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Spanx Size Chart – Here’s How To Find Your Right Size!

Are you looking for a Spanx Size Chart? Want to know what size to order your new shapewear in? Well here is the guide you are going to want to reference:

XS024.6 – 26.532 – 34.5
S2 – 427 – 30.535 – 37.5
M6 – 831 -3338-40.5
L10 – 1233.5 – 35.541 – 43
XL14 – 1636 – 3943.5 – 45.5
1X18 – 2039.5 – 4246 – 49.5
2X22 – 2442.5 – 4550 – 53.5
3X26 – 2845.5 – 4854 – 56

Note: If your waist and hip measurements also reference other sizes, go for the size of the largest measurement.


How Many Inches Do Spanx Take Off?

Spanx does not generally take any inches off you; instead, it primarily smooths you out and gives you shape. That being said, particularly tight Spanx may be able to reduce inches in a particular area, although do expect it to go elsewhere.

If you are looking to compress between 1-5 inches at the waist and hips, you may need to see out other shapewear like a corset or girdle.

How Do You Know What Size To Get In Spanx?

According to the founder, Sara Blakely, it is recommended to get Spanx in the same size you would wear in regular clothes.

Ultimately, be sure not to order Spanx too small or it will be rather uncomfortable and can cause bulges which defeats the purpose of this item altogether.

Do Spanx Fit True To Size?

Spanx is designed to fit true to size. So, if you normally buy a small in clothing, buy a small in shapewear, if you buy a large in clothing, buy large Spanx, etc.

How Much Smaller Do Spanx Make You?

Correctly fitted Spanx can help you look anywhere from 5-15 pounds lighter, depending on the product and how they are worn.

Does Wearing Spanx Help Lose Weight?

Wearing Spanx can help you lose weight indirectly; by making you more mindful about your eating and weight, in general. That being said, Spanx will not help you lose weight just by wearing them alone. Diet and exercise will be required for a noticeable and longer-term change in weight.

What Size Is A 10 In Spanx?

A size 10 in Spanx is a large. This will give you 33.5 – 35.5 inches around the waist and 41 – 43 inches around the hips.

What Size Is 1 In Spanx?

A Size 1 in Spanx is considered an extra small. This shapewear is designed for individuals with a 26.5″ waist and a 34.5″ hip.

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