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How To Accessorize A Red Dress For A Wedding [Style Guide]

A red dress is a statement. We all know this. And for a wedding, it can be the perfect look to snag a date or impress the one you already have. But red can be tricky. It’s such an attention grabber that you want to make sure you accessorize it correctly to complete the red-carpet look. But how do you do so? Let’s find out.

So, how do you accessorize a red dress for a wedding? You can accessorize a red dress in two main ways: very simply, or you can glam the outfit up much further. It is generally advised, however, to stick with red accessories and not to mix and match colors. Black and white are an exception and can provide contrast if this is the look you want to go for.

Of course, we want to be mindful of the beautiful bride and not steal the show. 

So, less is usually more.

Especially if you are a guest.

Thankfully, red dresses are not that hard to accessorize.

While they don’t go with a lot of other colors, there are some fabulous pieces of jewelry and shoe options to complete your look.

The even better news?

The look works for all hair colors, which can be very frustrating from time to time with other colors and for blondes or brunettes. 

Nevertheless, red is an awesome choice.

Let’s talk about how to make it work for you. 

How Do You Accessorize A Red Dress For A Wedding?

The great news is red dresses are easy to accessorize because they can be done either very simply or they can glammed up big time!

Accessorizing a red dress isn’t hard but it can be tricky sometimes.

There are some basic do’s and don’ts that we will discuss but at the end of the day wearing red is a power statement.

Whatever makes you feel power is what will work. 

DO Keep It Simple

If you want to keep it simple then red is a great color to do so.

It has enough pop to stand on its own.

What does keeping it simple mean?

Keeping it simple means pairing It with white or black but not both.

This could be one accessory like a necklace or a barrette in your hair. 

Red and white soften a lookup and offer a timeless romantic charade.

This is a fun and flirty color combination.

White is one of the very best options to pair with accessories but it should be kept just like that, accessories.

Make sure you are 60/40 in terms of your red to white ratio.

Remember white is for the bride. 

Black is another power move.

This is where you can change the ratio up and wear more black.

Accessories that look great with a red dress and are black or jewelry, shoes, and hats. 

DO Go All Red

Red is a color that looks absolutely fire when you are synchronized.

This is where you can go all out and over the top.

Red shoes. Red accessories. Read everything.

What are some of the best accessories to wear in red?

Let me tell you:

  • Red flowers in the hair
  • Red sparkly stilettos
  • Red jewelry
  • Red lipstick
  • Red fascinators
  • Red sunglasses

DO Wear a Two-Piece

Red is a great color to show some skin.

Whether it is a two-piece, a jumpsuit, something strappy, or has cutouts, red always looks amazing with any skin tone.

Red is one of those colors where you can wear a lot of it or less of it and still look fabulous. 

A really popular and fun option is to wear a mini flowy red dress with an open-back bow tie.

Bows and red are something that you can wear when your five and when you’re 50. 

DON’T Go For Tie-Dye

Recently there has been a red and white tie-dye trend going around.

This is a major no-no for a wedding dress.


Simply said it looks like splatter blood on a white dress.

This is the only time where red and white will not work together.

While you may look like the beautiful dead bride on Halloween coming back to haunt everyone, it’s not suitable for anything other than Halloween. 

Tie-Dye may be OK in other colors…but not red. 

DON’T Mix and Match Jewelry

Once you pick a jewelry stone theme or a color stay with it.

It doesn’t matter If it’s gold, pearls, black, silver, or anything else, DO NOT mix and match them with red.

In general, it’s hard to pull off mix and match anyways but especially not with a red dress. 


Because red is a statement color that doesn’t blend easily.

In fact, it’s a contrast color which means that too many contrasts will look busy and disorganized.

If you have pearl earrings, even wearing a gold necklace can throw off the entire look.

Red is a color that needs to be strategically matched all over with. 

What Colors Accessories Go With Red

Red, black, white, gold, and certain shades of pink and blue. Those are pretty much your main color options to go with red.

The sad part is there are not a whole lot of colors that work with red.

Unless it is a Christmas wedding or you like the look of watermelons, green is on the list of no with a few exceptions. 

In terms of colors, you want to think of great contrast or a pretty blend.

Black and white are your best contrasts but sometimes a navy blue can work because of its resemblance to black.

Purple in most cases will not work either. 

What Color Shoes Go Best with a Red Dress?

The color shoes you wear with a red dress are a lot easier than any of the other accessories you are working with.

The colors have to remain within the rules still.

You don’t want to mix and match too much and you have to be very selective in what you choose.

Consistency is going to be your best friend when you wear a red dress to a wedding. 

Black And White

Black and white is your go-to option.

This is because it compliments the dress nicely without taking away from the dress.

You don’t have to worry about it not working because they are contrasting and blend colors.

The only time that you can wear both black and white without looking like Cruella De Ville is when you have black and white polka dot shoes. 

OK maybe you still like Cruella De Ville but we really prefer to think Minnie Mouse. 


Gold works well with red.

Gold also tends to look better than silver because gold is a warm color and so is red.

Silver is an icy color and can be a little mismatched with red.

Having said that it is not the end of the world if you want to combine silver and red because some people just prefer that.

If there is an option between the two, gold wins. 

Shades of Pink

On some occasions pink and red work well together.

You have to be precise about the outfit because sometimes a bold pink may not work well with a bold red.

When the colors work together it is a beautiful feminine look.

You want them to blend not contrast if you wear pink shoes.

A soft pink typically works well with any red except for a burgundy red. 

The No’s!

Basically, anything that is not on that list can be considered a no.

However, to be more clear there is a running tab of things that generally speaking don’t work well. 

Here they are. 

  • Most colors like yellow, brown, etc. will not work however, dark blue can be a rare exception. 
  • Patterns are OK but should remain relatively low-profile with colors. 
  • Do not wear silver jewelry and gold shoes or vice versa. 
  • Typically booties and red wedding dresses don’t work. Heels or flats work unless it is a jumpsuit. (White booties are sometimes the exception.)
  • Tiedye. Might be worth saying it again but tie-dye is just probably not going to work unless it is the faintest of the faint. 

Where To Get Accessories For Your Red Dress

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Red is a fantastic choice for everyone. Blondies and brunettes or redheads!

It’s a great look that can make you stand out without stealing the show.

Red dresses for weddings are a blessing because they are actually quite easy to style with accessories.

The best trick is to keep it as simple as possible.

When you don’t overdo it the dress can speak for itself. 

At the same time, red be accessorized if you want to.

But there are a few general fashion rules.

Red is a bold color which means contrasting is going to be your best option.

But contrasting with a color that doesn’t work like green or brown is going to be unflattering.

Back and white will forever be the best options to accessorize your red look with.

Who doesn’t want to be as cute as Minnie Mouse? Or for the devils in the house, Cruella De Ville is a good theme too. 

For the most part with a red dress, you should avoid patterns but if you do bring them into your shoes or dress make sure the colors or styles are low-profile.

Snakeskin works well but tie-dye will not. 

Whatever you wear, red is a confident color so embrace you and go off queen!

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