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What Is A Jack And Jill Wedding Shower? [All You Need To Know]

A Jack and Jill Wedding shower. Sounds interesting, right? But what is it, who attends, what happens, and when do they occur? Here is what you need to know about this hot new wedding trend.

So, what is a Jack and Jill wedding shower? A Jack and Jill Wedding shower is a celebratory party for the bride and groom. It is the contemporary take on the bridal shower and is attended by not only the bride’s closest family members and friends but those of the grooms too. Guests include both men and women.

Jack and Jill wedding showers are becoming increasingly more popular.

Besides, it’s a lovely way for the groom to also participate in the celebratory events that were formally only open to the bride.

Let us now take a closer look at the fundamental aspects of this joyous occasion.

Who Attends A Jack And Jill Wedding Shower?

A Jack and Jill Shower is often attended by close family members and friends of the bride and groom.

Although, this particular event is often made of individuals closest to the bride and grooms own ages.

Nevertheless, the guest list is often comprised of people who will also be invited to the wedding.

Generally, a Jack and Jill shower will have between 10-30 guests and is considered a relatively intimate event.

However, the total number is at the discretion of the bride and groom.

When Is A Jack And Jill Bridal Shower Thrown?

A Jack and Jill shower will typically take place 1-3 months before the wedding day. Although, it has been known to be held 5-6 months before the wedding in instances where family or friends are required to travel to attend.

In terms of timelines, it takes place long after the engagement party, but before the bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Nevertheless, it’s important that the bride and groom consider the responsibilities, commitments, and schedules of the guest list.

What Happens At A Jack And Jill Bridal Shower?

Jack and Jill parties often consist of fun games, activities, food, and the exchanging of gifts. The gifts are often from the guests to the bride and the groom and are common household items or experiences for the bride and groom to enjoy. 

In regards to games, couples trivia, where guests need to answer questions about the bride and groom, are typically well-received.

As are competitions, like ping pong, tug-of-war, or any boy-vs-girl activities.

Who Pays For A Jack And Jill Wedding Shower?

The Jack and Jill wedding shower is often paid for by those who organize and host it. Sometimes this is the bride and groom, but it has also known to be organized and taken on by one of the families (such as the parents of either the bride or groom).

In some instances, it has been known for the maid of honor, or best man, to plan and pay for this event.

However, this is the exception rather than the norm.

Where Is A Jack And Jill Wedding Shower Held?

A Jack and Jill Wedding shower can be held in almost any gender-neutral location. This includes at someone’s home, a restaurant, a pleasant outdoor space, or even somewhere a little more involved (a sporting event, for instance).

The best option is one that is relevant or has meaning for the couple.

If it is being held at home, when it comes to the decor, it is generally advised to decorate with items and pieces that resonate with the couple or give insight into their relationship.

Often a range of photos is put out of the couple, particularly from any vacations that they have had together or any special life moments that they have shared.

How Long Is A Jack And Jill Wedding Shower?

A wedding shower will often last for between 2-5 hours. An afternoon or evening is the average duration for this kind of event.

This gives all of the guests enough time to celebrate, toast the couple and engage with them, without being an event that lasts too long.

What Is An Appropriate Gift For A Jack and Jill Wedding Shower?

The best gifts for a Jack and Jill wedding shower are those that the bride and groom can benefit from and enjoy together. Inappropriate gifts are those that only benefit the bride or groom or are considered bad taste.

In fact, gifts are quite important to the Jack and Jill shower.

Besides, the term ‘shower’ gives us insight here.

The word ‘shower’ is in reference to the gifts.

Bridal showers, for instance, are traditionally about ‘showering’ the bride with gifts for her new life.

The Jack and Jill shower should follow suit.

In order for the bride and groom to get appropriate gifts, it helps if they are to provide the guests with some recommendations of what they would like,

Perhaps one of the best ways to do this is to provide a gift registry.

This enables them to list all the items they would like, and guests can pick and choose what they want to buy.

And they are easy to set up on Amazon.

At other times, the couple may decide on a ‘cash shower’ instead.

No, we are not talking about throwing cash at them.

Instead, the guests are asked to make reasonable donations (instead of a gift). The couple can then use this money to purchase required items at the start of their married life.

Alternatively, if the bride and groom do not provide any suggestions, it is common for them to receive household items or even an experience together (nice meal, gift certificate, etc.


Jack and Jill showers are becoming increasingly more popular. They are the modern take of the bridal shower, where the groom can get involved too.

But it also stretches further than just the couple.

It’s a lovely way to get the groom’s side of the family and friends involved too.

It can be a wonderful coming together and a great celebration that involves everyone closest to the bride and groom.