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How To Light Sparklers At Wedding [4 Of The Best Ways]

Are you planning on having sparklers at your wedding? Are you concerned about how your guests are going to light them? What do they need to do so? What is best to ensure everyone is able to spark up in time? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Today, I am going to be walking you through all of the different options.

So, how do you light sparklers at a wedding? There are generally four different ways sparklers are commonly lit at a wedding. Candles, gas/electric lighters, butane torches, and/or using already lit sparklers are the most practical ways.

You’ll notice I didn’t mention matches!

And while they are great for lighting some traditional-style sparklers, in reality, wedding sparklers are a little different (and a little more challenging to get going).

Matches are not as effective; and they are not practical for a wedding, either.

Besides, what if there is rain or wind? How can you get the matchbox around to all of your guests in time… I could go on.

Nevertheless, let us look at the different lighting methods before turning to some tips and suggestions to ensure you get this incredibly important aspect right.

You’re entire entrance/exit, cake-cutting, or first dance photos could depend on it so keep reading!

Yet to buy your sparklers? These are the ones you need to get.

What To Light Sparklers With At A Wedding

The best devices for lighting sparklers at a wedding are those that provide an open flame. Candles, gas/electric lighters, torches, and other sparklers are ideal for this.


Butane Torches are without doubt the best option. Particularly so if you are having a sparkler send-off where speed is of the essence.

While there are various different styles available, I have found the smaller ‘pen’ variety to be the best; you can buy multiple at a time, they are small, practical, and can get passed around easily.

These are windproof and work in all weather conditions. All you need to do is flick the switch forward to generate a flame.

This is the pack to get off Amazon.

Then you just need to distribute these around on your special day and have some lying around.


Not only will they tie in with the rest of your wedding theme and be used as decor, but they can be very effective to get your sparklers going.

Large candles that are placed centrally are best; especially if multiple guests can access the flame simultaneously while keeping a safe distance from one another.

However, if your wedding is in the winter or the conditions are not great, candles may become a no-go.

It’s always a good idea to have another method as a backup just in case.

Gas/Electric Lighters

Gas and electric lighters, you know the ones used for smoking, are one of the cheaper and simple methods.

Besides, you can pick these up quite readily at almost any store.

There are many different styles and variations of these, with some being much better than others.

For instance, these are the type I’d recommend from Amazon.

They prevent the risk of overheating/burning (with many traditional lighters getting too hot).

The downside to using gas/electric lighters is that the flames run quite small so you can usually only get one sparkler lit at a time.

Equally, you need to buy quite a few to ensure you have enough on the day and that guests are not waiting around too long to get lit!

Other Sparklers

Did you know that a lit sparkler can light another lit sparkler? It’s quick and effective too.

And the best thing with this method is you can start a chain reaction and get guests lighting each other without the need to wait for the flame source to be passed around.

The only issue with this method is you’ll need someone to ‘teach’ others what to do or be in charge of going around and lighting guests’ sparklers.

And, you do tend to need a few extra spares for this too.

How Do You Light A Sparkler At A Wedding?

How you light a sparkler will depend on the device you are using. That being said, the process runs quite similar regardless of what option you go with.

Step One: Ensure the sparkler is held securely with one hand (the right way up so that you light the coarse tip). The flame source should be in the other.

Step Two: Light the sparkler with it held away from you, other people, and other objects. You may need to wait a few seconds for the sparkler to ignite. Angling the sparkler can cause ignition faster, too.

Step Three: Keep the sparkler at a fair distance from your body while it remains lit.

Step Four: When it fizzles out, discard the sparkler in a safe way. Ensure you do not put it down while it is still going.

How Do You Light Multiple Sparklers At Once?

The best way to light multiple sparklers at once is to ensure you have a large, stable, and open flame like a candle (where multiple sparkler tips can be placed simultaneously). Equally, holding an existing lit sparkler with multiple unlit sparkler tips together can get them going quickly.

If you are going the ‘multiple sparkler route’, it’s a good idea to designate the responsibility to 1 person.

Have them as the “ chief lighter”; a groomsman or bridesmaid works well for this!

But if you are lighting multiple sparklers at one time, you do need to be careful.

The spark can be large and erratic.

It is generally safest to only light one sparkler at a time.

Suggestions for Getting Sparklers Going

To ensure that your guests can successfully light their sparklers, and they do so in a safe, timely fashion, you are going to want to consider the following tips.

Location Is Crucial

Where you choose to have your guests light their sparklers is vital.

It should be open, yet closed off from any wind/the elements.

Guests should also be able to access a flame source, while still retaining full view of the activity ongoing.

Opt For Reliability

You don’t want your flame source to fail you on your big day.

So, opt for a method that is reliable.

This is why you should get multiple (highly reviewed) lighters or torches before.

Test Before

Along similar lines, it’s a good idea to test before the big day.

There is always the chance that you could pick up (or order) a faulty batch, even if the product is usually reliable.

You don’t want to leave anything to chance here, so it’s best to test ahead of the big day. And with sufficient time should you need to replace them!

Offer Multiple

Having multiple different lighting options is a great idea.

This will help ensure all guests get their lighters lit in a timely fashion, there is no waiting around, and people can opt for a method that works for them.

Have Enough

Don’t skimp on the number you have available.

Chances are this is going to be a significant moment of your wedding day and a big photo opportunity.

You’ve put a lot into your wedding, and your sparklers have likely set you back a bit too, so why risk it all by trying to save a few $ on lighters/torches/candles!

Safety Tips For Lighting Sparklers

The following safety tips will help ensure that your sparkler activity runs smoothly – regardless of when, where, and how they are going to be used on your wedding day:

  • Read the instructions/product packaging of your sparklers, to ensure you know how to light and use them most effectively,
  • Test a few sparklers out before the big day to see how they work. You may even want to consider who you give them to in response to this,
  • Keep lighters at a safe distance, away from the face at all times. If a sparkler does not light, do not hold it closer to inspect it while still trying to light it.
  • Have buckets of water/sand or fire extinguishers available, just in case you were to need them.


Do You Light Sparklers From Top Or Bottom?

You should light your sparkler at the top – the tip that has a rough texture. This will keep the flame (and any resulting sparks) away from your hand. Angling the top downward should help the sparkler set alight.

How Do You Present Sparklers At A Wedding?

The best way to present sparklers at a wedding is via a display. Placing sparklers in a bucket, or personalized container with tags is popular. Installing a sign that outlines the time in which they are to be used is recommended, too.

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