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Does The Bride Give A Speech? [It All Depends On One Thing…]

Wedding speeches are one of the most anticipated parts of a couple’s big day. Everyone is geared up with the tissues for the tearjerkers and waiting for the fits of giggles from the laugh-out-loud ones. On such a special day, the speeches always bring a little bit of extra heartfelt personal touches to the day. But does a bride typically give one? Does she even need to? Here is everything you are going to want to know.

So, does the bride give a speech? The bride may or may not give a speech; it’s up to her. While it is not traditional for a bride to give a speech at her wedding, they have become more common as brides use the opportunity to say a few heartfelt words to their family and guests.

If you’re sticking to traditions, speeches are reserved for the bride’s father, groom, and the best man.

But there is no reason to stick to them.

In fact, many brides don’t.

Not just with the speeches, but for other wedding conventions too.

So, put simply.

It’s ultimately up to the bride if she wants to say a few words or not. 

There’s no pressure.

She can if she wants to. Or she can forgo it altogether.

But if you are a soon-to-be bride reading here today, chances are you are considering it. 

So, keep reading to find out all you need to know about giving a speech and some things you may want to include in your big moment.

Does The Bride Have To Give Speech?

The bride isn’t expected to give a speech at her wedding. Traditionally this job is for her father, her groom, and the groom’s best man. Some weddings choose to scrap speeches entirely. However, if the bride does want to give a speech, she can – it’s her day, after all.

The crowd is full of people that you love and care for you too. So, you may want to take the time to stand up and say a few words. 

However, if you are not one for public performances and the idea of giving a speech sends shivers down your back, thanks to the non-traditionality of a bride’s speech, no one will be expecting one from you anyway. 

You can avoid giving a speech as a bride very easily if this is something that just doesn’t sit comfortably with you.

Why May The Bride Want To Give A Speech?

There are many reasons a bride may want to give a speech, it may be a same-sex wedding, you may have some special things you want to say that only you can speak out loud, you may want to honor a departed family member, or perhaps it’s just something you think you’ll really enjoy.

Here are some of the reasons why you may want to give a speech as the bride.

A Same-Sex Wedding

If your partner is also a woman, it makes sense that one of you at least gives a speech. 

So, the bride’s speech is equally as important as the groom’s – if one-half of the couple chooses to call themselves a groom. 

Honor Departed Loved Ones

Many of us have special connections with our family, but a wedding day can be difficult if our special loved ones are no longer here to enjoy it with us. 

For example, if the bride was raised by her grandmother, she may want to honor her memory with a short speech about their relationship. 

These kinds of speeches are so deeply from the heart that those who have experienced this type of bond are the only ones who can speak about it with truth and understanding.

Give Your Groom The Laugh Treatment

You may have plenty of fun and hilarious memories with your new partner, and holding them in would be a shame, especially on a day like your wedding day. 

Why miss out on a little fun teasing and giving everyone a laugh with those embarrassing and comedic stories.

Follow A Tradition

Just because collective tradition doesn’t include a bride’s speech, you may actually have a family tradition of bride speeches. 

This can actually be an extra fun element to add to your wedding. Here, you are breaking tradition by following tradition. 

This can also be a beautiful way to honor the women in your family who came before you and continued this family tradition.

Support A Nervous Groom

Just because a groom’s speech is traditional doesn’t mean the groom may be prepared or even willing to give one. 

If your groom is uncomfortable in front of a crowd of people, and you feel more comfortable doing so, it makes sense for the bride to give a speech instead.

When May A Bride Give Her Speech?

Most speeches are given during the evening reception, and this would also go for the bride’s speech

Now, when within the reception a bride will speak is ultimately down to her. 

She can decide to give her speech along with all the other speeches.

These are usually given just after the wedding breakfast or sometimes during – this can help alleviate some food impatience if you are waiting for a specific course.

However, it’s up to the couple. 

If the bride wants to give her speech later on in the evening, halfway through the party portion of the evening’s entertainment, they can. 

Maybe the couple wants speeches during cocktail drinks before the guests have even sat down for the meal.

That’s fine too.

As they say. Your day, your way.

What Should A Bride Say In Her Speech?

There are so many things a bride can include in her speech, from funny stories, poetry, songs, and that all-important thank yous. But ultimately, it’s up to the bride to choose what’s best. 

When you are planning your speech, remember to keep it short. 

Around 5 minutes is plenty long enough to keep your guests entertained and engaged. 

Any longer and you may find their attention dissipates, and they spend more time looking longingly at the bar, and any shorter and you may find you don’t say everything you wish you had said.

But if you’re still at a loss, here are some examples to get those speech juices flowing.

Thank Your Guests

Thanking your guests is a great place to start your speech. It breaks the ice, get’s you into the groove of talking to the crowd, and also covers including your guests in your day. 

After all, without them, it would be very quiet. You can welcome them to your wedding and thank them for being here and sharing this special day with you.

A Story About How You Prepared For Your Wedding

Everyone loves a good personal story, especially about the lead-up to the wedding. 

It could be one about how you didn’t think you were going to get your dress on time, perhaps you lost your maid of honor to a rather charming Turkish man during your bridal shower, or how special it was to have your mother and mother-in-law involved in the making of the day. 

You’ll already have a feel for the vibe of your guests, you did invite them, after all, so this can give you an idea of what will be appropriate to share.

Something Special or Funny About Your Spouse

It isn’t a bride’s speech without a mention of the groom. How you incorporate them into your speech will depend entirely on the nature of your relationship. 

You may be quite happy to include a laugh-out-loud story, or maybe you prefer a sweeter sentiment.

You may even decide to include a little bit of both. However it goes, don’t forget to mention how special it is that you are marrying such a special man.

They may not say it, but they like to feel special too.

Thank The Groom’s Mother And Father

As well as thanking your own family, you may want to include the groom’s family as well.

Especially if they have been instrumental in the organizing of your wedding day.

However, sometimes in-law relationships can be a little strained; this isn’t a reason to scrap them from your speech entirely.

Just a simple thankyou can be enough for them, so they feel included too.

Wedding Toast

Always end your wedding with a toast. This toast can be to anything your heart desires.

You may toast to your groom, your guests, or just to the hopes that everyone has a great night.

The wedding toast is also a great way of spelling the end of your toast and avoiding an awkward ‘So, yeah guys, that’s it’ type speech ending.

Are You Ready To Give Your Bride’s Speech?

Giving a bride’s speech isn’t much different from any other speech given during a wedding. 

Many similar things are included, but it can give the bride a chance to say things that she otherwise wouldn’t get to say if she stuck to speech tradition.

Just remember to go easy on yourself, don’t pressure yourself to give the ultimate speech. Most of the time, it’s all about just speaking from the heart and enjoying the moment. 

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