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How To Accessorize A Grey Dress For A Wedding [Style Guide]

Whether you have a grey wedding dress as a guest or you are a bride who has chosen gray for your bridesmaids, it can be challenging to accessorize. It’s a beautiful color and can be a great option, but not a whole lot goes with grey. Accessorizing this look is tricky, but thankfully, I am here to help. 

So, how do you accessorize a grey dress for a wedding? You can accessorize a grey dress in two ways. Loud or blended. While you may feel like this color does not seem to go well with a lot, if done right, it can go with any color, jewelry, and accessory. Accessorizing grey can be as straightforward or as complicated as you want it to be.

Loud or blended?

What does that mean? 

Let’s talk about the different styles and accessories that would categorize as one or the other. 

How Do You Accessorize A Grey Dress For A Wedding?

To accessorize a grey dress for a wedding, you need to bring in elements that don’t wash you out. Grey can be a color that washes a person out and be quite unflattering. At the same time, if paired with the right shoes, jewelry, and the right shade of grey, it may just be your favorite look.  

Here are all the types of accessories that can work for you in a grey dress. 

  • Jewelry
  • Hats
  • Gloves
  • Purses
  • Fascinator


Are you stressed about whether to wear silver or gold? Don’t worry; here is how you approach it.

The first rule is that you really should not mix and match silver with a grey dress. 

Pearls may be able to pull it off, but it can be tricky. 

Let’s talk about what jewelry works with different shades best. 


Silver and grey have a complicated relationship. 

Sometimes it can make the silver look cheap and washed out if the wrong shade of grey is being worn. 

If you have a very light satin dress or even a velvety grey that is soft, then silver can work quite well. 

It’s here that you want the jewelry to subtly blend in. 

Here are some cute options. 

  1. Dangly silver earrings are always a great statement without being overboard. 
  2. An anklet in silver if you are wearing shoes that don’t strap around the heel. 
  3. A thin chain necklace. You can’t do a big over-the-top statement piece here because it will blend. 

The trick is blending without trying to blend. 

If you have a statement piece and it blends, it will not look nice. 

If you have subtle jewelry that happens to blend, it looks great!


Sometimes we are just golden girls and don’t like silver. 

The problem with gold and grey is that grey is very similar to silver which makes it a mix and match kind of situation. 

Unfortunately, there are not a whole lot of times you can pull off grey and gold together. 

Maybe the subtlest earring studs or a thin bracelet. 


Pearls are a grey dress’s best friend. 

Because white goes so well with grey, pearls make the ultimate jewelry choice for a grey wedding dress. 

It can be a necklace, earrings, bracelets, and more. 

Pearls are the easiest and best choice when it comes to jewelry. 

Hats and Gloves 

Accessorizing a grey dress can be glitz and glammed up with certain hats and gloves. 

Gloves are a little more formal, but a white glove or even an off-white or light-shade glove will look just fabulous. 

This is an unexpected accessory that classes up the dress quite nicely. 

If you are going to be different and go for grey, there is no reason you can’t go for the home run. 

Hats are also a fabulous and convenient option for an outdoor wedding. 

White will always be the theme to go to, but black hats can complement a grey dress as well. 

Black would be the loud and contrast, whereas white would be a soft touch. 


If you wanted to just bring a purse or clutch as your accessory, that would be totally fine. 

This is where you can get loud with your colors if you want. 

You’ll have to remember to match it with your shoes which makes things a tad more complicated. 

Try these different styles and colors and work them around your shoes to compliment a fabulous grey dress. 

  • A rectangle oversize envelop clutch in a bright neon color. 
  • A white crossbody purse that can hang to the side all night long. 
  • A black circle statement purse.
  • A pastel tote bag-style purse to put your things in if you have a lot to carry. 


Fascinators are a great way to accessorize a grey wedding dress. 

They are not quite a hat, but they offer something stylish and beautiful. 

It allows you to play around with your hairstyle and is one of the easier things to match with your shoes. 

If the dress is grey, you could go loud and proud with a bright fascinator that is the exact same style as your shoes. 

This way, the color nomination looks like a sandwich. 

Bright fascinator. Grey dress. Bright shoes. 

You can also be soft and subtle and mix black and white between the shoes and the fascinator. 

What Color Accessories Go with A Grey Wedding Dress?

All colors go, and at the same time, no colors go with a grey wedding dress. It ultimately depends on how they are worn.

It’s a battle between love and hate, and I am here to help. 

The two very best colors that go are black and white. 

While there are some good exceptions outside that, those are your best bets. 


Black goes with everything. 

The contract can make your grey dress look smooth and even slimming in some cases. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are accessorizing with a necklace, gloves, or a purse, black works for everything. 


White classes the dress up. 

What you need to be careful with white is that too much of it can take away from the bride. 

If you have white shoes, a white floppy hat, and white gloves, you may be crossing into territory you shouldn’t.

White pearls and simple pieces here and there is a timeless color that adds a little bit of brightness to your dress without ruining the aesthetic of grey. 


Anything pastel is usually OK! 

Pastel yellow, pink, purple, and blue are all great colors that not only look great in home decor mixed with grey but also as a wedding dress.

It’s why grey ends up being in a lot of bride’s color pallets for the wedding. 


Your no-go colors are the ones you need to worry about. 

Here are some general rules of thumb for colors that won’t work when accessorizing your dress.

  1. BROWN never works. Never ever accessories with brown. OK, we encourage always doing what you feel best in, but really, brown is a no-go!
  1. Mixing and matching bold colors with grey dresses are usually a no-go as well. Wearing pink, green, and grey will look confusing, so if you go with one color, stick with it. 

What Color Shoes Go Best With A Grey Wedding Dress?

You may start to sense that black and white never fails, right? Good. OK, but let’s talk about shoes and colors and patterns. 

This is where it can really come together or fall apart. 

Shoes are a staple, and there are some really good moves like solid colors and then there are some dangerous terrorists like poor patterns. 

Here is what you need to know. 

Good Moves

  • Black and white will always work no matter what.
  • Grey on grey, in this case, can go together well if the shoes are either darker or they are the EXACT same color!
  • Popping color in here is good if it matches the scheme of the rest of your accessories. 

Bad Moves

  • Metallic is the one that you need to watch out for. It can be tough, so metallic like gold and silver really can throw the dress off. 
  • Crazy patterns also can be off-putting because if you are going to go with one, it needs to either be the only thing other than the dress or match any other accessory. 
  • Brown. We will just leave it at that. 

Where To Get Accessories For Your Grey Dress

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Give a Twirl Girl!

You’ll never get tired of hearing, do you girl! 

And that’s the truth. 

What works for you will not work for everyone, and it takes a little trial and error when it comes to wearing a grey dress for a wedding. 

It can be a beautiful color to pull off if you accessorize it right. 

Grey is timeless, so the colors you match it with should be too. 

It’s also soft, which is why pastels and white work so well. 

But sometimes, we need a little contrast, and that’s where the black comes from. 

It can really enhance a look. 

If you go with a white, remember too much can set a bride off, and while we all want to look great, it’s her day, not yours. 

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