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How Much Do Wedding Sparklers Cost? [What Is a Fair Price?]

Are you budgeting for your wedding? Are you contemplating having a sparkler entrance or send-off and trying to work out how much it may cost? Well, you’re going to need to know the price of sparklers. Needing to know for my own big day, I decided to research the market to get an understanding of a fair and respectable price. This is what you are going to want to know.

So, how much do wedding sparklers cost? Wedding sparklers can cost anywhere from $0.5 to $2 per sparkler. Although, brand, quality, size, and the number you buy at a time can all influence the total price.

These are just averages based on various different brands and suppliers.

And it’s for wedding sparklers, specifically, by the way.

Which are different from regular sparklers.

And if there is one thing I have found during my time researching sparkler pricing, it’s that cheaper is not always better.

In fact, very cheap sparklers are often of inferior quality, and it’s usually a red flag.

Nevertheless, let us take a look at the various different factors that influence the price of wedding sparklers.

This way you can ensure you not only get a fair deal, but you get some that are going to be perfect for your big day!

Yet to buy your wedding sparklers? These are the ones you need to get.

Factors That Influence Sparkler Price

The main factors that influence the price of sparklers include the size, quality (of the materials they are made of), the colors (particularly when lit), features, the quantity bought, and when and where you buy them.

Let us now run through each one of them to get a better idea.


The size of a sparkler is directly proportional to the price.

In other words, longer sparklers cost more.

And that’s because they burn for longer and there is in essence, more sparkler (which requires more materials to make, etc).

When it comes to wedding sparklers, there are generally three standard sizes.

  • 10″ Sparklers,
  • 20″ Sparklers,
  • 36″ Sparklers.

Now you may be able to pick up sparklers for under a dollar a pack. But these are often 8″ in length and shorter. Consider these will only last for 10-20 seconds at most and therefore are not going to work on your wedding day!

If you wanted to get a rough idea of how much a sparkler costs at each respective size, see below:

  • 10″ Sparklers – $0.1-$0.5 per sparkler,
  • 20″ Sparklers – $0.8-$1.4 per sparkler,
  • 36″ Sparklers – $1-$2 per sparkler,

These are just averages based on prices I have been able to find.

Although you will surely find some outliers, too.


It goes without saying but higher quality sparklers cost more.

And when it comes to quality it’s not just the materials they are made of, but it’s also how they are designed too.

Better quality sparklers will burn more evenly, are generally safer and you won’t get any that will not light or fizzle out.

Ultimately, you tend to pair more for sparklers where more resources and effort have gone into the manufacturing.


The color of sparklers, both before and after being lit, is another factor that influences price.

The more elegant the color, the silver, and golds, tend to be more expensive than those that are cheaper to manufacture.

That’s because certain color pigments are cheaper to source than others, and these costs simply get passed on to the customer.


Sparklers are sparklers; there are not many features that will differentiate some brands from another.

That being said the main one to consider is smoke.

The best wedding sparklers are those that are smokeless.

That will ensure no interference when it comes to photos; not only for blurred pictures but also to prevent choking, squinting, etc.


Generally, it pays you to buy more sparklers at any one time. Or in other words, to buy in bulk.

This way you usually obtain a discount.

Sparklers are often available in boxes and cases and that is what you will likely need for a wedding anyway, even more so if you are having a large guest count.

There is always a limit here of course; you’re likely on a budget and you only want to buy as many as you need (outside of a few extra).

So, buying in bulk may or may not be feasible depending on where you buy them from.

Unless of course, you are happing, willing, and able to try and sell those you don’t need to recoup a bit of money!

Time of Year

The time of year will have an impact on the cost of sparklers.

For instance, you will typically find that after firework night, sparklers tend to drop in price as there is an excess of stock that outweighs demand.

That’s for the general industry though, wedding sparklers may not be impacted.

Just consider that a small variance in price can make a huge difference depending on how many sparklers you need to buy.

Even if you’re saving $0.1-$0.25 per sparkler, you’ll soon notice how this adds up!

Where You Buy Them

The same sparklers can cost a different amount depending on where you shop.

That’s because different retailers and outlets will add their own unique variable rate on top of their sourcing costs (to make their profit).

It is also true that sparklers are typically cheaper to buy online.

That’s because eCommerce generally carries fewer costs, and these savings can be passed on to the consumer.

At the same time, buying online offers you the opportunity to compare prices much more easily.

Just be mindful that cheaper is not always better.

In fact, for wedding sparklers I have found it actually works out better to pay a little more.

You really want to prioritize quality here.

It’s your special day.

You don’t want it to go wrong.

Where To Buy Sparklers For Your Wedding

I would recommend buying your wedding sparklers from Sparklers Online.

This premium brand has been selling sparklers to couples for over twenty years.

They offer sparklers in the most important sizes, 10, 20, and 36″.

Their sparklers are smokeless, silver until lit, and burn an elegant warm gold.

They are quick and easy to light, safe, and long-burning.

Plus they ship quickly and the company offers all-important accessories too, such as signs, tags, and buckets; all key for displaying them on your special day!

They also offer very competitive pricing and have countless 5* reviews.

So head over there and see for yourself.

These are the ones I’ll be buying, for sure!



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