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How To Pee In Spanx [What You Absolutely Have To Do]

Everyone knows that to get the perfect, sculpted silhouette, you need to be wearing Spanx! To truly look and feel my best on nights out or for special occasions, I always opt for some shapewear, like Spanx. If you are planning on wearing your Spanx for an extended period of time or an all-day event, you will naturally be concerned about going to the bathroom. How do you do so whilst wearing them? Here is all you need to know.  

So, how do you pee in Spanx? Some Spanx products will have an Easy Access Gusset for when nature calls. If your shapewear has a ‘pee hole,’ simply pull the gusset apart and go. If your Spanx does not have an open gusset, the easiest way to pee in them is to simply pull them down or remove your bodysuit before peeing. 

Whilst the latter can be a little time-consuming, it is without a doubt the most reliable way to pee without getting it on yourself or your Spanx!

Talking about the best way to pee in Spanx is certainly not glamourous. However, it is undeniable that whilst wearing Spanx; you may have to use the bathroom. 

Removing your shapewear entirely just to use the restroom may sound inconvenient and a lot of effort, and if that is how you are feeling, we would always recommend opting for Spanx, which has an easy access gusset. 

If, like me, you are more comfortable in Spanx mid-thigh shorts than your shapewear, then pulling them down to use the bathroom is not as tricky as it may seem.

In fact, I have some tried and tested tips and tricks to help you do so that I will share later in this article!

Wearing Spanx, or any shapewear for that matter, can give the wearer a confidence boost and make them feel amazing in their outfit. 

Friends of mine have even worn Spanx on their wedding day, and let me tell you, they looked incredible! 

When wearing Spanx for an extended period of time on a wedding day, perhaps, it is highly likely that you will have to use the restroom at least once throughout the day. 

If this is a concern of yours, I would highly recommend investing in some Spanx that have been specifically designed with peeing in mind!

Do Spanx Have A Pee Hole?

Not all Spanx products have pee holes in them. If you are looking to purchase a set that is designed for ease of use when nature calls, it is best to opt for Spanx, which are advertised to have an easy access double gusset (or pee hole – in the more colloquial sense!).  

Whilst not all Spanx products have pee holes or the easy access double gusset for when nature calls; it is easy enough to find products that do have this. 

By using the filtering tool on the sidebar of their website, you can select products that match your needs, and they even have the option to filter products with a double gusset and hence easy access for peeing! 

By reading the product description, you can also discern whether or not the Spanx product you are interested in has a pee hole (double gusset). 

If you are unsure as to what you are looking for, and you would like your Spanx to have easy access for when nature calls, the following are your best bet to look out for: 

  • On Core open bust panty bodysuit. Simply pull the panties to the side for an easy wee – no need to remove the bodysuit! Get yours from Amazon.
  • On Core Open-Bust Mid-Thigh bodysuit. This is a great option if you want full body shaping but with the option to wear your own bra. Get yours from Amazon.
  • Skinny Britches® Mid-Thigh Short. Providing a nearly naked seamless look, these shapewear shorts are perfect for those who want to wear shapewear but in a relatively discrete and comfortable way. Get yours from Amazon.

If you are looking for other brands of shapewear that have pee holes, be sure to check out Kim Kardashian’s Skims shapewear which has an open gusset.  

Easiest Way To Pee In Spanx

Peeing in Spanx may seem like a bit of a difficult hurdle to navigate; however, by following this step-by-step guide, it will make going to the toilet much easier! 

Step One: Pull Clothing Out Of The Way

This may seem obvious, but being sure that your outer layer of clothing is out of the way is a great way of ensuring you don’t make a mess when using the toilet in your Spanx. 

If you are wearing trousers, pull them down to round your ankles; if you are wearing a dress or a skirt, hitch it up so that your Spanx are accessible. 

If your Spanx have a pee hole (accessible gusset), skip forward to step three! 

Step Two: Pull Spanx Down

If your Spanx do not have an accessible gusset, you will need to pull your Spanx down. If you are wearing a bodysuit, I would recommend removing your clothing before taking off your Spanx to make putting them back on a little easier afterward. 

Your Spanx might be shorts or briefs; in that case, pull them down, ensuring that they don’t roll, as this will make putting them back on afterward a little more challenging. 

The best way to take your Spanx down is to slip both hands into the waistband and lay them flat against your body before pulling both hands gently away to widen the Spanx and ease them down. 

Step Three: Pee!

Having removed your Spanx, peeing should be rather straightforward!

If, however, your Spanx have an opening at the gusset to pee through, use both hands to pull the gusset apart to make a wide enough opening for you to pee through. 

Some women prefer to use toilet paper to act as a barrier to pull the gusset apart. 

Step Four: Be Sure To Dry

This step may seem obvious, but due to the tight nature of Spanx, ensure that you have dried yourself properly before pulling your Spanx up or closing the gusset.

Step Five: Pull Your Spanx Back Up

Take your time with this, don’t rush! Pull your Spanx back up in exactly the same way you put them on. 

There is nothing worse than rushing to put them back on and being uncomfortable for the rest of the evening. 

Ease them back up, adjust the waistband so it is comfortable and make sure that your legs, bum, and stomach are comfortably in too. 

Step Six: Place Your Clothes Back On

And just like that, you have successfully peed in your Spanx! 

Things To Consider When Peeing In Spanx

As with anything, there are certain things that will be beneficial to consider when peeing in your Spanx. 

May Need More Time

When peeing in Spanx, you may need more time. 

Taking them on and off may seem lengthy and time-consuming, but taking that time can ensure that you are as clean and as comfortable as possible. 

Certain Spanx Products Are Better Than Others

Some Spanx are easier to pee in than others. 

If your Spanx has a double gusset for easy access when nature calls, it is likely that they will be easier to pee in than Spanx that don’t. 

Also, if your Spanx are incredibly tight, they may be harder to stretch or remove when peeing. 

A more flexible material or a pair that are sized up may not give you the shapewear control that you are looking for, but will be far easier to pee in!

Naturally Air Dry!

If you get pee on your Spanx, it should naturally air dry. 

This sounds a bit inconvenient, and we are by no means advocating that you walk out of the bathroom, clothes akimbo, letting the pee on your Spanx dry naturally in the air. 

Rather, when you get home, lay your Spanx out to allow any sweat or peer to air dry off them before putting them away. 

Spray If Needs Be

There are sprays to make pee on Spanx smell better. 

You don’t want to saturate your Spanx with liquid, but if you have accidentally got pee on your Spanx and don’t want it to smell, you can use pee removal sprays like this from Amazon to provide freshness. 

Alternately, you can hand wash or machine wash your Spanx on a cold cycle and leave them to air dry.

Please be sure to follow care instructions that can be found on your specific product to avoid damaging your Spanx.


Peeing in Spanx is not ideal.

But, with the tips, suggestions, and strategies outlined here today, you should find the whole process a little bit easier!