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Sculptshe Review [Should You Buy This Shapewear?]

Have you recently discovered Scultpshe?

Are you wondering whether this shapewear brand can give you the body sculpting effect you are looking for?

Should you proceed with an order, even?

Well, those very things will be addressed in this Sculptshe review here today.

But if you are short of time, and just want to get an idea about the brand and its products, here is what you need to know.

Sculptshe is a reputable supplier of shapewear; offering a variety of different shaping garments for different control areas and compression levels. Product quality is high, products are true to size, and shipping is fast. This is a brand I can only recommend.

And it’s not just me, either.

Sculptshe has a 68% excellent rating on TrustPilot (the unaffiliated review website) A further 10% think it’s great, too.

So that may be enough to give you the confidence to place an order.

And if it is, you can head over to their official store here.

But if you want to know a little more about the brand and what they offer, keep reading.

By the end, you’ll know if Sculptshe is right for you and your needs.

What Is Sculptshe?

Sculptshe is a manufacturer and brand of women’s shapewear and activewear. They offer a range of different garments including bodysuits, waist shapers, leggings, panties, and vests.

Put differently, Scultpshe creates garments that allow anyone to better define their curves, accentuate their features, and feel more comfortable and confident in the process.

And while not a brand for larger women specifically, this is a brand that offers shapewear for curvier women, while being keen advocates of body positivity too!

In fact, they offer sizes for everyone; they have 9 different sizes in most shapewear styles from small all the way through to 5XL.

Shaping Every Female A Stunning Silhouette
Every woman deserves to live every day looking and feeling her best. At Sculptshe, we empower you to be confident, sexy and poised with exceptional-quality shapewear that enhances your natural beauty. 

Sculptshe Mission Statement

What Shapewear Does Sculptshe Sell?

Sculptshe offers a wide range of different shapewear garments spanning different collections for different use cases. Postpartum, post-surgery, daily shapewear, waist shapers, and shapewear for specific body areas and for different compression levels are all available.

Here are just some of the products this brand sells:

  • Bodysuits – Full body suits, sculpting bodysuits, tummy control thong bodysuits, high compression bodysuits, open bust bodysuits, among many more.
  • Shapers – Body shapers, catsuit shapers, among many more.
  • Shorts – Butt lifting, shaper shorts, mid-thigh shorts, shorts with bras, among many more.
  • Panties – Sculpting briefs, panty briefs, thong briefs, among many more.
  • Waist Trainers
  • Waist Vests
  • Waist Leggings
  • Plus Size Shapewear

And what is great is you can even shop by control area (abdomen, arm, back, breast, buttocks, thigh, or waist) if you had a particular trouble area.

And they also offer garments in low, medium, and high compression depending on your preferences too.

See the full Sculptshe collection here.

Is Sculptshe A Good Brand?

Sculptshe is considered to be a great brand; offering a range of different garments at affordable prices. The quality is great, garments are true to size, shipping is fast and the customer service team is responsive and helpful.

And they receive great reviews too. If you visit the official store directly, you’ll notice that at the bottom of each product page there are reviews left by former customers.

And these are predominantly positive.

In fact, most products have a 4/5* rating, along with insightful commentary on the customer’s experience and opinion on their order.

With this information to hand, I took some time to go through dozens of reviews to get a better understanding of the general customer sentiment.

Here are some of the things that came up time and time again…

Great Fit

Sculptshe does not only garments in sizes from XS through to 5XL, but their size helping chart on each product page is incredibly helpful too.

And many customers find that their garments arrive very true to what the brand recommends.

And getting the right size for shapewear is essential.

Especially if you want to maximize comfort and sculpting!

Premium Material Quality

Sculptshe only uses the best fabrics on their garments, and this is reflected in most reviews regarding the fit and comfort.

Many customers also note how they are incredibly durable, too.

Reasonable Pricing

Sculptshe garments are available for affordable prices, which compare fairly against other shapewear brands in their space.

Plus, this brand loves to put on a sale, an offer when buying multiple garments, or promotions for new customers.

Fast Worldwide Shipping

Sculptshe offers its products to an international customer base.

And they do so, quickly, too.

By using couriers including UPS and USPS, you can even track your package once it has been fulfilled.

Customers typically receive their orders within 3-12 days, following orders, depending on where they are ordering from and the shipping method chosen.

Should You Order From Sculptshe?

If you are looking for high-quality shapewear at an affordable price, then I would suggest you order from Sculptshe.

They have so many different styles and options, you’ll be sure to find something that suits both your body shape and what you need it for.

Plus, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can buy without risk.

Just be sure to bear in mind that there are some limitations on returning products due to the nature of these garments.

For instance, some products (such as panties) cannot be returned if opened due to hygienic reasons. (But this is common for all underwear brands, isn’t it!)

But if you try their shapewear over other clothes, if you find it’s not right for you, you can always send it back.

That’s if you actually needed to!

Where Can You Buy Sculptshe?

Sculptshe is sold exclusively at so that’s where you should visit if you want to take a look and make an order.

And if you decide to visit through my link, you’ll be sure to get the best price and best promotions at the time of your visit!

You’re welcome.


Is Sculptshe Legit?

Sculptshe is a legitimate shapewear brand. They have an international customer base and have processed thousands of orders since its inception.

Where Is Sculptshe Located?

Sculptshe is located in California, in the United States.

Where Does Sculptshe Ship From?

Sculptshe ships from their warehouse in California, in the United States.

How Long Does It Take For Sculptshe To Ship

It takes between 3-12 business days for Sculptshe orders to ship, depending on where you order from and depending on the shipping method you opt for. Consider that shipping times do not include a 1-2 business day processing time to prepare the order.

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