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How To Keep Spanx From Rolling Down [3 Solutions That Work!]

With party season in full swing, getting dressed up is right on top of our to-do list! Spanx are a great way to ensure you look and feel your best in your clothing – whatever the occasion – but if you’re anything like me, you may struggle with them rolling down.

So, how do you keep Spanx from rolling down? Stopping Spanx from rolling down is a combination of ensuring you have the right size, making sure that you don’t wash them too often, and replacing them after an extended period of use. You may also find that attaching the top of your high-waisted Spanx to your bra using a suspender clip prevents them from rolling down.

Spanx are made from a combination of materials, including elastane and lycra. This is what makes them stretchy and strong – giving the perfect molded silhouette to the wearer.

However, you may find that your high-waisted Spanx starts to roll down when you have been wearing them for a while.

It has happened to me on more than one occasion, let me tell you!

There is nothing worse than having to subtly creep off to the bathroom to re-adjust! Not only is this quite annoying, but it can also be quite uncomfortable as the fabric roll can dig in – ouch!

Fortunately, this isn’t a problem for me anymore – I follow the advice I am going to share with you in this article – and I can wear my Spanx comfortably without any fear of them rolling down.

What Does It Mean If Your Spanx Rolls Down?

Spanx can roll down for many reasons; it can be anything from: they are too big; they are too small; they are over-washed; they are over worn – there are so many reasons this could be happening. But fear not, there are steps you can take to prevent roll-down from happening for each of these different reasons.

Too Small

With shapewear, it is only natural to think it best to opt for a smaller size.

That’s what you’re wearing them for, right: to smooth you out and synch you in, in all the right places? 

However, it is always better to stick true to size or even size up with form-fitting shapewear to avoid your Spanx rolling down.

Another unwanted occurrence that can happen if your Spanx are too small is that the outline will be visible through your clothing, and a VPL is not a good look on anyone.

Wearing Spanx that are too small for you is unlikely to give the smooth, shapely silhouette you desire, and due to the elastane and lycra being too stretched out, it may cause them to roll down.

To avoid Spanx rolling down, ensure you are wearing the correct size.

Too Large

Having just discussed the perils of wearing shapewear that is too small, another thing to avoid is wearing Spanx that are too big for you.

If your shapewear doesn’t fit you snugly: it will fall down.

For Spanx to fit you properly and give the shapely, smoothed-out effect that we all dream of, they need to fit around your ribcage as well as your stomach, butt, and thighs.

If they are too loose around your ribcage or stomach, it is likely they will roll down.

Spanx are designed to be tight-fitting. The material they are made of is strong and durable and will hold the wearer in, in all the right places! If your Spanx are not tight enough, they will roll down.

Using the measurements guide on the Spanx website is a great starting point. But remember, they are made to be tight, so go with a size that is true to your measurements to avoid them being too big or too small.


Just a heads-up: wash your Spanx with care and caution and avoid putting them in the dryer at all costs.

This advice contradicts the care instructions from Spanx, who advise that Spanx can be machine washed; all I’m saying is to be careful.

Over-washing or using extreme heat when laundering your Spanx can have a negative effect on the elastane and lycra that make your Spanx taught and strong.

You may find that after the first few washes, they remain as good as new; however, over time you may find the elastic becomes overstretched and that they begin to roll when you wear them.

I personally would always recommend handwashing your Spanx to maintain the quality of the fabric and prevent rolling.

Over-worn And Need Replacing

You’ve heard of wear and tear, right? Sadly, even with a quality product such as Spanx, there is no guarantee that they will last forever.

Elastic and lycra, over time, can stretch out of shape, and the form-fitting fabric may become misshapen over an extended period of use. I’m taking years of wearing them, not just a few months.

If you have had your Spanx for a while, you may notice that the fabric becomes a lot stretchier and much less firm. You may even find that because of this, they roll down.

Thank your Spanx for their service, and invest in a new pair.

How Do I Stop My Spanx From Rolling Down?

To stop your Spanx from rolling down, there are several things you can do. From investing in a pair that fit all parts of your body perfectly (including your stomach and ribcage) to attaching them to your bra in a ‘hold-up’ style. There are steps you can take to stop your Spanx from rolling down altogether.

Ensure You Get The Right Size

Use a size guide to ensure that you are choosing a pair to fit your proportions.

All bodies are beautiful; all bodies are different. Using the measurements in the size guide is a sure-fire way of making sure your Spanx fits you perfectly and doesn’t roll down.

Pin Them To Your Bra

Just the other week, I used two safety pins to attach either side of my Spanx to my bra. I pinned just under each armpit, and it worked a charm! My Spanx stayed firmly in position all night!

The only issue with this was using the restroom, but I must admit that I felt extremely satisfied with my savvy approach to preventing the roll!

Just a small disclaimer: I don’t think the pinning approach would work as well with a strapless bra – it could end up pulling your bra down too!

This approach would only work with extremely high-waisted Spanx. If yours don’t quite reach the band of your bra, the next tip is for you!

Use two suspender-clips

 Again, this tip involves also wearing a bra, only this time you can adjust the length of the clip to suit your own body!

Suspender clips like these available on Amazon are a cheap and easy way to help prevent your Spanx from rolling down.

Use two (or more) clips by attaching them to your bra, adjusting them to your desired length, and then clipping them to the top of your Spanx.


Wearing Spanx can make you look amazing in your clothing, giving that confidence boost to make you feel amazing too!

Then to stop them from rolling down, follow this advice, you may have to try a couple of different strategies to find what works best for you, but when you do, you won’t look back!

They really work.

Trust me.

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