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What To Wear To A Wedding When Pregnant [The Best Options]

A wedding is an exciting time to celebrate, but choosing what to wear is typically a little tricky; even more so if you are pregnant! But do not fear; there are plenty of elegant options. We are here to help.

So, what do you wear to a wedding when pregnant? It is advised to wear something comfortable, breathable, and versatile if you are pregnant and attending a wedding. Dark-colored jumpsuits work particularly well. Although, your chosen outfit will depend on your stage of pregnancy, personal fashion taste, and whether you want to conceal your pregnancy. 

Luckily, more and more clothing companies are making comfortable wedding attire for those who are expecting. 

Style, in general, has come a long way. 

While dresses are still very common for women, in general, to wear to a wedding, other things have become popular like full-suits, rompers, and more!

Let’s talk about the options! 

What To Wear To A Wedding While Pregnant

The first question any expecting mother should ask themselves is what is the style or look that they are going for. 

If you want to conceal your pregnancy a little, you will end up wearing something different than if you don’t care about showing off your baby bump. 

It also may depend on how far along you are in your pregnancy. 

Our moods can change day-to-day, so these are all the tips and tricks you can follow depending on what kind of mood you are in. 

Darker Colors For The Coverup

If you find yourself wanting to conceal the little one darker color, always make women look thinner and can hide the baby bump a little better. 

This is why women wear black.

Black is thought to be really slimming and less attention-grabbing than, say, a neon orange. 

But some women simply don’t want to wear black to a wedding, and that is totally fine! 

You have other options for darker colors that work as well. 

A deep navy blue can be an unbelievably flattering color. 

In fact, that’s why it’s chosen so often as bridesmaids’ dresses. Everyone looks good it in!

If you are looking for something a little more fun but still want to keep the colors dark, a deep green will be a good middle ground. 

While it is not as concealing as the navy blue or black would be, it can still look slimming while giving you a bit of pop or stand out. 

Keep Away From Constraint

One thing that pregnant women do wrong is constrain themselves. The reasons this is a double no-no is because:

  1. Constraining yourself has the potential to make you look larger, not skinner. 
  2. Constraining yourself can be very uncomfortable and sometimes really bad for the baby. 

What happens is women think if they treat their bodies sort of like a corset, they can suck it all in, but the reality is that you need to let your stomach have some space. 

You also don’t want to end up not being able to move the whole night, so there are a few ways you can handle this. 

One of them is wearing loose-fitting clothes. 

This can be considered a turn-off in your head, but it’s actually a pregnant girl’s best friend. 

Flowy clothes can really hide a baby bump and, depending on the fit, make certain areas look fabulous while hiding the areas you don’t feel like showing off. 

Let’s talk about stretchy fabrics. 

Breathable Stretchy Materials

This is the second way that you can handle a tight fit issue. It’s possible to combat constraining clothing by making sure it’s a nice stretchable fabric. 

The only downside to this is that it can be really difficult to hide any baby bump if that is your goal at all. 

If you decide to go with more of a tighter look, you can use this material and opt for a darker color if you are looking for a slimmer style. 

Don’t be fooled by overly tight stretchy materials. Sometimes we may pick up a pair of yoga pants and think they are great until we try them on. 

Then we try them on and realize they hardly stretch at all. 

This can happen a lot of maternity wear as well, so it’s a great idea to try on and test them out before the wedding day. 

How Do You Hide A Pregnancy Bump At A Wedding?

Besides some of the colors we suggest, there are some different styles and ways that you can hide your baby bump! 

Keep in mind that there are different degrees of being able to hide your bump from modest to full-on camo. 

Consider A Jumpsuit

We love a good jumpsuit and especially at a wedding.

It’s a classy statement that can use high-waisted trousers to cover up the baby bump.

The amazing thing is you can either go with a flare leg if you are really feeling an edge for drama., or you can go with the jogger cut to bring the flowy pant back in at the ankles. 

Some jumpsuit rompers may not work well for those who need to pee a lot. 

If you fall into this category, make sure to get one that isn’t hard to pull on and off.  

This is great for everyone, no matter what stage of pregnancy you are at. 

Consider Big Bows or Flowy Pieces

Having a centerpiece to a dress that results in flowing pieces around or over the belly can be great if done right.

If the dress is somewhat of a baby doll style, then you already have things going in the right direction.

If you add some sort of bow or big centerpiece, it can either help cover the belly or distract from that area. 

Consider Your Accessories

And that’s when we come to accessories are a great addition to not hide the bump but distract from the bump.

Sometimes we can’t help that our baby bump will show and that’s why picking out cute accessories can be so helpful.

If you are going to an outdoor wedding, then a sunhat and some big sunglasses can be the center of the show on their own.

But things like jewelry and dangly earrings are also a great way to keep the eyes up. 

Just remember, whether it’s a jumpsuit or accessorizing, you want to make sure your outfit doesn’t steal the show. 

If the bride is wearing a jumpsuit, you may want to check with her if wearing this non-traditional piece is an issue. 

Or if your accessories are simply so distracting that you end up stealing the show, you may just want to be mindful. 

This doesn’t happen all too often, but it is good to think twice! 

Shoes To Wear To A Wedding When Pregnant

If there is any second of this advice piece you should take, it’s right here.

Weddings can go on for hours, and depending on what stage you are at in your pregnancy, you’ll definitely want to make the comfort of your feet a priority. 

While high heels are definitely a cute look, they are not very practical for a pregnant woman. 

If you are uber pregnant, they can be dangerous even if you aren’t a seasoned pro at walking in them. 

Likely, your ankle will begin to swell as the night goes on if you are carrying a baby bump which is why you have a few options. 

  1. If you are insistent on heels, make sure they are your most comfortable pair. You will also need to bring a pair of flats or flip-flops to change into after the ceremony. Better yet, most girls, even if not pregnant, lose their shoes anyways. 
  2. Opt for flats if you can. There are a number of cute sandals that can complement your outfit that don’t require a six-inch heel. You can also use a wedge sandal if you are looking for some height and more support. 

Own It 

At the end of the day, what is going to make you feel your best is what you feel most comfortable and confident in.

Some women love to show off their bump, while others like to keep their pregnancy on the down-low. 

Both are totally fine, and luckily, there are enough styles and outfits to do either!

Remember, If you are looking to be a little modest about your baby bump, the darker the color, the better job you will do. 

Certainly, styles like flowy dresses and baby dolls will be able to hide a baby bump to a degree unless you are in your third trimester. 

Another great option is your jumpsuit. 

You’ll want to make sure the fabric is not restricting, or this can do more damage than good. 

Lastly, make sure your shoes are just as comfortable as your outfit. 

Swollen ankles inside killer heels will not be worth it a few hours in. 

It’s a lot better to either bring a second pair of flats or comfortable sandals or ditch the heels altogether.¬†

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