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When To Get Lashes Done For Wedding [The Best Time Is…]

Are you considering getting your lashes done for an upcoming wedding? Are you not sure when the best time to do so is? The time that will ensure your lashes look the best they can and avoid any complications along the way. Well, it depends on what kind of lashes you get. And here are the recommendations for each.

So, when should you get lashes done for a wedding? When you should get your lashes done for your wedding depends on whether you will wear lash extensions or false lashes. Lash extensions are best applied 1-2 weeks before the wedding day, whereas false lashes are best applied the morning of.

Ultimately, it will depend on whether you want eyelash extensions or false lashes.

There are pros and cons to both.

If you are not sure which to get then be sure to read the next section.

I’ll then be explaining the timeframes for each so keep reading. Besides, how you look in all those photos is going to depend on it!

Eyelash Extensions vs False Lashes for Wedding

Whether you opt for eyelash extensions or false lashes is going to come down to personal preference and context.

Below, I explain some of the factors to consider to help you choose between the two

Cost vs Budget

Eye extensions are undoubtedly more expensive; you are essentially hiring a lash technician for between 90-180 minutes.

Then there is the cost of the materials, too.

Now, while there are always cheaper nail technicians that you can find, for a wedding you are not going to want to cut any corners here.

So, you are going to need to absolutely consider your budget, what you can afford realistically, and how this all ties in with the rest of your wedding expenses.

Time Available

Eye extensions require much more time. You are going to need to book an appointment, travel to and from, and then there is the 90-180 minutes they take to apply, as mentioned above.

False lashes can be applied in little under 10 minutes, so do consider what your schedule is like and the time you have available.

Lash Technician Availability

Lastly, consider that the best lash technicians get booked up quickly!

You need to consider their availability, along with yours.

So, if you want to go with lash extensions, you are going to likely need to book well in advance of the wedding.

If this is a last-minute idea, chances are you won’t be able to get the service you are looking for (and at a time that is sufficiently before the wedding day itself)

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When To Get Eyelash Extensions For A Wedding

It is generally advised to get eyelash extensions at least 2-3 weeks before the wedding day. This will make sure you are happy with how they look, factor in time for any alterations, and you can ensure you do not suffer from any adverse (or allergic reactions) to the glue, lashes or product.

Now, this is just a general recommendation.

It may be that you have had eyelash extensions from this particular technician/salon before.

In that case, you could perhaps give it a week a so.

But that’s the thing.

You do want to give sufficient time before the wedding.

This way you can always book in for a refill/ or an adjustment.

And at the same time, if you are paying the $125-$300 average cost for eyelash extensions, you might as well get some wear out them too!

Besides, you likely will have other wedding activities planned, such as a rehearsal dinner.

When To Apply False Lashes For A Wedding

The best time to apply false lashes for a wedding is on the morning of. While the best lashes can be reused, you will likely find adhesion reduces within 12 hours of wear.

You should also consider adding your false eyelashes almost last in your ‘getting ready routine’.

In fact, you should ensure you do your lashes after any shadow, eyeliner, or makeup.

This way, you not only ensure a more uniform look but you can also check to see if your false lashes compliment your appearance.

Tips For Wearing Lashes To A Wedding

  • Consider your eye shape, this is key to finding a style (and length) that works best for you. You may need to trim the lashes if you are wearing false ones/
  • Test out different lash styles long before the wedding day – to find what suits you, your makeup, outfit, and style.
  • Plan ahead – either book your extension appointment or try a pair of false eyelashes well before the big day. Know exactly what you need to do the morning of and get any tips and suggestions from your lash technician if you have one.
  • Go au naturel – for a wedding, simple and subtle is often best. You want to enhance and accentuate, not overbear. Equally, you can always start with a classic look and make changes during any refill or by opting for more voluminous falsies.
  • Keep your eyes open – during any application; this will keep any glue away from your waterline and ensure optimal application.
  • Don’t opt for cheap – with so many technicians/false lash products on the market; it can be tempting to cut corners. Do not do this. Generally, you get what you pay for. Besides, you don’t want any discomfort, allergic reactions, or chemicals in there. You also do not want to cause any damage to your natural eyelashes either!
  • Look after your lashes – either if they have been applied by a technician or you have stored false lashes that you are taking with you to get ready. You don’t want your lashes to succumb to the heat, water, or dampness.


Eyelash extensions or false lashes can make a world of difference for anyone attending a wedding.

Whether you are the bride, a bridesmaid, the mother of the bride/groom or a regular guest.

Nevertheless, when you decide to get them done will ultimately depend on the type and style of lash you get.

Extensions vs falsies; that’s the major differential and decision you need to make here.

Generally, extensions should be done a week or so in advance of the big day. Falsies should be done the morning of.

And it’s generally best to buy brand new false eyelashes for a wedding day too. Even if they can be reused, you want them fresh from the packet.

If you are looking for the best lashes, then check out my guide here.


Should I Get Eyelash Extensions For My Wedding

Whether you get eyelash extensions for your wedding will depend on your preferences, makeup style, time availability, and budget. That being said, they are versatile, will accentuate your eyes, and can be applied to suit your style. If you can afford them, and go through a reputable technician, they are typically advised.