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9 of The Best Rustic Save The Dates You Can Order

Are you looking for rustic save the dates? Want to give your potential guests a glimpse of what is to come in regards to your wedding theme? Well, I’ve researched the market to find not only the best options but the best supplier too.

These are quite simply, the 9 best rustic save the dates that you should consider ordering and sending out ahead of your special day…

Over The Mountains

These stunning save the dates are available in 5 different sizes, 7 different color themes, and 6 different shapes. You can also order them as flat or folded cards in 5 different paper types (including recycled all the way through to extra thick)


These golden eloquent rustic save the dates are available in 5 color themes, 8 foil colors, and three shapes. You can also order these in flat/folded card styles.

Adventure Awaits

Adventure Awaits are stunning save the date cards. These flat cards are available in three different color themes and are printed on premium magnet paper.


These simple yet subtly colorful save the dates are a great choice. Available in five sizes, four shapes, seven color styles, and in either flat card or golden format.

Wildflower Bouquet 

These highly customizable save-the-dates could be just what you are looking for. Featuring your photo in the center surrounded by artistic wildflowers. You can choose from 5 sizes, 7 color themes, 4 shapes,, and 2 card formats.

On the Slopes 

Featuring two Fir trees, On the Slopes give off that much desirable rustic look and feel. While they look great as they come, you could choose from a wide range of custom colors to match them to your theme. They are also available in 5 sizes and 5 silhouette shapes.


Simple yet incredibly effective. These save the dates with a backdrop of the mountains are an excellent rustic option. These are highly customizable should you feel the need to change them (5 sizes, countless color themes, 6 silhouette shapes, and 5 paper types to choose from)

Love Lines 

This is one of my personal favorites. These flat cards come in a stunning maple color and are letterpress printed on luxury cotton paper.

Our Initials

Our Initials make for great save the dates. With a strong onyx-colored theme, these letterpress printed luxury cotton paper cards are quite simply the highest quality.

Why Order Your Save The Dates Through Minted

If you are looking to order your save the dates, then I would strongly recommend that you do so through Minted. This is a reputable company that you can quite simply trust.

I love the fact that they dedicate you to a designer to help you get exactly what you are looking for.

In a similar fashion, you get unlimited proofs to ensure they are exactly what you want.

All cards are printed on the highest quality paper and with some of the leading-industry printing techniques currently available. So, you’re very unlikely to find mistakes, smudges, or errors among any of the cards you order.

And if you do, the responsive and helpful customer service team will get it sorted right away.

All orders benefit from free recipient address printing (saving you a significant amount of time and/or money to print these yourself).

Shipping is incredibly fast and can even be expedited if you want to pay for it.

Plus, Minted offers fair, competitive pricing where you can benefit from economies of scale if you order more.

Lastly, by working with Minted, the independent artists/designers on the platform, you can even order/later match your wedding thank you cards and other wedding stationery that you are going to need eventually.

In fact, you could even order it all together in one order!

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