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How Do You Wear Your Hair With A Fascinator? [Your Options]

So you are looking to wear a fascinator to a wedding or other upcoming event. But how do you wear it; what do you do with your hair? Here is what you need to know.

So, how do you wear your hair with a fascinator? You can either wear your hair up or down with a fascinator. It depends on personal preference and the length and style of your hair. Generally speaking, the longer your hair, the larger the fascinator should be. 

Traditionally speaking, fascinators are worn on the right side of the head. 

But times have certainly changed, and this may not even be suitable anymore!

In more recent times, fascinators have been worn in many different ways.

Primarily to account for hair accessories and particular hairstyles.

As such, you’ll often see the fascinator worn towards the back of the head!

Ultimatelyit’s less about where you put it and more about how well you put it in. 

Let us now take a closer look at the exact hairstyles to consider!

How To Wear Your Hair With A Fascinator 

You can wear your hair in many ways with a fascinator. Up, down, or somewhere in between. What you decide to do will depend on the type of fascinator you want to wear, your current hair length, and your favorite style.

Without speaking too much about whether your hair should go up or down (we will get there), let’s just talk about the general guidelines on how to wear a fascinator. 

A fascinator is a display accessory attached to the woman’s hair through a clip or hair comb. 

If you do it right. It’s a bomb (you know what) statement.

But here is what you need to ask yourself when it comes to how to wear it.

  • Where is my part?
  • What side do I like taking pictures from?
  • Is it better to be put on the side, or does this piece belong on the back part of my head?
  • How “big” is my hairstyle?
  • What compliments my hair and looks?

From here, you can discuss not how to wear your hair with the fascinator but how to wear the fascinator with the hair. 

The Part

Traditionally speaking, the fascinator always used to be placed on the right side of the head just above your eyebrow. 

But if you feel like your part makes the fascinator look funny on the side, there are no rules against putting it on the left side. 

The only reason why it was a tradition for the right side is that women believed that men used to accompany them on the left side, and it was more out of the way in this case. 


This is a statement piece which means it is worth showing off. 

If you have a particular side (all girls do), then it is always a good idea to wear your fascinator on this side that angles your face. 

If the fascinator is positioned in the back, then it doesn’t really make a difference. 

The Hairstyle

A piece of advice that hairstylists say when it comes to fascinators may surprise you. 

They say the bigger your hair, the bigger the fascinator. 

The reason being is that a dinky little fascinator with big hair looks out of place. 

So it’s best to choose a hairstyle that works for you first and then find a suitable fascinator. 

The Whole Outfit

Your hairstyle is not the only thing you need to consider when picking out a fabulous fascinator to wear to a wedding or a great party. 

Your outfit and the season play a considerable role in what to wear. 

Winter usually requires a darker look, while summer and spring scream LOUD and FUN! 

It’s much easier to choose your look and hairstyle first than work from there with regards to the fascinator. 

Should I Wear My Hair Up or Down with a Fascinator?

Ultimately, you should decide based on what makes you feel confident and whether you like wearing your hair up or down. 

But having said that, certain styles may look better with an up-do or your hair down than others. 

Here are some rules of thumb to follow if you care more or less about following “tradition.” 

Down Dos and Bigger Fascinators

If you have really long hair or plan on wearing your hair down, it is best to go with a bigger fascinator. 

This is because you want the fascinator to still be one of the centerpieces of the outfit.

With big long flowy hair, a small fascinator may actually get lost in the mix or even get tangled up easily. 

Short Hair or Slicked Back

Short hair and slicked-back hair that is pulled tight look better with small fascinators. 

This is because a big fascinator, in this case, will engulf your head. 

You are probably thinking at this point; it already does. Not in this way. 

There is a region that should be followed between hair, head, and fascinator so that you don’t look like you are being weighed down. 

When To Place It In The Back

Truth be told, placing it in the back is a new thing. 

So is placing it in the front, but many people say this is an incredibly difficult look to pull off, and you are better off passing. 

When putting the fascinator in the back, you can wear your hair both up or down or even half and half. 

Hair Up

If you’re going to put your hair up and wear a fascinator in the back of your head, make sure that the bun or piece of hair is neither entangled in the piece or interfering with the fascinator. 

It’s better to work with a low bun or a low pulled back style so that you can still have a successful fascinator put in the back. 

Hair Down

It is easier, in general, to wear the fascinator in the back if you are going to let your hair down.

Something that never fails the fascinator is when you have big curls or waves that make the hair look less flat. 

It is not to say that straight hair can’t work with a fascinator, but it can also be an unflattering look if it is not done correctly. 

How Do You Put a Fascinator In Your Hair?

To put a fascinator in your hair, you need to consider the do and whether it is the last step or a few steps before. 

This sounds complicated, but for easier do’s, here is an easy step-by-step guide on how to successfully put a fascinator in your hair.

If it is for a special event and you will have your hair done by a hairstylist anyways, they can also put this in your hair without issue. 

Step #1: Choose the Do

Understanding the complexity of your hairdo is the most essential part. 

Usually, the fascinator will be one of the last things to go in your hair to hold it in place. 

But for hairstyles that have complicated wraparounds and braids, it may be worked into the process. 

That’s why the ultimate first step is understanding what you are going to do with your hair. 

Step #2: Wash Your Hair The Day Before

Your hair should be washed the day before the event and not the day of. 

This is so your hair will be easier to work with and tease through. 

If your hair is too slick, it may be difficult for the fascinator or hairstyle to stay in place. 

Step #3: Start Teasing And Hairspray

The best way for your hair to stay with the fascinator is to tease or backcomb your hair. 

As you do this and start styling your hair, spray hairspray in each section, so it stays. 

This is particularly important when you are wearing a fascinator because if the hair becomes loose in the do, you will lose the positioning and fascinator. 

Or worse, you will be continually touching it and making sure it stays up. 

Step #4: Place It!

Once you have determined whether it is the last step or the right step to place your fascinator in your hair, push the comb, or the clip is placed firmly. 

You want to make sure it is deep enough into the hair so if it naturally comes a little loose, it will still stay in place. 

Do It Up!

Not literally do it up! Do it however you want. Do it up in a big way or a small way. 

Fascinators are meant to be statement pieces that you can have a lot of fun with. 

The important thing is to remember that it is better to look at your style with your hair and look before choosing a fascinator and worrying about how to wear it. 

This is where most women go wrong and end up feeling a little traumatized from the look.

You need to wear the fascinator, not the other way around. 

If you have trouble putting it in yourself for a wedding or stylish event, a hairdresser will be able to do this with ease. 

Otherwise, feel free to follow our step-by-step guide! 

And hey, who said you need to wear your hair a specific way with a fascinator. Not us!