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The Best 36 Inch Wedding Sparklers You Can Buy

Are you looking for 36 inch wedding sparklers for your big day? Those with an extended burn time that will enable you to have that perfect, dream send-off and to ensure you capture those special moments on camera.

Well if that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place, because today, I am going to be introducing you to a reputable and trusted supplier.

Besides, I’ve spent enough time researching to find them. And they come with glowing reviews (sorry, I couldn’t help myself!)

I’ll first introduce you to them, then I’ll turn to explaining why these are the ones to buy.

So, what is my recommendation?

Best 36″ Sparklers For Weddings

If you are looking for high-quality, dependable sparklers for your wedding, look no further than Sparklers Online.

Here is why:

  • This company have been supplying sparklers to weddings for over 20 years. They are incredibly reputable and have been featured in all of the most recognized and trusted wedding magazine publications, including The Knot.
  • These sparklers have an extended burn time (up to 4 minutes) compared to other brands. This will ensure they burn for a sufficient amount of time for pictures/moments/exits etc.
  • They have subtle yet elegant colors – silver when unlit, with a beautiful, warm golden sparkle when lit.
  • They are smokeless and much safer than regular sparklers.
  • They are easy and quick to light.
  • You get fast, free shipping – orders typically arrive within 3–5 business days.
  • There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee, with a full refund if you are not satisfied for whatever reason.
  • You can get all of your required extras here, including buckets, tags and signs!

Why I Recommend Sparklers From Sparklers Online

If you are going to go to all of the effort, and expense, of having sparklers at your wedding, then you are going to need to have ones in that you can trust. You need to ensure they are safe, easy to light, burn for a sufficiently long time, and will look great in pictures too. Sparklers from Sparklers Online provides all these things and much more.

With various different suppliers online, it can be challenging to know who to go with.

Before you know it you’re trying to compare spec, pricing, and all the finer details.

I know, I’ve been there.

So, I would just like to break down some of the different reasons why this particular supplier come out on top.

Beautiful Colors

These 36″ wedding sparklers have a perfect color combination; silver when unlit, and a warm gold while they are burning.

Extended Burn Time

Not all 36″ wedding sparklers will burn the same amount of time; it has a lot to do with the materials they are made from and the quality of construction.

These sparklers from Sparklers Online burn for 4 minutes (on average), some of the highest burn times you’ll find.

They Are Smokeless

Smoke will ruin photos and your send-off. There’s no doubt about it.

Whether it’s causing people to choke, making them squint, or blurring the photos altogether.

No Sparklers Online product smoke; which is a feature not all online sparklers can offer.

They Are Safe And Practical

Keeping everyone safe must be a priority, but these well-designed and well-constructed sparklers can help ensure this.

They are only made of premium materials and are constructed to ensure the risk of injury/burning is kept to a minimum.

You Can Get All You Need In One Place

Sparklers online do not just sell the 36″ sparklers themselves. They sell all the extras you may want or need!

It could be signs, tags, or buckets – you can get everything you need to store, publicize and set up your send-off perfectly.

How Long Does A 36 Inch Sparklers Last?

A 36″ sparkler will last between 2.5-4 minutes, depending on the brand and manufacturer. The higher quality the sparkler, the longer the burn time.

That’s why sparklers from Sparklers Online have a great reputation; they burn towards the upper limit of the range.

Not something that all manufactures and suppliers can promise. Or at least, deliver on.

Why You Need 36 Inch Sparklers For Your Wedding

I would strongly recommend you opt for 36″ sparklers for your wedding, opposed to 20″ sparklers, in order to ensure there is sufficient time for your exit/photos or other potential use case.

Of course, the longer your sparklers burn, the easier it will be to get all guests to light them in good time (without the first guests sparklers going out too soon).

This will ensure you get a good set of photos, there is no panic (or rush), and it will also ensure that everyone can get into position should you be wanting to have a send off.

At the same time, 36″ wedding sparklers generally look much better in photos (in my opinion). Their elongated appearance ensures they can be placed up above at height; not only keeping everyone safe, but also to create that arch effect you likely desire.


If you’re looking for 36″ wedding sparklers for your special day, look no further than Sparklers Online.

These premium sparklers really do tick all the boxes.

They are of the highest quality, ordering is easy, shipping is fast and you can rest assured knowing they will do the job for your special day.

And this is not just my opinion, either.

If you head over to the website, you’ll see all the positive reviews from fellow newlyweds and customers.

There are 428 five star reviews of their 36″ wedding sparklers at the time of writing. Do I need to say more?

So, if I were you – I would put in an order.

Get this sorted and ticked off your wedding planning to-do list.

You’ll be pleased you did.

Trust me!

They truly are the best sparklers for a wedding.

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