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How Big Should A Wedding Welcome Sign Be? [The Best Is…]

Are you contemplating a wedding welcome sign? Not sure which one to get – specifically, in regards to its size? Are you confused about what is big enough, or in fact too large? I understand; I’ve been there. But with a little research ahead of my special day I managed to get a welcome sign that simply looked right. Here is the guidance I would like to share.

So, how big should a wedding welcome sign be? It is generally best to opt for a wedding sign that is 24″ x 18″, which can be either portrait or landscape orientated. At a minimum, you should not consider a sign any smaller than 11″x 14″.

Of course, what is best for you and your special day will depend a lot on the circumstances.

Primarily, though, it depends a lot on the venue.

So let us continue to explore your sizing options and recommendations to ensure you get the right one for your big day.

What Is A Good Size For A Wedding Welcome Sign?

A good size for a wedding welcome sign is from 11″ x 14″ – 24″ x 18″. A 16″ x 20″ appears to be a happy medium.

That’s width, by height by the way.

So, 11″ wide, and 14″ long – or 24″ wide and 18″ long.

Of course, you could flip these dimensions around depending on whether you prefer a portrait or landscape orientation.

But why these numbers specifically?

Well, these dimensions typically enable a sign that is big enough and noticeable, yet not overwhelming.

Of course, what size is right will depend on your venue and where you intend on placing it.

Here are some general recommendations

  • Small space, such as in or just outside a church – 11″ x 14″ size.
  • Large outdoor space – 24″ x 18″ size.
  • Indoor area with sufficient space – 16″ x 20″

What Should A Wedding Welcome Sign Say?

A wedding welcome sign should say very little; in fact, it should only really introduce guests to your wedding with a simple sentence or two.

For the most part, it’s more of an indication guests have arrived at the right venue than anything else.

So, any way of communicating that is best.

This is why wedding welcome signs will typically include the names of the couple.

Most welcome signs will include the date too.

So here are some examples:

Welcome to the Wedding of [Bride] + [Groom]

Welcome To Our Wedding
[Bride] + [Groom]

[Bride] + [Groom]

[Bride] + [Groom]

Those are some typical and traditional wording examples, but there is no reason why you couldn’t do something a little differently.

You could even opt for a personal message instead of your typical “welcome”

Something like:

[Bride] + [Groom] Tie The Knot

You could even add additional details of the wedding day, such as the ceremony time. Or you could even add a thank you note to your guests for coming!

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Do You Need A Welcome Sign At A Wedding?

You do not necessarily need a welcome sign at a wedding, but they can help to set the tone for the day. They are usually appreciated and it does enable guests to feel they are in the right place.

Again, a lot depends on the venue and the amount of open space.

Another factor to consider is how the venue is typically used, or the location of the venue in general.

Is it confusing or hard to find?

Could guests feel like they are in the wrong place without one?

These are just some considerations to make.

That being said, wedding welcome signs are common and popular at most weddings.

I personally believe you should have one. And they provide a nice aesthetic touch for your special day.

Where Should You Place A Wedding Welcome Sign

A wedding welcome sign is typically best place just outside the area where your ceremony is to be held. It should be clearly visible (yet not in the way).

If you are working with a wedding coordinator, they will likely have some suggestions or even recommend a specific place and position (besides they know the venue best).

Otherwise, you could always ask the priest (if you are having a church venue) or the venue owner for their suggestions.

Failing this, you kind of need to use a bit of common sense here.

Think about where it naturally works and fits.

Keep it in eyes view but also not in a position that could be knocked into.

A good tip I got from my wedding coordinator was to actually set it up ahead of time.

Try it out in a few places and see what you like.

You’ll know then.

At least I did!

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