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How Long Do Wedding Sparklers Last? [What To Expect]

Are you in the process of planning a sparkling send-off? Perhaps you are researching wedding sparklers and want to know how long they will typically last when lit? Either way, this is essential information to know. Besides, they need to stay lit for a sufficiently long time. Well, having researched various sparkler suppliers, here is all you need to know.

So, how long do wedding sparklers last? The average wedding sparkler will typically last anywhere from 30 seconds up to 4 minutes. The length of the sparkler, along with the quality of materials are the main factors that influence how long they will burn.

I’m talking about wedding sparklers here, not your run-of-the-mill sparklers you get from firework stores or those cheap, unbranded ones online.

Wedding sparklers are different. They are typically longer, made of higher quality materials, are smokeless, and emit warmer colors, too.

Nevertheless, you may be wondering what size sparklers you need.

So let’s get right on into it!

Yet to buy your sparklers? These are the ones you need to get.

Sparkler Size Burn Durations

A sparkler’s burn time is largely dependent on its length and the material it is constructed from.

Here is what you can expect from each popular size of wedding sparkler:

10″ Wedding Sparklers

  • Constructed from wood: 20-25 seconds
  • Constructed from steel: 30-40 seconds.

Usually, specialty sparklers like hearts or names will be around the 10″ size.

20″ Wedding Sparklers

  • Constructed from steel: 1 – 2 minutes.

36″ Wedding Sparklers

  • Constructed from steel: 2 – 4 minutes.

As you will notice, you will see there is variance even between sparklers of the same length.

This is because the material plays a key role in performance.

Generally, only short sparklers are made from wood; steel is preferred for longer wedding sparklers to ensure that they are sufficiently supported as they burn.

Longer sparklers, in the 20-36″ category are also generally wider which helps support burn time, and also supports their added weight.

At the same time, there are even quality differences between sparklers made of the same materials.

Cheap, unbranded sparklers typically have much less compound which is required for the burn. The result is sparklers that do not burn as brightly, for as long, or even unevenly.

There does appear to be a limit here though. Any sparkler over 36″ tends to be too long, and even unsafe for weddings.

Hence why many suppliers of wedding sparklers do not stock them!

How Long Should A Sparkler Be At A Wedding?

How long a sparkler should be at a wedding depends on how they intend to be used. That being said, 10″ is considered the shortest sparkler you should have or otherwise you will not have sufficient burn time.

Ultimately you need to consider when they are to be burned, along with how many guests you are having.

Are they for a quick toast for a small wedding outside? Are they to decorate? Well in those cases shorter, 10″ sparklers will suffice.

If you are having a larger wedding, are planning a send-off, or you just want to maximize opportunities for photos, the longer 20/36″ are best.

36″ sparklers will give you maximum time and ensure all your guests can get lit up before those who have managed to light before them burn out. They are typically the best.

High-quality 20″ sparklers will give you around 2 minutes, which may suffice depending on the size of your wedding.

How Long Do Sparklers Last Before They Expire?

If stored correctly (in dry, temperature-appropriate conditions) sparklers should not expire. At the very least, you should expect 10-20 years out of them before performance may decline.

Of course, you can do a lot to impact this time and even cause sparklers to spoil.

Getting wet by sitting in humid conditions, or being left directly in sunlight can cause sparklers to deteriorate.

So how you store them is crucial, but what is possible will largely depend on your circumstances.

Just consider that depending on where you buy your wedding sparklers from, they are likely an aged product already.

Suppliers will likely have them stored in a warehouse, and they may have even sat in a manufacturer’s warehouse before that.

So, by the time you receive them, do consider that they will likely not be “brand new”, in the traditional sense.

It shouldn’t make a difference because they were likely kept optimally.

But it may have an impact on how long you can further keep them for.

Once you receive your wedding sparklers, it is generally best to put them in a moisture-resistant box, out of sunlight, and in a place that is cool and dry.

Keep them out of, and a way from humidity. It is this that in will time, deteriorates the gunpowder and makes them unusable.

That way, they will remain in peak condition for your big day!

And finally, make sure you buy an appropriate amount. You want a few spare, but too many will result in the troubles of long-term storage!

Oh, and if you are looking for the best wedding sparklers for your special day, then check out Sparklers Online.

These smokeless silver and gold-burning sparklers have some of the longest burn times I’ve been able to find!


How Long Does A 20 In Sparkler Last?

The average 20″ sparkler will last for between 1-2 minutes.

How Long Should Sparklers Last?

Sparklers should last and burn for the length of time they have been designed, and marketed for. Length and materials will influence total burning time.

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