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How Much Is A Graff Engagement Ring? [What To Expect]

You’re in the market for an engagement ring. You’ve heard of, or are interested in, one from Graff. But how much can you expect it to cost you? How much do Graff engagement rings typically cost, on average? Here is all you will need to know.

So, how much does a Graff engagement ring cost? The average price range for a Graff engagement ring is between $6000-$12000. Although, there are rings available a little more affordable around the $5k mark, and those much more expensive ($100k+) at this particular vendor. Various factors can alter the price, including the gem, carat, and style.

That’s not the range. That’s just where most rings fall.

And as such, we can see the price move up a lot higher than that!

But thankfully, there are more affordable options too.

Let’s talk about why!

How Much Does A Graff Engagement Ring Cost?

A Graff engagement ring can cost anywhere from $5000 all the way up to $170,000. It’s an enormous range but one that means that most people should be able to find a ring that meets their budget.

Let’s talk about the breakdown of the prices based on the different styles and categories Graff engagement rings offer their clients.

We can look to the following categories of rings to decipher different prices.

  • Promise
  • Icon
  • Flame
  • Legacy
  • Paragon
  • Constellation
  • Laurence Graff Signature

From here, we can better understand where the prices come from and why.


The Promise ring collection is not a promise ring collection but an actual engagement ring style.

They have 14 different rings to choose from, and the range in price starts at $7,100 to a whopping $170,000.

This largely depends on the gem size, and the few rings that are more expensive significantly host yellow gemstones making it a unique ring and look.

There is quite a variety in terms of style, gemstones, and metals used for this collection which is why the price is all over the place.


The Icon line finds a similar story to the Promise line as there is quite a bit to offer in terms of style, shape, and other factors.

Most of their rings fall just under or over $10k, but you can find some outliers over that range.

They have two unique yellow diamonds and an all-around yellow ring offered in this section, and the prices are well into the $30,000 for these types of rings.


The flame collection focuses on a thin band and a dazzling jewel in the center.

While many of their rings host a platinum band and a beautiful diamond, there are a few options that are quite different from the rest.

Take a look at the Flame Emerald Cut Diamond that features a large rock in the center by a gold band plated with Pink Diamonds.

This is a unique ring priced just under $50k.


The legacy has just four different models to choose from.

Two of them require you to find out the price upon application for the ring, while the other two start at $7100 and $9100.

They all feature a Diamond Pave Band, which explains the closeness in price between the first two.

The pink diamond is introduced hence the price reveal later.


The Paragon also features just four models to choose from as these are a special category.

The Paragon section is dedicated to a simple platinum band with all different cuts of the center stone.

This puts all the focus on the diamond at hand, but since the sizes and shapes vary quite a bit, so does the price.

You can get one of these babies for under $10k, but also find yourself spending closer to the $20k mark with one of them.


The Constellation has a few more options than the previous categories to choose from.

We go back to the Diamond Pave band, which makes it a little more expensive since diamonds are lining the ring left and right.

All rings also have a halo encompassing them, making it that much more bling to the ring.

But don’t be scared of the prices because it’s not as bad as it seems for most of them.

You can start as low as $8700 and find yourself dropping $170,000.

Laurence Graff Signature

Finally, we take a look at the last collection. The Laurence Graff Signature.

This collection has three special rings to choose from, with two of them being reasonably priced below $10k and the other ring, which features rose gold, priced at $26000.

They all feature the same band and round-cut beautiful diamond right in the center.

It’s simple yet has unique and beautiful features.

Are Graff Engagement Rings More Expensive?

Graff engagement rings are typically more expensive than your average jewelry store, yet are similarly priced to bespoke and designer jewelers.

Expensive is relative to everyone, but something that Graff Engagement Rings does particularly well is offer something for everyone.

There are more affordable prices under $10k, as we can see, and those around the average price of an engagement ring, ~$5000.

Then we have the opposite end of the spectrum where they offer signature pieces at the highest prices.

$170,000 is certainly one of the higher prices offered on the market, and that’s because of the few unique rings that they offer.

When it comes to expenses and engagement rings, it’s most important to first check with what you are comfortable spending.

And then compare that to your financial commitments, goals, and future plans.

Most couples will agree it’s not worth going out of pocket for something you can’t afford.

Are Graff Engagement Rings Worth It?

Graff Engagement Rings are of fantastic quality. They offer a multitude of different styles, and as we can see within that style, we can find modifications to fit different preferences and needs.

The cool thing about being a part of the Graff family?

Each gem is individually hand-picked before being set into the ring, which makes it all that more romantic when you go to propose.

Graff takes a lot of pride in their gemstones which is why if you pull the trigger and decide to spend with them, you will be taken care of and not need to worry about getting played for a cheap ring at a high price.

They are generally worth the plunge – if you can afford it.

This is a company with a great reputation and that offers truly unique, timelines pieces.

Considerations When Buying A Graff Engagement Ring

Regardless of how much or how little you spend, there are some things that every single buyer should be aware of.

This includes what the warranty policies are, whether or not you can try it on, sizing, and more.

You want to make sure that when you make the investment, you are covered in all areas. Take a look at these considerations.


Everyone wants to have a fun surprise when it comes to an engagement ring.

Resizing is something that normally happens, but at Graff, only a select few items are able to be resized with them.

Other stores do it, but some people prefer to bring it to the vendor they purchased from in case anything were to go wrong.

This may make you think twice about picking out the ring solo.


Graff offers different warranties for different products.

This should be discussed immediately with a sales representative.

Most of the time, you can expect to have a limited lifetime warranty.

Anything done by careless not taking care of your ring will be on the purchaser, but certain coverages will most likely apply.

Again make sure to specify what is and what is not included in your warranty of the ring.


The headquarters of Graff Jewelers is based in London.

However, there are tons of boutiques around the U.S.

This affects some of the inventory, and that’s why you may not want to look at rings online first and then call your nearest boutique to see if it’s available in-store.

A Beautiful Option

Graff Engagement Rings are certainly a beautiful choice of vendor for anyone looking to pop the special question.

Most of the time, when we look at a luxury brand, we get immediately concerned that the prices will be a bit too high.

Cartier or Harry Winston are just two such examples. There’s also David Yurman too.

But that’s the beauty of Graff rings. They offer different ranges for different people while maintaining their beautiful look.

You’ll have several different categories to choose from when you look at Graff rings.

Within these categories, you can make the ring a little more personal by choosing slight variations in cuts and sizes of the diamond. In some cases, you can even change the color for a little more expensive taste.

But what is really unique about Graff is you get to hand-select the diamond that goes into the setting.

This is what makes the experience so personal and different from some of the rest.

There is nothing quite as romantic then handpicking the stones yourself.

This is why you can’t go wrong with Graff.

You have control over the process from beginning to end and will be covered in some form by warranty when all is said and done.