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How To Accessorize A Green Dress For A Wedding [Style Guide]

Dressing up for a wedding is always good fun. Searching for and choosing your attire, however, can be pretty stressful! And it’s not just about the style. Picking the color of your dress, particularly for an occasion like a wedding, is never easy. Thankfully, green is a very versatile option. But how do you accessorize it? Let’s learn how.

So, how do you accessorize a green dress for a wedding? A green dress can be accessorized with a few different colors – certain shades of blues, whites, or black work well. Or you can keep it very simple and stick exclusively with green. There is no limit to what kinds of accessories you can use, from fasteners all the way through to gold pendant necklaces or dangly earrings.

Thankfully, if you do decide to go green, you are in luck.

You have plenty of options. And green can work for nearly every season too, which is a major plus.

Having said that, there are some “do not’s” that we must be careful of – it’s certainly possible to ruin an outfit or cause a clash!

So, let us now look at exactly how to accessorize a green outfit.

The right way.

How Do You Accessorize A Green Dress For A Wedding?

To accessorize a green dress, you need to first choose whether you are going for a more simplistic look or something bolder. green is a lot of fun because you make it blend in or help you stand out. Green also can be a beautiful color on all skin tones and hair types which is why it makes such a wonderful color for a dress. 

Let us now look at your options.

Go Bold

Attention! Serve up looks in your bright green dress. 

Brighter shades are a lot of fun, especially in the summer and fall, and they are very versatile with accessories too. 

Bright lime greens and yellows blend well with each other and look particularly great in the summer. 

You can even work in some blues, depending on the composition of the dress. 

Think lime green dress with bright yellow stilettos and blue jewelry. 

Your jewelry can be simple like a pendant necklace or fun like dangly blue earrings.  

Big gold hoops and bracelets work particularly well, too, regardless of whether you are blonde, brunette, or redhead. 

Go Simple 

Green is also a beautiful color to keep simple. 

All shades of green look lovely when you stick to one of them. 

Imagine wearing a stunning forest dark green dress. 

You could pair it with a pair of black heels and a fascinator and call it a day. 

Just because it is bold doesn’t mean it has to be dark. 

Light Green can look beautiful on its own as well. 

In the summer, light green and white go together beautifully. 

You want to be careful not to mix in too much white, but a white pair of wedges and a sunhat would look lovely. 

DON’T Mix Too Much

Just because we can mix some shades of green and other cool colors doesn’t mean we should go off the depend. 

While bright colors like pink actually work in some scenarios, they won’t work in others. 

Mixing too many off colors with green begins to look like a retro 80’s theme, but not in the best way. 

You can be bold but not distracting. 

An example would be taking a bright green dress with pink heels. 

Already a little dodgy. 

And then mixing in silver hoops and a yellow fascinator.

It just doesn’t work.

 Keeping your color options limited to green plus one or maybe even plus two is imperative. 

DO Choose One Jewelry

Speaking of mixing and matching, let’s stick to one set of jewelry when it comes to green. 

The only exception to this is mixing either gold and pearls or silver and pearls. 

When you mix silver and gold together when you wear a green dress, it can start to look a little overwhelming. 

This doesn’t necessarily isn’t because the dress is green but more because there are only a few colors that can really pull that off. 

Green isn’t one of them. 

Don’t Mix Cool and Warm

Lastly, when you choose to go with a theme between mixing in cool colors or warm colors with a green stick to it. 

Mixing it both can look messy. 

If you are having a hard time choosing, ultimately mixing in cool colors works better than warm colors for the more simplistic looks. 

Warm colors work better when you are trying to be wild and bold. 

If it’s a holiday wedding, there’s no shame in wearing green and red. 

What Color Accessories Go With Green?

A lot of the color mixing and matching is listed above, so you already know that blues, white, and black go very well. 

Let’s use this moment to talk about what does not go with green. 

The good news is there really isn’t a color that doesn’t go with green. 

Purple is not recommended in most cases but can even be pulled off in a lilac flower kind of way. 

The question becomes not what colors don’t go with green but instead what colors won’t with each other when you wear a green dress? 

That’s why it’s best to choose just one additional color. 

What Color Shoes Go Best With A Green Dress?

Shoes may be one of the easiest and most difficult accessories to work with when it comes to pairing them with a green dress. 

What I mean by that is, in general, almost all the colors in shoes will work with a green dress. 

What makes it hard is knowing what shade of that color goes with the shade of green you have chosen. 

Black and White

Easily said, black and white will always be a great go-to for shoes with any color dress you have. 

White, in this case, goes better with green than black. 

This is because white pops a little more, whereas black might blend a little too much. 

If you are someone that loves black, you can still wear these shoes, it just goes that white typically works better with most shades of green. 

Green on Green

Green shoes certainly go with a green dress. 

You can play this one of two ways. 

You can go completely matchy and matchy and get the exact color. 

This is a bold statement.

Or you can do a drastically lighter or darker shade of green shoes. 

This will offer pop and contrast without ruining the color scheme. 

Basically Anything

As we said, there really is no color that won’t work with what you are trying to do. 

It’s the shade that matters, so whether you want to wear purple, blue, orange, brown, or others, it all works. 

Like colors, patterns aren’t limited either. 

Something like camo, snakeskin, velvet texture, and anything of that sort will work beautifully. 

The No’s!

The no-nos have less to do with color and more to do with the pattern. 

Generally speaking, if it’s one color, it will work, but if it’s multiple or has patterns, it can become an issue. 

Here are some unflattering situations that would not work as well as everything listed above. 

Here they are. 

  • Polka dot patterns with two colors in addition to your green dress. So purple and white polka dot shoes with a green dress would not work.
  • Sparkly patterns in a bold color that is too distracting from your green dress. Think Yellow sparkly lemon shoes with an army green dress. Nope!
  • Any pattern in the shoes that is not the exact same pattern as the dress. Snakeskin pattern shoes are not going to work with a camo pattern dress. This is especially true if the colors do not match. 

Where To Get Accessories For Your Green Dress

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Can’t Go Wrong

A green dress for a wedding is almost dummy-proof. 

Green looks beautiful with redheads, blondes, brunette, olive skin, dark skin, and fair skin. 

It’s a color that is simply flattering for all. 

Oddly even though it can be quite a bold color or a masculine color in some ways, it also works well with nearly every color on the wheel. 

Matching your accessories with your dress becomes less about what color you are using and more about the shade of color you have.

Lights tend to work well together like light purple, and light green and darks tend to look mysterious and bold. 

Imagine having a royal green dress and royal blue shoes. 

What a pop of color that is. 

Black and white are forever colors that work with anything, but in this case, it is white that will win the color scheme. 

It tends to go better with all shades of green and works well with jewelry as well. 

The best thing about green dresses is you really can spruce them up or keep them simple and classy. 

The only time you really need to watch yourself is when you start playing with patterns. 

That’s when it starts to get a little tricky. 

But from there, have a ball and dance the night away. 

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