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11 Stunning Minimalist Save The Dates To Choose From

Making sure that the guests you want to invite to your wedding are free to join you on your big day is an incredibly important part of your wedding planning. Save the date cards are a beautiful way of letting everyone know the actual date of your upcoming nuptials, but they can also serve as a little sneak peek at the theme or design of your actual wedding.

If you are looking for a beautiful minimalist save-the-date wedding card, you may have become a little overwhelmed with the abundance of choices.

So, I’m here to help streamline your choices with my top 11 minimalist save the dates from Minted.

Can’t Wait

Featuring space for multiple photos, this flat save-the-date card will be all about you and your spouse-to-be. There are six different color themes to choose from, and the foil-printed save the date lettering can be swapped for any of their eight foil-pressed options. So it will be easy to match this save the date card to your chosen wedding theme. Available in three different sizes or with a magnet option, this minimalist save-the-date card has an abundance of options to help you design the perfect card.


Available as a flat or folded card, this save the date card gives you the bottom half of the card for a photo and features minimalist lettering to let everyone know when your wedding will be happening. The foil-pressed fine line arch can be designed with eight different foil colors, and there are six different color themes to choose from. This beautiful minimalist save-the-date card can also be ordered in three different sizes and even a magnet design.


I love the thick, bold border that wraps around the edges of the save the date card. You can choose from five different color themes for this card’s border and also alter the shiny foil-pressed lettering with their eight different foil options. With the space for a beautiful photo of you and your spouse-to-be, make this save-the-date card truly your own. Available in both flat and folded designs, it can also be chosen in four different sizes or a magnet design.

Painted Frame

If you loved the foil-printed slim edge of the previous card, you’re going to love this one. The toile-printed edge wraps around every edge of this card, giving a simple yet beautiful shiny glow, and you can choose from eight different foil colors. There are six different color themes to choose from and three of minted most popular paper choices – pearlescent, recycled, and signature. There’s even space for a single photo of you and your spouse-to-be. 


This full photo save the date card makes it easy to put you and your spouse to be at the front and center of your wedding date announcement card. The minimalist lettering is available in over 40 different colors and the sizes range from a compact postcard style design right up to their 8”x6” grand size. You can choose between a flat card style or a folded card if you would like to add a handwritten message for your guests. The flat design also has five different silhouettes to choose from such as a rounded-edged rectangle and a traditional sharp-edged rectangle shape.  

Breathe Love

This minimalist save the date card is advertised with a simple black and white-centered photo, and I think it’s the black and white that really gives this design a simple edge. You can choose to go with the flat card design, which has four different sizes, over 40 colors, and five different edge shapes to choose from. However, if you’d prefer a little space to write a handwritten note to every guest, the folded card design has all the same design options except for the edge shapes. 


Available in a variety of sizes and even a magnet design, this multi-photo save the date card features beautiful arch cutouts around your chosen photos that soften the visual. There are six color themes, three different sizes, and the option to craft this minimalist save the date card as a flat card or a folded card for a little extra writing space. If you want to try something a little different, you can turn this arched photographic design into a magnet so that your guests can keep your wedding reminder on their fridge or any other magnetic surface.


If you love the feel of vintage instant cameras, this polaroid style save the date card may be right up your street. Both the folded and flat card designs feature a quintessential square shape that is synonymous with the popular polaroid camera. However, this card can only be ordered in a 5.25″ x 5.25″ size, this is made up for with over 40 different color themes to choose from, three of minted most popular paper types, and two different silhouettes to choose from for the flat card version of this single photo save the date card.


For those who want to shy away from adding photographic elements to their minimalist save the dates, this luxury flat or folded card features a slightly lengthier printed save the date message that is accented with foil-pressed shapes. Available in a folded or a flat card design, this card has six different colors for you to choose from, eight different foil options, and three premium paper choices – pearlescent, recycled, or minted’s signature paper. The flat card eternity design allows you to hand pick from five different silhouettes, but this card is only available in a 5″ x 7″ size.


This full photo save the date card features a muted rainbow glow overlaid on your full card photo. Only available as a flat card, this design has five pastel shades to choose from, five different sizes, and a magnet design. You can also choose whether your photo is printed landscape or portrait.  

Gilded Edge

Featuring a foil-pressed-edged design that gives this minimalist save-the-date card a luxury torn edge vibe, you also have space to add a single photograph of you and your spouse-to-be. Available in six different color themes, eight foil-pressed options, and a folded or flat card design, this stunning save-the-date card can only come in a 5″ x 7″ size.

Why Order Your Minimalist Save The Dates From Minted

When it comes to ordering save the dates online, few companies can rival the class and quality of This trusted service makes everything so simple, quick, and easy.

And best of all they give you choices!

There are countless unique and impressive options, all designed by independent artists.

Prices are competitive, orders are fulfilled quickly and there is a focus on the highest quality paper and printing techniques.

Plus, you get a designated designer on every order to ensure you get the save the date cards you always imagined.

And benefiting from unlimited proofs and free recipient address printing is not to be scoffed at either!

I wholeheartedly recommend this company. It’s where I bought my wedding stationery from, at least.

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