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What To Wear To A Bridal Expo [Outfit Ideas & Considerations]

Ever since the moment where you say “Yes” (or cry and nod) to the love of your life, it becomes a whirlwind of exciting to-do’s. One of those exciting to-do’s can be attending a Bridal Expo to get great ideas and a one-stop-shop for your future wedding. But most people haven’t been to one before, which prompts a few questions, like what to wear?

So, what should you wear to a bridal expo? Most of the time, bridal expos are meant to be casual affairs meaning the best attire is also casual. Leggings, a teeshirt, and some form of coat is an ideal outfit – keeping you comfortable, warm, and potentially dry. Ensure that your shoes are equally agreeable as you will likely be doing a lot of walking on a possibly long day!

As with anything, though, there are exceptions and certain conditions that may make one think differently. 

Let’s dive into why leggings and a baggy usually make the cut. 

What Should You Wear To A Wedding Expo?

When you go to a wedding expo, your first priority when it comes to what you wear should be comfortable clothing. What you wear depends on what you are doing and how long you will be doing it for. 

Being comfortable is also a personal thing. 

What is comfortable to one person may not be to another. 

Keep this in mind as we talk about the tips and tricks. 

Because bridal shows actually entail a lot of walking, talking, and standing, it’s important that you place comfortable high on your list. 

Having said that, most brides miss out on expressing their style. 

While we will touch more on this later, expressing your style to vendors is an easy way to strike up conversations with those who will be a good fit. 

Temperature Friendly

Most bridal expos are in big warehouses or open areas to allow all the vendors to have enough space to set up. 

It also needs to be able to host the crowd that comes to these wedding shows. 

Consider the weather and whether it is an indoor or outdoor event. 

Clothes that are breathable in case of extremely hot conditions with sweaty crowds are important. 

That also may mean loose-fitting or airy teeshirts to assist in breathability. 

On the contrary, if it’s cold, the last thing you want to do is freeze. This is less likely with the crowds and the need for temperature-controlled rooms because of food. 

Most of the time, you can expect normal room temperature weather, so guests are comfortable. 

A Good Fit

There is a very good chance that you will be eating food at this wedding expo in order to try out different vendors. 

Wearing something too tight that makes you feel like your guts are being squeezed in half is probably not going to make you want to eat. 

Something too baggy may be distracting as you knock over displays or are constantly trying to roll your sleeves up. 

Remember, this is a mission to move swiftly, enjoy, and find your preferred vendors and styles. 

Make sure your clothes fit in a way that you are comfortable to do this for hours. 

Focus On The Feet

Arguably the most important piece of the puzzle when it comes to your outfit for a wedding expo is the shoes. 

This is not the time to suddenly try out heels for the first time. 

While it may be tempting, you should wear a shoe that you are comfortable hanging out in for hours. 

You will be standing and walking a lot of the day, so wearing something you are familiar with is important. 

Wanting to try out those cute new flats? Maybe hold off. This is a marathon, and getting blisters here is easier than ever, girly! Bring out an old favorite. 

Wedding Expo Outfit Ideas

Don’t look so glum if you were planning on dressing up with your girls and turning this into a whole event! 

Just because we said, comfy doesn’t mean we can’t also be cute! 

There are tons of ways to show off your style and feel good to go for the day. 

Here are some great ideas to help inspire your look!

Firm And Fit

OK, the obvious answer here, ladies, is yoga leggings. They have taken over for the last decade, and we absolutely know why. It’s comfortable. It’s flattering. And it helps keep you warm/cool when you need them to. 

You can simply wear an athleisure top with the leggings and keep your squad on track to run this marathon. You can also dress it up. Here are a few ways to have fun with your girls or whoever you bring. 

Synchronized Colors

Already have your wedding colors picked up?

Time to call a group meeting and wear those colors with your leggings and shirts.

If you haven’t got them picked out, then why not pick one color so everyone can locate one another quickly in the crowds. 

Track Suit?

Right up there with the leggings and sporty looks are Juicy Coutoure inspired velour tracksuits.

Want to one-up the game? Get customized wedding party tracksuits for your squad. If this ends up being a bit out of budget, you can always opt for a matching teeshirt. 

Those Who Glam

Sometimes the stilettos are what is most comfortable for people. It’s not always about athleisure, and that’s OK! 

There is no rule that says you can’t get dressed up for a bridal expo. Some themes can be really cute, like “Southern Belles” and a “Night Out On The Town.”

Tea Parties and More!

Sundresses and good vibes are always a good time. Certain dresses can be super comfortable especially if it’s cute, flowy, and brightens your day.

Go boho, a southern belle with cowboy boots, or even throw in some rompers.

Whatever is your style, a good pair of flip flops or comfortable wedges is a great way to stay glam but keep it comfy. 

Really Up In It

There is not going to be one person there that says no bold red lipstick and a go-for-it attitude.

If flared bedazzled jeans are your go-to, then why change now?

The only thing you don’t want to do is buy your wedding dress and put it on there where you may get something on it.

That is, unfortunately, a bad idea. 

Wedding Expo Outfit Considerations

You can never be underprepared for going to a wedding expo which means there are a few different considerations you are going to want to take in. 

This is especially true for those who are first-timers. 

Here are some hacks to making your wedding expo a great overall experience for you and your gals!

  1. Bring a change of clothes. There are a few different reasons why you may want to consider bringing a pair of backup clothes. The first is that you will be eating quite a bit, so if you spill on your clothes, you’ll want to have a backup. The other reason is that if you do get sweaty and it’s overly hot, you won’t want to sit in wet clothes for the day. 
  2. Reconsider wearing white. The first reason is that almost every girl who is a bride will also be white. If you want to stand out, stray away from your traditional Bride-to-Be attire. It also helps if you don’t want to be the main target of vendors every few feet. You also are more prone to getting all sorts of stains from the food and drinks you will have during the day. 
  3. Bring layers. Because you don’t know whether it is going to be breezy or too hot, it’s good to have layers to either remove or put on if you have to. This can be something that you just pop into your purse or tie around your waist if needed. Make it a sweater or sweatshirt because oversized jackets won’t be as easy to transport around. A long sleeve is also a great addition if you have a tank top underneath. 

Be You!

The most important thing when attending a wedding expo is to be you.

That’s how you are going to be the most comfortable during the day.

Because these wedding expos are meant to be fun but also somewhat of a mission to find out what potential vendors you will like.

That’s why being able to move quickly and comfortably is so important. 

That being said, what is comfortable to you may not be comfortable to the next person.

That’s why traditional athleisure is always recommended but not necessarily the go-to.

Even if you do go the route of wearing leggings, you can always make it more or less special with customization for you and your squad.

Go all out or keep it small; either way, it is a lot of fun!

With keeping things like the temperature in mind, leggings aren’t your only option.

Tons of women love wearing sundresses because they are comfortable and easy to dress down or up.

Just remember to keep the shoes something manageable for you as it is a lot of standing and walking!

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