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Best Sparklers For Wedding [These Are The Ones To Buy]

Is your wedding soon approaching? Are you buying all those extras that will take your day to the next level? Well, you’re going to need some sparklers!

But what ones are best?

Besides, you don’t want these burning out early, do you?

The good news is that you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve recently just made an order for my big day and having tested them out, I think it’s fair to say that we made the right choice!

If you’re short of time and just want to know which ones to get, here is what you’ll want to know:

So, what are the best sparklers for a wedding? The best sparklers for a wedding are those that will burn for a sufficient time (to allow for photos and any desired exits), are easy to light, emit beautiful thick colors (like a gold, when lit), and are smokeless (to prevent choking).

It is for these reasons that I strongly recommend you order from Sparklers Online.

Best Sparklers For Weddings

If you are looking for high-quality, dependable sparklers for your wedding, look no further than Sparklers Online.

Here is why:

  • This company have been supplying sparklers to weddings for over 20 years. They are incredibly reputable and have been featured in all of the most recognized and trusted wedding magazine publications, including The Knot.
  • These sparklers have an extended burn time (up to 4 minutes) compared to other brands. This will ensure they burn for a sufficient amount of time for pictures/moments/exits etc.
  • They have subtle yet elegant colors – silver when unlit, with a beautiful, warm golden sparkle when lit.
  • They are smokeless and much safer than regular sparklers.
  • They are easy and quick to light.
  • You get fast, free shipping – orders typically arrive within 3–5 business days.
  • There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee, with a full refund if you are not satisfied for whatever reason.
  • You can get all of your required extras here, including buckets, tags and signs!

This premium yet affordable brand has been selling sparklers for over twenty years; supplying thousands of weddings during this time.

They are a tried and trusted supplier; being featured in all the top wedding magazines.

And it’s all because they have created such a great product.

Let me know and explain why I recommend them, compared to others available on the market.

Why I Recommend Sparklers From Sparklers Online

If you are going to go to the effort, and expense, of buying sparklers for your wedding, then you want a product that you can trust. You need to ensure they are safe, easy to light, burn for a sufficiently long time, and will look great in pictures too. Sparklers from Sparklers Online provides all these things and more.

They Come In Beautiful Colors

There is something about the silver/gold combination. So, they look great both before they have been lit (silver) and after (glowing gold)

They Offer Three Different Sizes

Sparklers Online offer three different sizes: 10, 20, and 36″.

Each is great for different use cases and how long you want them to burn.

But the good news is, you can find some that are most suitable for your day.

They Are Smokeless

Smoke will ruin photos and your send-off. There’s no doubt about it.

Whether it’s causing people to choke, making them squint, or blurring the photos altogether.

No Sparklers Online product smoke; which is a feature not all online sparklers can offer.

They Are Safe And Practical

Keeping everyone safe must be a priority, but these well-designed and well-constructed sparklers can help ensure this.

They are only made of premium materials and are constructed to ensure the risk of injury/burning is kept to a minimum.

You Can Get All You Need In One Place

Sparklers online do not just sell the sparklers themselves. They sell all the extras you may want or need!

It could be signs, tags, or buckets – you can get everything you need to store, publicize and set up your send-off perfectly.

How Long Do These Wedding Sparklers Last?

Each size sparkler from Sparklers Online has its own burn time. The longer the sparkler, the longer it will burn:

  • 36 inches: extra-large sparklers that will burn for four minutes
  • 20 inches: large sparklers that have a sparkle time of two minutes
  • 10 inches: will burn for a shorter 40 seconds

How Do You Light These Wedding Sparklers?

The best ways to light these wedding sparklers are with a match, lighter or candle flame. Although, they do tend to light quickest with another sparkler (that has previously been lit).

Sparklers Online actually provides additional sparklers in each box that you can use to get everyone lit.

It is a good idea to give this responsibility to your groomsmen – just be sure to let them know which sparklers to use for this!

What Is The Best Length Of Sparklers For A Wedding?

The best length of sparklers for a wedding depends on the wedding size and guest count. Shorter sparklers are generally most suited to smaller weddings. Larger sparklers, on the other hand, tend to suit weddings with more guests.

  • If you have a guest count of 50 or under, you may want to order 10″ sparklers.
  • If you have a guest count of 50-100, the 20″ may suffice,
  • If you have a guest count of 100+, the 36″ would be best, if your budget allows it.

That being said, the longer sparklers also burn the longest – so if you want an extended send-off, or want a period of time to take photos, you will likely want to get the 36″.

The 36″ will give you the time you need to:

  • Line up guests,
  • Get every sparkler lit,
  • Take the best photos,
  • Allow for entrances and/or exits (should you want them)

How Many Sparklers Do You Need To Buy?

The number of sparklers you need to buy will depend on your guest count. It is generally advised that you purchase 1-2 sparklers per guest.

This will ensure that everyone can participate (should they want to), and you have spare should any go missing or anyone picks up an extra!

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Tips For Using These Sparklers At Your Wedding

I’d like to share some of my tips for how to get the most out of these sparklers at your wedding.

That way, should you proceed with an order, they’ll be a hit for all the right reasons!

  • Light at the right time! Ensure that you do not light your sparklers too early. Make sure everyone is in position, everyone has collected and everyone is ready. Also, make sure it will be sufficiently dark. So consider the seasons and plan the timing accordingly!
  • Get enough matches/lighters – Just in case and to ensure everyone can light their sparklers, should other guests not be so forthcoming. A lighter for every 2-3 sparklers is a good rule of thumb (besides you can buy these cheap in bulk). Alternatively, have some large candles around so that people can light up their sparklers simultaneously.
  • Ensure there is enough space, for everyone to gather while leaving room for your entrance/exit.
  • Don’t worry about the rain! Your sparklers will still light and should remain so. Your only concern will be your hair, makeup and resulting pictures!

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for sparklers for your send-off/exit, as a photo opportunity, or even for decoration, look no further than Sparklers Online.

These premium sparklers really do tick all the boxes.

They are of the highest quality, ordering is easy, shipping is fast and you can rest assured knowing they will do the job for your special day.

And this is not just my opinion, either.

If you head over to the website, you’ll see all the positive reviews from fellow newlyweds and customers.

780 5* reviews and counting for all of the different sizes, although the 36″ are the most popular.

So, if I were you – put in an order.

Get this sorted and ticked off your wedding planning to-do list.

You’ll be pleased you did. Trust me!

Then, it’s just a matter of displaying them!


What Is The Difference Between Wedding Sparklers And Regular Sparklers?

The main differences between wedding sparklers and regular sparklers are size, color, burn time, and burn effect. Generally, wedding sparklers are longer (burn longer), are more delicate in color and are often smokeless too.

How Many Sparklers Do You Need For 100 Guests?

It is generally recommended that you order 100-200 sparklers for 100 guests.

How Do You Light Wedding Sparklers Quickly?

The quickest way to get wedding sparklers lit quickly is to get each guest to light the next person.

Are Wedding Sparklers Worth It?

Wedding sparklers are generally worth it if you have the budget, plan on having a send-off, and you order some that will burn for a sufficiently long time.

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