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What To Do With Wedding Cards? [What Are Your Options?]

One of those often overlooked aspects of your wedding is what you should do with all of those wedding cards that you receive. And there are often quite a few that you will receive. Simply throwing them away seems wrong; especially when they can serve as a nice reminder of the day and provide sentimental value too. But what can you actually do with them? I decided to look into the options and would like to share with you some ideas today.

So, what can you do with your wedding cards? Binding your wedding cards into a book or scrapbooking them are two of the most popular options and nicest ways to keep, present and remember your wedding cards. Otherwise, storing your wedding cards safely away into a concealed box for future reference, or if you did want to make something out of them in the future is another excellent idea.

Whatever you do, be sure to look after your wedding cards in the days and weeks following your wedding. You do not want them to spoil in anyway, and they are something that you can look back over in the future, with fond memories.

Getting creative is all part of the fun, and you can make some impressive memorable items from what would otherwise be either thrown out or stored and forgotten.

Let us now take a look at some of those options in great detail, we’ll also be looking at some practical ways of keeping your cards safe if you did not have the time or you wanted to have a think about what you would ultimately like to do with them before you go ahead.

What Do You Do With Leftover Wedding Cards?

There are a number of different things you can do with your leftover wedding cards, depending on whether you want to put them to use, or not.

Let us now take a closer look at the best options.

Store Away Safely

First and foremost, you may want to consider storing them away. Of course, this is not the most exciting or imaginative thing to do, but it does give you some more time to think about what you may want to do with them.

Life after a wedding is very hectic, so it can be a good idea to wait until things settle down and you can give some thought and time to putting your cards to better use.

If you do decide to store away, ensure they are in an enclosed and secure box. This will keep the dust and any potential moisture off them, keeping them in optimal condition.

Bind Into A Book

Another option that works particularly well and some couples decide upon, is to bind your cards into a book.

To do this is easy; all you need to do is purchase a 3 ring binder, like this beautiful forever and always option from Amazon.

From there, all you need to do is punch the holes into your cards with a hole puncher and start adding them all to the folder!

Create A Wedding Scrapbook

Scrapbooking is great for many different things and a lovely way to store and keep a lot of sentimental items. Your wedding cards are another ideal opportunity.

Getting a spiral sketchbook works particularly well. This is one of my personal favorites that I got for a great price on Amazon. The bow makes it particularly apt for your wedding cards, plus you could even draw, write or add a photo from your special day to the cover if you desired.

When scrapbooking, you can also look to include other items from the wedding, such as invites, table placeholders, messages or even photos too.

Wedding Card Art

One other option is to repurpose your cards, using them to create a college or some form of art. Consider that you may need to cut some of the cards, and you may not need to keep every single card you received.

There are many options here, from wall art to framing a college of the cards.

This is a fun and creative way to make the most of your cards and you can place them around your home.

How Do You Keep Your Wedding Cards Safe?

If you do decide that you want to store your wedding cards, you are going to need to pack them away appropriately to keep them safe.

To do so, it is generally advised that you place your cards into clear resealable bags.

This will prevent any dust and moisture from getting onto them and slowly degrading them over time. Equally it should help to ensure you keep them smelling fresh.

From there, it is advised that you store your sealed cards into a storage box specifically designed for cards. This one from Amazon works particularly well for wedding photos.

You can then look to place this box in the loft, in a cupboard, or in a safe place.

Just be sure not to forget about them, nor leave them anywhere that is damp!

It is generally advised that you keep your photos at 75 degrees Fahrenheit or cooler, while also in an environment with low humidity. These are considered the best conditions forĀ storage.

This is true even if you have properly packed and packaged them up into a boxes or a container.


In the immediate aftermath of your wedding, your mind may be elsewhere, or you may be caught up in or overwhelmed with other things.

However, taking the effort to either properly store your cards away or repurposing them in a binder, scrapbook or in decorative art are all great ideas that you may want to consider.

Wedding cards are very beautiful and very sentimental. Being able to look back at them in later years is something that you will be sure to have wished you had considered if you hadn’t.