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Best Tummy Control Shapewear For Wedding [Ranked & Reviewed]

Do you have a wedding coming up but are a little self-conscious about your tummy? Are you the bride? Perhaps you are part of the bridal party, maybe you’re even a guest.

Either way, choosing the right shapewear is crucial to feeling confident and comfortable. The best shapewear will do just that.

On the lookout ahead of my big day, I spent some time researching and comparing the various shapewear brands on the market that offer a product line for tummies.

Here are my top choices, so you can find the right garment for you.

Recommended Brand


Shapellx offer curated styles that are fitted to real women with different body types. This ensures ultimate comfort while sculpting and highlighting your feminine shape.

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Also Great


Sculptshe is a premier manufacturer of high-quality women’s shapewear. They offer effective, high-quality garments for individual goals and needs.

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What Is The Best Tummy Control Shapewear For Weddings?

Here are my top picks for the best tummy control shapewear for weddings:

  • Shapellx
  • Scultpshe


Allison’s Take

If you are looking for exceptional shapewear then I would definitely recommend Shapellx. They offer over 90 different styles of garments that will help you sculpt your body, conceal your tummy, and give you the confidence you need. Their customer support is another huge benefit, along with great pricing and speedy shipping times. They are my overall #1 choice.

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Shapellx is my recommended brand, for many reasons.

They are a market-leading and internationally recognized brand with over 400 global employees. In the US, they are the fastest-growing shapewear company.

They offer an extensive range of garment styles so you can find one that works for you.

From bodysuits to waist trainers, shorts, panties, bras, and underwear.

Not only are their products high quality, but Shapellx is also committed to building movements around confidence and body positivity.

As such they offer shapewear to flatter every body type & size – stocking garments from XS all the way through to 6XL.

And you can get each garment in a range of colors too – to ensure they match and suit your skin tone.

Their shapewear offers extra support and helps transform, sculpt and banish insecurities – especially in problem areas such as the tummy.


Shapellx is competitively priced when compared to other shapewear brands on the market.

They also routinely offer discounts and promotions; whether that be on the product itself, when buying multiple garments, or for reduced/free shipping.

You can also pay via interest-free installments making their products even more affordable.

What I Like About Shapellx

  • The extensive product line, with garments to suit every type of wedding outfit/dress,
  • 60-day fit guarantee and free exchange/no hassle returns.
  • They ship internationally and within reasonable timeframes.
  • Constantly expanding the product range, and offer exclusive seasonal promotions.

Ultimately, this is a brand that is easy to order from and ticks all the boxes. Shapellx is my #1 choice.


Allisons Take

Sculptshe offers an extensive range of shapewear and even has an entire collection on their store dedicated to garments best for tummy control. They offer garments in nine different sizes, and ship from their warehouse facility in CA, the United States. I also like the fact that you can watch product videos showing you the garment before even placing an order.

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Scultpshe is another fantastic option if you are looking for wedding shapewear.

While they only offer garments in black or nude, they are an incredibly reputable company with a wealth of positive customer reviews and experiences.

Their shapewear is designed and made from premium materials, and with versatile and unique design features.

Their ‘abdomen control area’ collection also offers a range of different styles that will suit any wedding attire; from full body shapers all the way through to sculpting high-waisted shorts.

I also like the fact that you can purchase shapewear with different compression levels. This way you’ll find a garment that sculpts you as intended while ensuring you remain fully comfortable too.


Sculptshe is again affordable and priced competitively.

They also have many discounts and promotions; typically on the garments and through multi-buy deals.

You can also pay via interest-free installments to ensure you can afford to order at the time of purchase.

What I Like About Sculptshe

  • You can shop by control area and/or compression level,
  • 60-day fit guarantee and free exchange/no hassle returns.
  • Accept over 12 different methods of payment, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Klarna, and PayPal.

Overall, Sculptshe is another brand that you can trust in. It is shortly behind in second place.


So there you have it – my favorite shapewear brands that are best for tummy control for weddings.

When making your choice, first take a look at the collections.

You can take a look around and view the different garments on offer, although full bodysuits are typically best here.

Second, consider the results and effects of each garment; do you have other areas you are worried about? Also, consider how each garment will work with your wedding outfit – whether that is going to be a bridal dress, a bridesmaids dress or a general wedding outfit.

Third, consider the sizing, coloring options, and how quickly you need your garment.

Finally, examine some of the customer’s reviews on each product page. There you’ll get a good understanding of how customers typically fare with each garment and their views on each piece.

These shapewear brands have become true market leaders in the space.

They’ve designed shapewear to not only control trouble areas like the tummy but provide great general support and sculpting benefits too.

My recommendation for wedding shapewear is Shapellx.

Their faster shipping times, brand ethos, and market expansion are factors that just swing it for me.


How Can I Flatten My Stomach Under My Wedding Dress?

The quickest and most convenient way to flatten your stomach under your wedding dress is with high-quality shapewear. This will help to redistribute belly fat and slim the waist. Bodysuits, waist shapers, and waist trainers are ideal here.

Do Most Brides Wear Shapewear?

Most brides do wear shapewear, regardless of their size. This is because it can help sculpt and accentuate features. Wedding dresses are typically revealing and shapewear can ensure proper posture and comfort.

Should I Wear Shapewear Under My Wedding Dress?

Whether or not you wear shapewear under your wedding dress is a choice that you will need to make. It can help with sculpting, posture, and confidence, but it can be restrictive and uncomfortable if the wrong size/brand/or poor garment quality is worn.