought-through advice. It reflects our dedication, both in our personal lives and our profession, to create lasting memories. We invite you to let Everlasting Occasion be a part of your love story, helping you craft an extraordinary celebration for all the right reasons!

About The Authors

Allison and Jeremy Williams

Allison and Jeremy are the loving couple behind Everlasting Occasion.

Both working professionals in Event Management, they bring a wealth of experience and insight to the table.

Allison, 33, and Jeremy, 34, share not only a passion for creating unforgettable events but also a personal journey that adds warmth and authenticity to their guidance.

Recently married and parents to a young baby, they continue to draw from their love story to help others plan and celebrate their dream wedding, engagement, or honeymoon.

Their commitment to quality and detail ensures that you receive only trusted, well-researched advice to make your special occasion truly everlasting.

While the site is a combination of our research, it is I, Allison who writes here at Everlasting Occasion.

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Contact: theeverlastingoccasion@gmail.com

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