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When To Renew Wedding Vows [What You Should Know]

There is something incredibly special and intimate about your wedding vows. It’s no surprise that you may want to renew them. But when should you do so? What is commonplace among married couples and what is generally expected? Well, here is everything you are going to want to know and consider.

So, when should you renew your wedding vows? You should renew your wedding vows when it feels right to you. Some people renew their vows after only a couple of years of marriage, others renew their wedding vows 30 years later. It’s entirely up to you as a couple and how you want to celebrate your marriage.

Most couples tend to renew their vows after they hit certain milestones. Be it 5 years, 10 years, 15 years. etc.

Some wait much later. Such as 40 years, 50 years, etc.

There’s something about the 5’s and 10s here!

But just because this is typical doesn’t mean it is right for you.

So, keep reading to find out everything you need to know about when you should renew your wedding vows.

When Should A Married Couple Renew Their Vows?

When a married couple should renew their vows is up to them. It’s an incredibly personal decision. Some people decide to renew their vows just a short while after their original wedding date, others will renew the wedding vows on a big anniversary, like their 40th wedding anniversary. 

It is far more common for people to renew their wedding vows for a big occasion, such as their wedding anniversaries but wedding vow renewal is still something that isn’t as commonplace.

Things like costs and whether their loved ones will even take the renewal seriously can put doubt in people’s minds.

Your choice of location may also affect when you can renew your wedding vows.

For those who decide to renew their vows in an accessible place, such as their own backyards, a wedding vow renewal can be hosted at any time that you choose.

There are no restrictions on times or days, and you also won’t have to fight for availability. 

If you want to host your wedding vow renewal in a restaurant or hotel, you will need to do a lot more planning and you’ll want to start the planning as early as possible to make sure you get the date you want.

Much like your original wedding, you will want to give the guests you invite plenty of notice to ensure they can take days off work to actually attend your vow renewal party.

Do You Renew Your Vows On Your Original Wedding Date?

You can renew your vows on your original wedding date, and most couples decide to do so, but it isn’t necessary or always possible.

For those who do decide to renew their wedding vows, it’s traditional for the event to take place on the original wedding date.

After all, this is a celebration of your marriage and it just makes sense to celebrate it on the actual anniversary of your wedding.

But it’s not a requirement.

No one is going to hold you to it (or likely notice) if you decide to plan your vow renewal party a few days, or even months before or after the original date of your wedding. 

Remember, a vow renewal is not a replica of your wedding day but rather a celebration of the commitment you made and how far you have come as a couple.

So host your vow renewal whenever you want.

You may have had a winter wedding, but the idea of renewing your vows in the depths of December is no longer as appealing as they once were.

Go for a summer date, there are no rules when it comes to when you should host your vow renewal. 

What Do I Need To Do To Renew My Wedding Vows?

The great thing about renewing your vows is that it isn’t a legal ceremony, so you have far more freedom than you did when you were planning and executing your original wedding. 

You don’t need an officiant, you also don’t need to pay for a legally acceptable venue.

It really is a free for all when it comes to what you have to do.

Pick A Date

Once you start planning your vote renewal the first thing you want to do is pick a date.

This can be your original wedding date, a date that has special meaning to you and your partner, or just a date that sounds attractive to the two of you.

Once you have a date locked in the fun part can begin.

Give Notice

If you are inviting guests that have a fair bit of traveling to do, you’ll want to give them plenty of notice.

So, if you are going the route of traditional invites get these sent out as early as possible.

That being said you don’t even need to have invites if you don’t want them.

You can just give your guests a phone call or a quick email letting them know about your plans and how you’d love for them to be there.

Decide On Venue

The venue.

You may want an intimate garden party, or go all out and throw a second wedding when you renew your vows.

If you are going with a more official venue you’ll need to have this booed as early as possible to ensure you get the date you’ve both settled on.

However, if it’s your own garden or a local park it’s unlikely you’ll have to book a date with anyone. 

Decide on Food

There are no rules when it comes to how your vow renewal has to go down so you can throw a barbecue on a beach, or serve up quintessential English tea food (Bridgerton theme I’m looking at you), or just a big buffet of all your favorite foods.

However, if you are getting outside catering you’ll need to have this booked for fairly early on to make sure your caterer has the space and time.

Decide On Decorations

Decorations can also be however ostentatious as you want.

You can go simple and paired back or buy everything you couldn’t afford for your original wedding day.

Certain items may also need to be booked, but a lot can be made by yourself if you are still conscious of costs.

Decide On Clothing

You’ll also need to decide what clothes you are going to wear and have those bought in time so that if any alterations need to be made, or they just don’t look like what you imagined and you need to go a different route.

You could even wear your original wedding outfits if you want to.

Choose An Officiant

As for the officiant, you don’t need an official one.

You could get one of your children to preside over the vows, or a close loved one instead. 

Once everything is planned, all you need to do is show up and enjoy the festivities and loved ones.

Other Things To Consider Before Renewing Your Wedding Vows?

So, you are ready to start planning your wedding renewal party what next?

Here are a few things you need to take into consideration if you decide to renew your vows.


The entire cost of your marriage vow renewal will fall solely on your shoulders.

So, budget for what you can afford.

Unlike with a wedding, it’s incredibly unlikely that your parents, or children for that matter, will want to fork out any cash for the celebration.

Things like your venue, whether you go abroad, and the food/drink can increase your budget by tenfold very quickly.

Honestly, many couples who renew their vows have been married for a while and are probably far more financially stable than they once were and this is less of a concern.


Renewing your vows will be a lot more of a relaxed affair than your original wedding.

View it more as a party to celebrate your marriage, than a second wedding.

Timings can be a lot more fluid when it comes to this event.

Although generally, the vows take place first, and then it’s straight onto the food and the party.

The more lavish your party, the more likely you are to need a bit more planning in the timing area. 

Venue Choice

Your venue choice can have a huge impact on the atmosphere when you renew your wedding vows.

Private gardens tend to be more intimate and personal, public spaces will always feel a little bit more performative – you’ll always have the odd passer-by who stops for a look – and large rented venues will have more of a traditional wedding feel to them.

Your choice of venue will not only impact the way your wedding feels but also the level of planning that goes into your party.

Deciding upon the atmosphere you want to create before you even go venue hunting is a great place to start.

A Final Note

Renewing your wedding vows can be a great way of not only celebrating your marriage but also getting together with all your loved ones who attended your original wedding. 

The great thing about wedding vow renewals is you can throw caution to the wind, throw the rule book out of the window, and go as mad as you like.

Most vow renewals are a big deal for the couple so celebrate this special however your heart sees fit. 

Do People Renew Vows At 5 Years?

Some people decide to renew their wedding vows at 5 years, although others wait longer than this too.

Do People Renew Vows At 20 Years?

Some people decide to renew their vows at 20 years of marriage, although others do so before (and in some cases) later than this too.

Does Vow Renewal Have To Be On Anniversary?

Vow renewal doesn’t have to be on a wedding anniversary, although many couples choose to do so to mark the occasion and believe it is only natural to do so.

What Year Of Marriage Do You Renew Your Vows?

You can renew your vows after any years of marriage that seem right, for you both as a couple. That being said, most couples choose to renew their vows on 5-yearly milestones. So after 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 years, etc.

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