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What To Wear To A Wedding Venue Tour [The Right Outfit Is..]

If you have a wedding venue tour coming up, then naturally you are going to want to know what to wear. It’s not entirely obvious, and your shortlist of venues may even be quite different. Having asked this question myself, I decided to spend some time researching for some ideas of what to wear to ensure that I was dressed appropriately for the occasion. I would like to share with you all that I found here with you today.

So, what do you wear to a wedding venue tour? There are generally no expectations or dress code requirements for looking around a wedding venue; meaning you usually wear what you like. However, it is advised to wear something comfortable and appropriate for the day, taking into consideration the weather and the temperature.

The only other exception would be if you are viewing a venue on a day that another event or wedding is taking place.

In this instance, you may want to dress more formally out of respect.

At the end of the day, what you decide to wear should have no impact, nor is it something that those at the venue should need to even consider.

You are the potential customer after all.

We can only hope that those at the venue will not look to judge, but if this was something that was to occur, then this is not likely going to be the right venue for you – or anyone for that matter.

That being said, it is true that first impressions do count, and you do want to be taken seriously. Smart-casual attire is generally the way to go.

Besides, these visits can last a while!

Let us now take a closer look at some outfit suggestions along with some other similarly related questions, such as, if you need to take anything with you on the day of the tour.

What Do You Wear To A Wedding Venue Tour?

Thankfully, when it comes to what you wear to a wedding venue tour, you have plenty of different options. While there are no hard and fast rules, it is advised that you do wear something both practical, convenient, and presentable.

The following tips are just some things to consider when planning your outfit.

Hopefully, this will give you some ideas and take any confusion that you may be having away:

Wear Dinner Attire

Dressing in a similar way and style that you would do if you were going out for dinner is a good approach to take.

You do not need to be at your glamorous best, but something that you would only look to wear to more exciting occasions and that you may not wear for a day around the house.

Dressing this way will ensure that you feel more self-assured in yourself, which will much likely result in a better experience. It also shows that you are sincere and committed to your big day.

Dress For Comfort

Wedding venue tours typically involve a lot of walking around so that you can see all that there is to offer. As such, wearing a pair of comfortable shoes is a good idea.

High heels or those shoes you have yet to wear before are not ideal.

Especially when you will likely need to climb stairs, potentially walk across grass, or need to cross uneven surfaces.

Equally, a pair of overly tight jeans or any outfit that is too restrictive is going to prohibit your enjoyment for what should be an exciting time.

Acknowledge The Weather

Of course, this depends entirely on the type of venue you are looking at, and the time of year you visit, but it’s always a good idea to check the forecast before you go.

Chances are, you’ll be spending a decent amount of the tour outside. It could be very hot, or it could be very cold and rainy.

Either way, if you are not dressed appropriately for the weather, the chances of you being able to pay attention and focus are naturally reduced. Not ideal.

So, consider taking a jacket, coat, or umbrella if you are looking at a venue in the colder months.

In the summer, you may need to put on some sunscreen or even some bug spray.

Find Out If There Is A Dress Code Ahead Of Time

Some venues, such as private members clubs, could have a dress code. This could range, but typically includes not being able to wear jeans or trainers.

Therefore, it is always best to do your research and due diligence ahead of time. Depending on the type of venue you will be visiting, it may be a good idea to contact them to find out.

If you were to discover a dress code is in place, it’s the decent and right thing to follow it.

Is There Another Wedding?

One other consideration is whether you will be visiting a venue while there is another wedding happening.

In this instance, it is recommended that you dress up more formally, in consideration of the couple and so that you do not interrupt their day.

Your venue will likely let you know ahead of time, but it is worth considering.

Outfit Suggestions

With these factors in mind, some good potential outfits include:

For Her

  • A dress with a pair of smarter sandals, trainers or shoes
  • A pair of jeans with a top, t-shirt or shirt.

For Him

  • A pair of jeans with a top, t-shirt or polo shirt and trainers.
  • A pair of chinos with a shirt and deck shoes
  • A pair of smarter trousers with a shirt,

Many people will say that they didn’t even stop to think about their outfit and simply turned up in what they would normally wear out in public.

So long as you ensure you are comfortable, dressed appropriately, and confident, you do have plenty of options.

What Do You Bring To A Wedding Venue Tour?

When visiting a wedding venue, there is relatively little that you need to bring other than yourselves.

That being said, there are a few items that can make all the difference to finding out if the venue is for you, or making your life a little easier.

  • Parents of the Bride and/or Groom – chances are, the parents of the bride and groom will like to see the venue at some point before any booking is confirmed. Taking them with you on the tour is a good way to limit the need to go back, get a different perspective and to also ensure that you ask all the right questions.
  • Small Notebook – to take notes and to refer to. Its a good idea to keep track of all the minor details that the venue provide you, and keep them clearly organized so you do not get confused between venues.
  • List of Questions – prepare a list of questions that you will like to ask of the venue ahead of time. This will ensure you ask all the right questions and nothing is forgotten. Venues expect a lot of questions so having a list with you is to be expected.
  • Camera/Phone – to take pictures of certain rooms/areas or aspects of the venue. This can be great to refer back to for planning, or to even make your decision as to whether you want to go ahead.
  • Credit Card – you may decide that the venue is ideal for you both and may want to proceed with booking right away. This can be very important if the venue is particularly busy or being booked up fast. Taking a credit card with you is a good idea as it offers more protection on any deposits you may make. Plus, you may even want to grab yourself an onsite coffee at the end!


When it comes to what you should wear to a wedding venue tour, there is no right answer.

It will depend entirely on the venue, the time of year, whom you are going with, when and where it is.

Nevertheless, ensuring you are as comfortable and prepared as possible are in many ways essential; you are there to see the venue and not be distracted with things that ultimately do not matter.

So long as you get to see the venue in its entirety, ask all those required questions, and envision yourself getting married at the venue is ultimately what it is all about.

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