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How Many Sparklers For Wedding? [How To Work It Out]

Are you about to put in an order for sparklers for your wedding? Not sure how many you need? What is enough? What will ensure they are all used without too many lying around spare and draining your already taxed budget? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here is exactly how to work out how many you need.

So, how many sparklers do you need for a wedding? It is generally advised to buy one sparkler for every guest who will be present during the time they are used. However, the length of the sparklers, how many (and the types) of guests attending, and what you are using them for may result in you need more or less. Having a few extra is advised too.

As you can see, there are three main factors to consider here.

And the truth is, what is right for one wedding may not be for all.

But to make the decision a little easier, let me run through each one!

Yet to buy your sparklers? These are the ones you need to get.

How Many Guests Are Attending Your Wedding?

First and foremost, how many people will be there on your special day?

And at the time you intend to do sparklers, specifically.

If you are on a tighter budget, you can even take this a step further and consider how many people may participate.

For instance, older guests or certain groups of males may not be as keen.

At the same time, you may even have guests in mind you know will dip early.

So, even if you had 150 wedding guests, only 100 may be present.

What Are Your Plans For Your Sparklers?

There are various different ways you may plan to use your sparklers, and each use case may have a different requirement in terms of how many sparklers you need.

For instance, some use cases may require a sparkler that lasts longer.

Others may mean that not everyone needs one.

Below are the most common ways sparklers are used and to take into account.

  • Entrance/Exit – To welcome/send off the happy couple. The venue may dictate how long this lasts and how many guests can actually participate. Equally, entrances will likely require more sparklers than exists (as more guests will likely be there).
  • Photo Shoot – You’ll need more sparklers for this, and you’ll also need the sparklers to last quite a long time to ensure your photographer can get some decent shots!
  • First Dance – If you want to have sparklers during your first dance, ylou are going to need ones that last (to cover the duration of the song, or most of it!)

What Length Sparklers Do You Need To Buy?

The longer the sparkler, the longer it will stay lighted. That being said, they are more expensive and not all activities require sparklers that last a long time.

Generally, any sparklers under 10″ are too short for weddings. They just do not last long enough for most wedding activities. They usually go out in 30 seconds or less.

Therefore, the three most common lengths for sparklers used for weddings are 10″, 20″ and 36″

10″ Length

10″ sparklers last for around 30-40 seconds, on average.

While they are relatively short, they are great as wedding favors, centerpieces, and photo props.

They are also ideal for lighting and getting going other longer sparklers!

20″ Length

20″ sparklers typically last for around 2 minutes.

They are therefore great for weddings with guests around the 100 people range.

They are most commonly used for photoshoots entrances/exits.

36″ Length

These last for up to four minutes – which is what you want if you have a large number of guests (you need to ensure they burn for a sufficiently long enough time so everyone can get them lit at the same time!).

As they last longer, they are also ideal for first dance songs that last upward of 3 minutes.

But, they tend to burn for too long for any photoshoot so are best avoided for this use case.

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With these factors in mind, you should find it pretty simple to find what sparklers you need, and how many of them!

But, just as a final summary. Here’s what you need to do.

  • First, decide on how you plan to use sparklers. Try to estimate how long you need them to burn.
  • Ensure every guest attending has a sparkler (for those that will be in attendance at the time of use). This will likely be an estimation.
  • Have a few spare just to make sure (and to use for lighting),

Consider your budget and the cost.

And then go from there.

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