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How To Display Sparklers At Wedding [6 Perfect Options]

Are you planning on having sparklers at your wedding? Are you not sure how you should display them? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Today, I’ll be walking you through exactly what you can do to make sure they look great, can be easily found, and, most importantly, get used!

So, how do you display sparklers at a wedding? The best way to display sparklers at a wedding is by placing them in personalized buckets, jugs, vases, pots, or planters, or even watering cans. Essentially, you want to keep them safely all together and easily accessible while also matching the aesthetic of your wedding. 

The good news is that there are actually countless ways to display sparklers.

The key is essentially finding what works best for you and your wedding.

Matching the theme, however, is somewhat crucial!

And, of course, you want your guests to participate and proactively pick them up and use them.

With this all in mind, let us continue to explore how you can display your sparklers and some suggestions to incorporate them into your big day!

Besides, it will ensure you get the best photos – so keep reading!

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When Are Your Sparklers For?

First and foremost, it’s essential to consider and plan when you want your guests to use the sparklers.

This will dictate how many you will need, where you will ultimately place them, and the resulting display options on offer.

At the same time, it will have an impact on the size of sparklers you order and, again, how they can be effectively displayed.

For instance, you do not want to display small sparklers in an excessively large bucket, or at the other extreme, you don’t want the sparklers to be too large that they fall out of the container you decide you want to keep them in.

Equally, you’ll need to ensure you have the space available at the venue (which may require checking in advance) for where you intend to erect the display.

Display Options For Sparklers

There are a variety of different display options for sparklers. Below, I outline some of my personal favorites.

For each of these different options, all you need to do is fill the bottom with sand to give it some stability (it also allows you to thread the end of the sparklers through to keep them standing upright).


This is not just any old bucket.

You want a bucket designed for holding sparkers, or at the very least, one that has been designed with wedding aesthetics in mind.

Here is the one I recommend you buy from Sparklers Online for 20 or 36″ sparklers. 

It is perfectly shaped and sufficiently tall, and the floral trimming at the top really ties it in.

Alternatively, if you have 10″ sparklers, then they do a small version which you can find here.

While you don’t necessarily need to, you can decorate these buckets further to encapsulate your theme.

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Clear jugs are another option that I have seen used at weddings.

While they don’t look quite the same, and while you do need to ensure they are sufficiently tall, they are a fantastic budget option.

You can even decide to decorate jugs with flowers or bows.


In a similar vein, you could use a flower vase (or two).

These tend to work quite well as they are naturally taller and tend to be made of thicker glass.

Just be sure these are strategically placed and cannot be knocked off any surface – they will be a hazard if they were to smash.


Ceramic pots are another great alternative and are really suited to boho or rustic wedding aesthetics.

You’ll need to measure these up first, but they can be a terrific alternative to consider,

Wooden Crates

Small wooden crates, with a pallet effect and look, can also look terrific.

Unless you find a supplier, however, you will likely need to construct these yourself.

These are, therefore, most suitable for those of you with extra time and are quite creative and handy too!

Watering Cans

These can look amazing, particularly for fall and winter weddings!

It is generally best to opt for metal/copper-based watering cans with a shorter spout.

You could even consider painting them too in an off-white.

Just make sure the opening is big enough to fit the sparklers!

This would be the kind to buy.

How Do You Present Sparklers At A Wedding?

To present sparklers at your wedding, you are going to need to consider how they are decorated, where they are displayed, how you want to personalize them, and you’ll want to publicize them too!


While you can use various different items to store and hold your sparklers, it is how you decorate them that will ensure they are seen and ensure they tie in with the wedding theme.

Good ways to decorate your displays include using wedding flowers (either real or fake), lace, bows, or colorful fabrics.

One thing you want to do here is to make sure they can capture your guest’s attention without diverting too far from the color theme of the wedding.

So, for instance, if you have a rustic theme wedding, you could tie bean sack material around the bucket.


Where you display your sparklers will be largely influenced by their intended use.

Do you want your guests to hold them for photos? Do you want your guests to hold them as you leave the venue? Are they going to be used as centerpieces or for your first dance or the cake?

Either way, they should be positioned nearby and at a convenient height for all guests to access.


One of the best ways to personalize your sparkler displays is by adding what is called ‘sparkler tags.’

These are essentially small cards that you can fix to your sparklers.

They are highly personalizable, and many couples decide to print a personalized message on them.

Some couples opt for “Mr and Mrs [Surname]….”; others include a message or quote instead of, or along with.

Tags are a great way to dray eyes to the display, and they can be kept as a memento of the day, too (so long as you order enough and collect them up).

Or you can hand them out as wedding favors to your guests.

Just ensure these are removed prior to lighting!

These are my favorite and recommended tags to buy. 


Another thing you are going to want to do is to publicize your sparkler display.

In other words, you will want to put a sign up that explains what they are, what to do with them, and perhaps when to use them!

It may sound obvious, but many guests will be unsure what they are for or may even not be sure what to do with them.

You can even put some simple instructions, including how many sparklers a guest can take and when to light them.

Simple, elegant signs that state the time are best here.

This is my favorite sparkler sign; the hand lettering calligraphy paired with the wooden base looks so elegant!

Where Do You Put Sparklers?

You will need to put your sparklers in an accessible, logical place. They need to be easily found without getting in the way. They also need to be located close to the event or activity in which they are to be used.

For example, if you plan on having a sparkler send-off, then you are going to need to ensure these can be found near the exit of your venue.

And at a height that makes them easily found.

Alternatively, if you are having a sparkle lit first dance, you’ll want them to be available near the dance floor (in a safe place) or where you intend to give your dance.

Either way, you want your guests to be able to acquire their sparkler when they need it – not too late or not too early, so they are waiting around holding it for too long!

Don’t Forget The Lighters!

Another aspect to consider in your display is that it needs to include or incorporate lighting. Your guests will need a quick and easy way to light their sparklers.

Whether this is electric/gas lighters or large candles.

Just be sure to order enough and proactively encourage guests to light others with their own sparklers.

It’s also a good idea to get groomsmen and other close friends to be in charge of ensuring all guests get their sparklers lit in a timely manner!

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One final thing to mention is that you should include a means for guests to dispose of their sparklers.

So, setting up an additional bucket/jar/vase for finished sparklers is never a bad idea.

Place this near your display – perhaps even make/get a separate sign that specifies this is where used sparklers need to go.

But with all of these things in mind, you should have a beautiful, elegant and practical sparkler display that is not only safe but serves as another feature!

And if you are still looking to buy your sparklers or need more, may I recommend these.

They are the best sparklers that I have been able to find. Especially for the price and considering burn time!