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What To Wear To A Wedding At A Winery

The only thing better than a wedding is a wedding at a winery! They can be upscale or casual but either way, they are some of the best and most beautiful types of wedding scenery. Knowing what to wear to one however is a little confusing. 

So, what do you wear to a wedding at a winery? The best outfits to wear to a wedding hosted at a winery are ones that first coordinate with the weather and second match the elegance of the wedding. Mini Sundresses, boho dresses, and pantsuits are generally great options for women, whereas business casual (shirt and pants) usually is best for men.

That’s why we are here to talk about outfit occasions and outfit ideas! 

What Do You Wear To A Winery Wedding?

The invitation has come and you are so pumped to be going to a wedding let alone one at a winery.

But what do you wear?

Well, first let’s talk about the different seasons and themes of a wedding.

Then we can break up our outfit categories. 

Hot Weather

If the wedding is in the summer months or in a location that gets hot this needs to be your first clue on what to wear.

There are a few reasons for this.

One, you never want to be overheated by the clothes you are in.

Two, you don’t want to further overheat yourself when drinking. 

That’s why the less clothing the better.

Kidding but not!

We can do this while still looking classy. And if you do cover-up make sure the fabric is breathable. 

Here are our top ideas and outfits.

Big Floppy Hats And Mini Sundresses

Thank us later but this trendy outfit should be first on your list.

Cute summer dresses with have open backs, ruffles, and flowy layers are the way to be.

Does baby doll type ring a bell?


Just remember not to wear white.

Pretty summer colors look great in pics with any afternoon and sunset wedding. 

When it comes to these great dresses one may be tempted to wear heels. Do but don’t wear stilettos.

Strappy wedges are the best way to complement your summer look. 

Warm But Brisk

Not everyone wants to wear a mini-dress and we get it.

That doesn’t mean that we can’t still look great when it’s warm but maybe a little cooler out.

There are two great looks you can pull off with changing temperatures throughout the wedding and they both involve a little more coverage. 

Long Boho Dress

Typically, when we think of a long boho dress we think white.

That doesn’t have to be the case.

With pastels, paisleys, and flowers, we can pull off just about any color.

Yellow is a great one for any woman with any color hair.

And what compliments a beautiful long flowy dress is beautiful wavy hair with a flower or two in it! 

Tip: Bring a blazer-style jacket to layer the look and put it on whenever it gets a bit breezy. 


Boho is relaxed but a pantsuit look is all business baby!

A jumpsuit or pantsuit is a great look that can be both casual or dressed up.

Depending on the theme of the wedding that choice is up to you.

Regardless of what you do, a pantsuit look can be accessorized in a number of ways that can completely change the look.

  • Big floppy hat.
  • Big gold hoops.
  • Killer makeup.
  • A clutch.

Whatever you want to do to complete your outfit, it’s a guaranteed smashing look!

The Dress Outlet has a number of gorgeous pantsuits. And what’s more, they offer department store dresses, with 80% off the price.

So definitely check them out!

For Men

Let’s not forget about the boys!

Guys should follow the same rules above but in a different style.

You can dress for cooler weather or for warming weather.

Business-casual is a great way to approach the style situation.

For warmer weather, business shorts or dressy shorts from Vineyard Vines, Lululemon, or a store similar is a great way to be comfortable and dressed well.

Adding some pop of colors or subtle design is what makes it fun.

To go with this a polo if it’s a casual scene or a dress shirt works great. 

When it’s a little cooler you can either tack on a nice vest or you can swap out the shorts for some pants.

Just make sure the weather is right because the last thing you want to do is start sweating.

A business shirt or something of the sort works great here.

What You Should Not Wear To A Winery Wedding 

The list isn’t very long when it comes to what you shouldn’t wear to a winery wedding but there are definitely some big no-no’s.

We will not only tell you what is a mistake but why it’s a mistake in the first place.


Because people will always feel best when they are wearing what they want.

And if you shouldn’t wear something you want, there better be a good reason!


Technically, you could. But, you shouldn’t.

We may have seen friends posing in cute jeans and nice shirts on Instagram when they went to a winery but this isn’t just any old time.

It’s a wedding.

Which means it should be a little more special.

Even if it is a casual wedding you should not wear jeans unless instructed to.

Along with jeans are leggings.

Pants and pantsuits are different and dressier.

Jeans and leggings are too casual and should be left at home. 



Well,  maybe not if the bride has decided she won’t be wearing white.

Even so, don’t do it.

That doesn’t mean you can accessorize with white pearls, a white hat, or even white shoes.

But the majority of your outfit should be blatantly not white to let the bride shine on her beautiful day. 

Another reason not to wear white?

You are at a winery which means spillage happens.

So white and light colors become especially dangerous with the more wine we have. 


We briefly mentioned that if you are going to wear heels you should make sure they are at weddings.

The reason being is that thin heels or stilettos will be stuck in the ground as you walk outside.

If you want to bring two pairs of shoes one for being outside and one if there is a floor laid out under the tent then that’s a great idea!

Other Wedding Winery Attire Considerations

You shouldn’t stress too much when it comes to what you wear at a winery wedding.

The dress code in general doesn’t change too much than a regular wedding.

There are some considerations though that you may want to keep in mind.

This goes for both the attendees and the bride. 

Outdoor Elements

If you are going to wear something that is close to touching the ground you may want to be careful where you drag it.

There is a good chance is that you will be walking on grass or dirt and your clothes will get dirty from being outside.

This is why the mini sundress is a great way to go!

Second Outfits

It is sort of weird for a guest to have a second outfit if they are not the bride.

We know.

But it is not weird if you manage to spill some wine on the first one.

It’s good to have a backup because as the wedding proceeds it’s a good chance things may be a little looser than when you first got there.

Accidents happen. Be prepared for them!


You can always take a few layers off to cool yourself down but if you don’t bring layers you can’t put them back on when it gets chilly.

This holds specifically true for seasonal weddings at wineries.

Weather can be unpredictable so make sure to bring a jacket or something if you end up being cold. 

Know The Theme

Wineries can be very upscale or they can be rather laidback.

It’s important to know what the theme is when choosing your outfit and attire.

If it hasn’t been made obvious you can go ahead and ask the bride or groom what they are wishing for.

This avoids showing up over or underdressed. 

Have A Blast!

A winery wedding really is a special wedding. With a stunning location and excellent wine – it’s the perfect celebration in many ways.

But naturally, weddings like this cause confusion with the attire – it is always easy to know what to wear. 

Dressing for the season is important which is why dresses, in general, are a good way to go.

You can always pair them up with a jacket.

But if dresses aren’t your thing no big deal because rompers and pantsuits are increasingly popular.

Just remember that whatever you choose leggings and jeans are almost always going to be unacceptable to wear to a wedding let alone a winery wedding. 

The only thing that may be worse than wearing jeans is wearing white when that is the designated color of the bride.

And if you were to be that person, chances are karma would get you by spilling red wine on your outfit.

But we trust anyone here is not that girl!

What we don’t trust is our ability to spill on ourselves anyways so pack a second outfit just in case!

It wouldn’t be the first time someone had too much fun at a winery wedding!

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