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How Much To Tip Wedding Florist [And Whether You Even Should!]

Flowers are a long-standing tradition when it comes to weddings. From bridal bouquets to buttonholes, centerpieces to ceremony décor, it is highly likely that you will have employed a florist and may have some questions about the etiquette and expectations of the service they are providing you, particularly when it comes to tipping.

So, how much do you tip your wedding florist? Typically, your florist won’t expect a tip. However, if you are choosing to tip, it is generally advised to tip between 10% and 15% of your floral budget. Alternatively, couples may choose to gift $50 – $100 dollars to their florist if they do not feel a tip is appropriate but still want to acknowledge their gratitude for the service provided.

When it comes to wedding floristry unless you are in the industry, it can all seem a little overwhelming – that’s certainly how I felt!

I am so grateful for the advice, opinions, and expertise of our chosen florist that I am already thinking about the different ways to show gratitude.

There really is so much to consider and take on board when it comes to flowers for your big day.

Personally, I didn’t even know where to begin when it came to the floral arrangements for our big day.

I found that the best place to start was to contact florists directly – their knowledge and expertise were amazingly helpful.

And honestly, I couldn’t recommend booking consultations enough.

Florists with experience in the wedding industry will be able to provide couples with advice and guidance about which type of flowers to go for.

It could be that you have a set idea of what you would like – roses, peonies, calla lilies, for example.

Or you could be open to suggestions as to the floral arrangements that would suit your venue.

Either way, it is likely that you will meet a number of times with your florist to ensure that your flowers suit you and your day perfectly.

These meetings should be a consideration when it comes to tipping your florist as the time and effort put into the preparations for your wedding will likely be as much – if not more – than the time and effort that goes into the assembly of your floral arrangements on the actual day.

Arranging flowers takes skill and patience.

Your florist is likely to be a highly trained professional – and whilst they may make floristry look effortless; there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure that your wedding flowers look perfect.

From designing the bouquets, the buttonholes, the centerpieces to sourcing, preparing, and assembling the blooms and then to arranging the flowers on the day of the wedding, your florist will undoubtedly be kept busy in the run-up to your wedding day!

Hence why most couples will opt to tip their florist for their service.

How Much Do You Tip Your Wedding Florist?

It is generally accepted that couples who tip their wedding florist should tip between 10% and 15% of the total cost of the floristry.

There are many different factors that influence tips when it comes to wedding floristry, perhaps things that you and your partner should consider prior to your big day?

First and foremost: what services are you employing your wedding florist for?

If, as friends of mine are doing, you are keen on a DIY wedding and are up for the challenge of preparing and arranging your flowers yourself for your big day, you might only be relying on your florist to source and supply the blooms for your wedding.

Almost like a wholesale flower seller.

If this is the case, and you are simply purchasing the flowers and foliage – unarranged – for your wedding day, then it is unlikely that you will need to tip your florist.

Typically, wedding vendors who provide a service (not simply a product) couples should consider tipping.

Another factor to consider when thinking about tipping your florist is your satisfaction with the service they have provided.

As with many vendors in the wedding industry, every florist I have met with has been absolutely lovely as well as incredibly knowledgeable.

They have made me feel totally relaxed and at ease knowing that the flowers for our big day are taken care of and are in good hands.

I would have no hesitation in recommending them to friends and family members, and for that reason, I feel I want to tip my florist.

The way your wedding vendors make you feel can also influence whether you are inclined to tip them or not and can even impact how much you tip them.

For example, if your florist has gone above and beyond at every juncture to ensure that your wedding flowers are exactly as you wanted and made the whole organization process effortless and kind – then couples may feel inclined to tip a little more. 

Perhaps 15% to 20% of the total cost? 

However, if you have not had much contact with your florist – perhaps your wedding planner has been the go-between – or you have had challenges in communication with them. 

However, you still love the floral arrangements on your big day, then a 5% to 10% tip would likely be gratefully received by your florist.

Of course, tipping in the wedding florist industry is not expected; for most florists, it will be an added bonus in that they will not rely on tips to boost their wages.

Couples should only commit to tipping if their budget allows. Perhaps this should be a consideration when budgeting for flowers?

It is totally the couple’s decision whether to tip their florist or not and also how much to tip if they choose to do so. 

There is not really an underlying etiquette when it comes to tipping for floristry.

So couples are encouraged to do what feels right for them, whether it is 5%, 10%, 15%, or more; your florist is highly likely to see this as an added bonus!

Should You Tip Your Wedding Florist?

Typically, if you would recommend your florist to a close friend or family member, consider tipping them as they have provided an excellent service. However, there is no obligation to do so. Tipping for a service provided is a sign of appreciation and can be a gesture of gratitude that will be gratefully received as an added bonus by your florist.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to tipping your florist.

If you feel you want to tip your florist, feel free to do so!

Alternatively, if you do not feel that way inclined, then no tipping is an option too.

Wedding floristry is a skilled profession, and floral arrangements take time to put together. This is often reflected in the overall cost of the florist for your wedding.

Speaking from personal experience, our florist has been fantastic in making suggestions as to the different seasonal flowers and blooms to use to save a little bit of money when it comes to purchasing the flowers themselves.

As a couple, we feel so grateful to our florist for the time, care and effort put into our flowers that any savings on the blooms themselves, we are going to use to tip our florist for their outstanding service.

Offering a tip for a service is a sign of appreciation and gratitude.

If you feel strongly that the service your florist has provided you with for your wedding day is worthy, do consider offering them a tip in recognition of that.

However, there are, sadly, occasions when couples may be displeased or even a little disillusioned by the service provided by their florist. 

Perhaps you feel a tip is inappropriate? Well, that is okay too.

As mentioned previously, in the wedding floristry industry, tips are a ‘nice to have rather than an expected pert of the transaction.

If you are using a wedding planner, you might like to ask their advice about how much to tip your vendors.

As industry experts, your wedding planner will be able to inform you as to what is the usual etiquette in terms of your provider – as we know, all weddings are different!

If you are getting married abroad, I would definitely recommend seeking the advice of your wedding planner or coordinator as there may be different expectations of tipping in the country or place you are getting married.

It is also not uncommon for florists to include a service charge when billing couples. 

This almost accounts for a tip of sorts, and so it is always recommended for couples to carefully check their invoices to avoid massively overpaying.

In summary, you should tip your wedding florist if you feel that you want to and can afford it.

Alternatives To Tipping Your Wedding Florist

There are many alternatives to tipping your wedding florist, including writing them a thank you letter or card, buying them a gift as a token of your appreciation, or giving them a voucher. It is also considered highly important to provide your florist with a good review if you were pleased with their services as this can help them to expand and grow their business.

It may not be appropriate to give your florist a cash tip, but there are certainly other ways you can show your gratitude or appreciation.

Writing a thank you note, or card, is one way that couples can show their appreciation. 

Meaningful words accompanied by some lovely pictures of their work – the floral arrangements from your wedding – can be a highly impactful way of saying thank you.

Perhaps you as a couple would prefer to gift your florist with a present as a token of your appreciation – it could be something handmade and personal or a nice bottle of wine and a box of chocolates. 

Gifts and gestures such as this are also a great alternative to tipping.

It is also common for couples to give their florist $50 – $100 as a tip – perhaps in a gift voucher or just in cash – it is likely that this will be less than 10% – 15% of the total cost, but cash gifts such as this a sign of appreciation are often just as effective.


In summary, it is not customary to tip your florist. 

If you choose to tip your wedding florist, consider tipping them 10% – 15% of the total cost. 

If you would rather give a gift or show your appreciation in another way, that is perfectly acceptable too.

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