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Do You Wear A Bra With A Wedding Dress? [And Should You?]

Deciding on what to wear underneath a wedding dress can be a confusing one. Besides, there are a lot of conflicting opinions out there. But what about a bra? Is it recommended that you wear one and if so what do you need to take into consideration? Amid my own planning, I spent some time researching to find out exactly whether or not one should be worn.

So, do you wear a bra with a wedding dress? It is generally advised to wear a bra with your wedding dress. It generally makes for a much more comfortable experience, while also giving you additional support, shape, and security. However, it is important that you wear a bra that is suitable for the style of your wedding dress. For the same reason, some wedding dress styles will make wearing a bra entirely impractical.

When it comes to what you should do; it ultimately is a personal decision that comes down to context.

While there are some general recommendations, you need to do what you think is going to be best for you, the cut of your dress, your body type and the level of comfort.

Remember, you will be wearing your dress for a long time on your wedding day!

Nevertheless, let us now take a closer look at some of the most commonly asked questions surrounding the subject of bras under wedding dresses.

We will be looking at the different options available that go with different dress styles, along with whether corset dresses are an exception.

So, be sure to keep reading to get all the information you are going to need! The experience of your wedding may very well depend on it!

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Do You Have To Wear A Bra With A Wedding Dress?

You do not have to wear a bra with a wedding dress, although it is commonly advised and recommended for most styles and dresses.

Bras are there to offer additional shaping and support, and as such can help to provide a better look and comfort level.

That being said, not all dresses will suit having a bra; or may even have enough structure and bodice without you needing to have one.

Then there are dresses that may even require a specific type of bra for it to work.

It is therefore entirely down to personal preferences and context. The truth is, it depends.

There is of course another option. You could always consider having cups sewn into the dress which act in a similar way but may give you more freedom. This is generally much cheaper than purchasing a strapless bar.

Nevertheless, what is important is that you never risk any of your intimate body being exposed during your day.

At the same time, it just does not look very good if a bra can be seen through a dress. So, most of your everyday bras will generally not suffice on your wedding day.

Thankfully, there is a range of different options for bras available on the market which will work with you and your dress.

Let us now take a closer look at them in the following section.

What Kind Of Bra Do You Wear With A Wedding Dress?

The kind of bra that you will wear with a wedding dress will entirely depend on the type and style of dress.

Below, we run through the recommendations:

Dress TypeBra Style RecommendedNotes
StraplessStrapless bra • Ensure that your strapless bra fits perfectly to prevent any gaping or slippage.
BacklessAdhesive bra • Certain cups may also provide lift if you are seeking additional cleavage.
 • Molded adhesive bras work well for additional coverage.
 • Can alternatively be sewn into the bra.
Halter/ One-shoulderConvertible bra • Perhaps the most versatile bra (can be worn in multiple ways to suit different looks)
•Anti-slip silicone tape can help prevent slippage.
Low NecklinePlunge bra.• Designed with a cut much lower than other bras.
• Provides more in terms of coverage as opposed to support.
Traditional, with straps.Longline bralette.• Extends down the back

These are just some of the main styles of dresses and bras that are reported to work well.

However, there will always be styles that mean wearing a bra just does not work, no matter what you try or do.

In this instance, you should consider going bare.

Dresses that are tighter or naturally have more support are such examples.

In this instance, however, you may want to consider applying some non-adhesive nipple covers to make sure there is no risk on a special day!

Do You Need A Bra With A Corset Wedding Dress?

You do not need to wear a bra under a corset dress, so long as the dress is appropriately sized and is not too big or small.

In fact, corset dresses are considered by many to be a substitute and alternative for the need to wear a bra. Some will even state that they are more comfortable and easier on the back than wearing a bra.

However, depending on your body type, you may want to consider wearing a bra with your corset dress. This is more likely with underbust corsets or those with larger chest sizes.

Some corset dresses will even come with inserts for this reason.

But again, what you decide to do will ultimately come down to personal preference.

Do You Wear A Bra When Trying On Wedding Dresses?

You should look to wear a bra when you are trying on wedding dresses. This is for both hygienic and appearance reasons.

Consider that you will be trying on the same samples as other potential customers; so you do want to protect yourself in this way.

Equally, the bra you choose to wear will have a big impact on how your dress fits, and how you look and feel in it.

So, you want to wear a bra to your appointment that fits you well, suits the style of dress, and provides you with the kind of shape you are looking to replicate on your special day.

Nude strapless bras typically work well, especially if you are considering a strapless wedding dress.

One thing to consider is that some bridal stores may stock specialty bras – either for sale or for you to look at/try on with a dress.

This is not the case for all bridal stores, and you may need to pay for them before you can try them, so be sure to ring and plan ahead – based on the assumption that you will need to wear/provide your own bra.


Whether not you decide to wear a bra under your wedding dress is a decision that you are going to need to make.

It will depend on your own circumstances; your body shape, the dress you choose, and the level of comfort and support that you are looking for.

Nonetheless, bras are commonly recommended, and thankfully, there is a range of different bridal lingerie on the market to suit different needs.

If you do decide to opt for a bra, then it is best to visit a bra specialist and get properly measured. Wearing the correct bra will make a lot of difference, and it’s unfortunately an overlooked part of wedding attire for many brides. Unnecessarily!

Lastly, when choosing a bra, ensure that they are flesh-colored!

Wearing a white bra under a white wedding dress is a huge no-no. It will be visible and not the look you will want for your big day!