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Wedding Announcements vs Invitations [What Is The Difference?]

If you are busy planning your wedding, then naturally, you will have some questions about the communications to send out. But it can be confusing. What to send, when, and who to. Announcements and Invitations are two such examples. But are they the same thing, and how should they be used? Here is what you need to know.

So, what is the difference between a wedding announcement vs. invitation? The difference between a wedding announcement and a wedding invitation is in its intended use, who it is sent to, and when. A wedding invitation is what you send to invite potential guests to the wedding. A wedding announcement is instead meant to notify and announce news of a recent or upcoming marriage, typically after the wedding.

Let us now break down the differences further between the two.

We will also be looking at some best practices and some examples of what each communication can look like.

This way, you will know exactly how to plan and prepare ahead of the big day!

Is A Wedding Announcement An Invitation?

A wedding announcement is not the same as an invitation. They have different uses and should be sent separately to a different audience and at different times.

In other words…

Announcements are to notify.

Invitations are to invite.

As such, a wedding announcement has a much wider, often more inclusive, audience.

Announcements are often extended to those people who are not typically close enough to make the guest list, or there are not enough spaces left to invite them.

Perhaps you do not want them there, but you know it’s the decent thing to let them know about the marriage.

Besides, they may be interested to hear the news.

Take distant relatives, for example, or those who could not make the wedding due to geographical limitations.

When Should You Send Wedding Invitations and Announcements?

Wedding invitations and announcements should be sent at different times. Besides, you do not want to confuse people or give them the wrong impression that they are invited.

Generally, wedding invitations should be sent to your guests between 6-8 weeks before the wedding day. This gives time them some additional time to make arrangements.

And they’ll be expecting it too.

This is because it will normally follow a save the date, which you should send 6-8 months before the wedding date.

Of course, those who will ultimately receive an announcement will not be getting such cards.

And as such, when announcements should be sent is often a tricky one.

While there is much debate as to when an announcement should be sent, it is good practice to send these after the marriage.

Either the days following or a week or two after.

And here is why.

You do not want anyone who receives the announcement to get the wrong idea.

You do not want them to expect an invitation to follow. Or confuse it for the save the date!

It happens, unfortunately.

At the same time, it’s important that you get the wording right.

Perhaps even more so if you were to send an announcement out ahead of the special day.

So, let us now take a closer look at what each type of communication should look like.

What Should A Wedding Invitation Say?

A wedding invitation should clearly state the key details of the wedding day. It should be entirely obvious and explicit that the recipients are invited to attend the wedding.

Equally, all the key details of the day should be provided, along with some insight into the theme and type of wedding it will be.

For instance, how formal it will be, whether it is a full-day etc.

Here are some things you will want to include:

  • Who is hosting the wedding,
  • Invite to attend,
  • Names of the couple to wed,
  • Location of the ceremony,
  • Date and time,
  • Reception details,
  • Dress code,
  • RSVP information (including deadline)
  • Wedding website information (if having one)

Now onto the wording, what should it say?

Below we look at an example.

Consider that this will depend on the venue, the recipient, and their circumstances.

Parent Invitation

Mr & Mrs. Joe Bloggs
and Mr & Mrs. Peter Williams
request the pleasure of
[guest name/your company]
at the marriage of their children
Jane and Thomas

[time] followed by a reception

R.S.V.P by 30th June to [parents’ address]

Couple Invitation

[Couple names] invite you to join them as they say “I do!”

followed by drinking and dancing

R.S.V.P by 30th July to [couple’s address]

What Should A Wedding Announcement Say?

Wedding announcements only need to provide details of the marriage, although they can be as informal or formal as desired.

Below you will see a couple of examples:

Parent Announcement

Mr. and Mr. Joe Bloggs
have the honor of announcing
the marriage of their daughter
Jane Bloggs
Mr. Thomas Williams
on Friday, the seventeenth of August
Two thousand and twenty-one.
St. Patricks Cathedral
Manhattan, New York

Couple Announcement

Jane Bloggs nd
Thomas Williams
happily announce their marriage
Friday, the seventeenth of August


So there you have it.

Wedding invitations and announcements are very different.

When they are sent, who they are sent to, and what they say.

Nevertheless, they are both important communications that the recipient should be pleased to receive!

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