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How Long Should Wedding Sparklers Be? [This Is The Size To Get]

Are you in the process of ordering wedding sparklers? Not sure what size to get and what will work best on your special day? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Today, I am going to (hopefully) make the decision as easy as possible.

So, how long should wedding sparklers be? Wedding sparklers should be at least 20″, but no longer than 36-40″. This will ensure sufficient burn time (for what you need them for) without burning for too long or being a safety hazard.

If you’ve been researching sparklers for any time so far, you will likely notice that many sparklers are much shorter than 20″.

In fact, that is why you have ‘wedding sparklers’ in the first place; this is one of the main differences.

They are purposefully designed longer – resulting in a longer burn time – that should ensure they last throughout various wedding activities.

There’s always color as well- wedding sparklers typically burn a warm gold (and the best ones are smokeless too!)

With this all in mind, let us continue to explore the different length wedding sparklers available and make some suggestions as to which ones you need.

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What Is The Best Size For Wedding Sparklers?

The best size for wedding sparklers is between 20-36″. This will allow a burn time of 2-4 minutes, which is likely the amount of time required to last, and to ensure all guests are lit at the same time.

Ultimately, you are going to need to think about when and how they are used.

You are also going to need to think about your guest count; as the more people you have, the longer you will need your sparklers to be.

Let us explore some potential use cases for the different sizes.

When 10″ Sparklers Are Best

In some contexts, 10″ wedding sparklers may actually work.

If you want to use them as decorate pieces (such as on top of the cake), if you want to hand them out as wedding favors, or if you have a guest count of under 50 people or you are having a particularly small, intimate wedding.

Just remember that 10″ sparklers will only last between 20-40 seconds (depending on the manufacturer – and quality).

So, 10″ sparklers are not ideal for most use cases.

When 20″ Sparklers Are Best

20″ sparklers are best when for medium-sized weddings – between the 50-100 guest count.

They typically burn for ~2 minutes – which might be enough time for part of the first dance, cake cutting, or maybe even a swift exit.

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When 36″ Sparklers Are Best

36″ sparklers are considered best for large weddings and when you know you are going to need them to last – which could be a group photo or a sparkler exit.

Remember, you need to allow for sufficient time for all your guests to light, get into position and perhaps even allow for some photos.

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Other Wedding Sparkler Suggestions

Below I also list some other suggestions for ordering wedding sparklers and ensuring you get the right ones for your special day.

  • Quality is everything – This is your big day. The last thing you want is for your sparklers to not light, or for them to go out long before their marketed burn time. So you are going to want to avoid cheap sparklers for the most part. It is generally better to pay a little more for quality.
  • Buy wedding sparklers specifically – many sparklers on the market are designed for fireworks night or general outdoor use. They often burn erratic colors, give off smoke, etc. For weddings, you are going to want them to burn a warm golden color, be smokeless, etc.
  • Order more than you think you need – chances are some guests will light up too early. Or, some guests may take more than they should. Having a few extra will help plan for this. It will also give you spare to help light other sparklers and can even give you a chance to test before the big day.
  • Have enough lighting instruments – whether you opt for gas/electric lighters, butane torches, or candles. Make sure you have plenty on hand and they are easily accessible to guests. Otherwise, you risk people being left out for the big send-off!
  • Present sparklers nicely – in buckets, jugs, vases, or other displays. Make sure they are clearly signposted and guests know what they are for!
  • Get some help – it’s a great idea to designate an individual (or two), such as a groomsman or bridesmaid to direct guests, tell them when to light, or perhaps even light their sparklers for them! This will ensure the timings work out and all guests can participate.


For the average wedding, 36″ sparklers are going to be the ones you need.

Those with smaller guest counts could probably get away with 20″, but I would err on the side of caution and allow for that extra burn time.

You’ll be surprised at how long it takes for all the guests to light up – even with sufficient instruments and direction!

Besides, guests will likely have had a few drinks by the time the send-off comes around!

And if you are still looking for a supplier, then can I just suggest Sparklers Online.

These premium, affordable, smokeless, extra thick and golden glowing sparklers tick all the boxes.

They have some of the highest burn times (and customer reviews) I’ve managed to find too!

Plus, the company also sells all the accessories you will need too, from buckets to tags to signs!

So, head over to their website and get your order in.

You won’t regret your decision. Well, I didn’t.

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