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11 Minimalist Wedding Invitations Everyone Will Love To Receive

Without invitations, how will your guests know when and where your wedding will be held? But deciding upon what invitations you are going to send out, whether they will match your wedding theme or colors, and where to order them from can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you have a minimalist design in mind. 

Fear not; here are my top minimalist wedding invitations that you can order from the tried and true folks over at Saving you time, money, and effort – all of which can be better spent on all the other wedding planning you have left to do!


Featuring a minimalist script mountain style design, this wedding invitation is available in over 40 plus colors, and you can even choose to customize your and your spouse’s names with foil instead of regular printed ink to give it a little extra pizazz. Really make this flat card invite your own with four different silhouettes to choose from and four of their most popular paper options – Signature, Pearlescent, Recycled, or Double-Thick.


This sweet and simple flat card wedding invitation keeps the bold minimalist in mind. The block color card – with six different colors to choose from – is the perfect background for the foil-printed ‘together’ script that runs down the side of this wedding invitation. Glittering and shiny in the light as it moves, this minimalist wedding invitation is customizable for your desired color theme and even gives you the choice of five different cut-out silhouettes and their five premium paper options. 

Modern Script

For the monochrome minimalist, this flat card wedding invitation is truly simple and elegant. The sweeping font used for you and your spouse’s names gives this invite some understated drama. However, this invite is only available in a landscape 7″ x 5″ size, with just two luxury paper choices, and the only color choice is sharp pewter. Yet the debossed name lettering gives this luxury textured invite the understated style you may be looking for.


The contrast between the simple typewriter script and looping cursive font works beautifully and is headed by a simple flock of printed birds. The multitude of colors to choose from allows you to customize and match your invitation to your wedding theme, and the four different silhouettes you have to choose from ensures a unique 5″ x 7″ invitation for your wedding.


Put those beautiful engagement photos to good use with this full card photo wedding invitation. The minimalist script works beautifully with any photo, and the choice of over 30 different colors means your message to your guests won’t get lost. Available in four of Minted’s premium paper choices and five different silhouettes to choose from, this invite is all about you and your spouse-to-be.

Sense and Sensibility

Lady Whistledown would be all kinds of jealous over this regal wedding invitation that gives off subtle Bridgerton vibes. The simple font pops beautifully against the luxury textured paper background and is headed by a simple branch motif. This flat card invitation is highly customizable with loads of different colors, silhouettes, paper types, and sizes, petit or classic, to choose from. Personally, I love this invite design with its rounded edges.

Autumn Euphoria

Featuring fine-lined abstract leaves, this flat card minimalist wedding invitation is subtle and stylish. Highly customizable, this invite is available in over 30 different colors, six different cut-out silhouettes, and three of minted’s most luxurious and popular paper options. Available in a classic 5″ x 7″ size, this invite does all the talking. 


This stylish and unique all-in-one wedding invitation means you won’t have to purchase separate envelopes. Using three simple, clear stickers, your invite will be safe and secure, and it also features a really practical perforated RSVP card for your guests. With six different colors to choose from and two different simple paper types to choose from, this card gives all the wow factors you could possibly want. 

In This Together

Flipping minimalism on its head, this wedding invitation features a bold colored card – with over 20 colors to choose from, six different unique silhouettes, two different sizes, and three different paper choices. I have to say, though, the black background and popping white font that is advertised on the website are particularly eye-catching. 

Forever One

This full photo, all-in-one wedding invitation wraps your wedding invite and envelope altogether. The unique design features a tear-away RSVP for your guests’ ease and is secured with clear stickers that won’t affect the visual of the simple looped font on the front of your folded envelope. There are seven different color themes to choose from and eight different shiny foils to choose from to give your wedding invitation a premium look.

Mizu Pattern

Minimalism and drama are all enveloped in one beautiful wedding invitation. With a multiple fan style print and a contrasting text box, this invite is available in over 40 bright and bold colors for the minimalist who hates monochrome. The Mizu Pattern flat card invite comes with two different sizes to choose from, five different silhouettes, and five different paper choices – Signature, Pearlescent, Recycled, Double-Thick, or Triple-Thick for some real luxury.

Minimalist Wedding Invitations With Minted

If you have been on the hunt for beautiful and unique wedding invitations, but haven’t yet found a supplier, then I would suggest you go through Minted.

Here is why.

Not content with just being a card-creating service, they actually connect with independent artists to bring you the best designs on the net. 

There are literally hundreds of unique and bespoke designs to choose from.

I personally love that they are always offering great deals to help bring costs down.

We all know that weddings aren’t cheap and any way to save a few bucks without compromising on our dream day is so important. 

I also love the fact you get a dedicated designer to help you get every last detail dialed in, the unlimited proofs you get with every order, the fact they use the most luxurious paper and latest/most advanced printing techniques and you benefit from dree recipient address printing.

Now those are perks!

So, go get those beautiful minimalist wedding invites to set off your wedding in the right way.

Just make sure you purchase a few more than you actually need.

No one wants to panic when they realize they’ve made a mistake and now don’t have enough invites or envelopes for all of your guests.

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