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11 Wedding Direction Signs To Make Your Special Day Run Smoothly

The key to a smooth-running wedding day is having your guests know exactly where they are supposed to go. That includes your ceremony, wedding reception, and the wedding cocktail hour that you may use to fill a little time while you’re off having your beautiful wedding photos done.

One beautiful and easy way of doing this is by having wedding direction signs posted around your venue. 

Not only does this help the transition from ceremony to cocktail hour and finally to the wedding reception go without a hitch, but it can help the guests who have no sense of direction and often find themselves lost in new places.

So if you are on the hunt for some stunning wedding direction sign designs, here are eleven of my favorite printed signage for your big day.

Ceremony Wedding Signs


Deep and full of rich color, this ceremony direction sign features a mottled blue background with contrasting paint splatter elements. The great thing about this design is that not only is it available in three different sizes, but you can also get it printed as a welcome sign also. Available in four stunning color themes, this ceremony sign has two classic color silhouettes to choose from, three different layouts to match each wedding event, and two luxury paper fibers to choose from.


Bight and bold, this wedding ceremony direction sign are available in eight fun color schemes. Featuring foliage and a floral-inspired header, you have two classic cutout silhouettes to choose from and two luxury paper fiber options. Available in three sizes, as a landscape or portrait design, this ceremony direction sign can also be printed as a welcome sign and for all your other events, including cocktail hour. 

Over The Mountains

Available in three sizes, this ceremony direction sign is perfect for a wedding in the mountains. But it doesn’t stop there. This design can be printed landscape or portrait, and there are even matching options for your cocktail hours, reception, and even a welcome sign. Choose from the eight nature-inspired color themes and the two classic cutout silhouettes for a stunning wedding direction sign. 


Bold and beautiful, this monochrome wedding direction sign will ensure all your guests know exactly where to go. Available in eight fun and bold color schemes, this color-pop bordered style also comes in three different sizes. Personalize even further with two different silhouettes to choose from and two luxury paper fiber options. This design can also be printed as matching cocktail hour, reception, and welcome signs. 


This abstract design is perfect for a modern yet color-fun wedding. Available in three different sizes, this ceremony direction sign comes with seven bright a bold color themes to choose from. Customize this design even further with two classic silhouettes to choose from and two luxury paper options. Get matching wedding direction signs with their welcome sign, cocktail hour, and even reception sign designs.

Cocktail Hour Wedding Signs

Terrazzo Frame

Featuring a modern stonework-type border, available in eight rich color themes, this portrait cocktail hour direction sign is also available in a landscape format. Choose from one of their three sizes and customize this design further with two luxury paper options to choose from. Keep this stunning design.


This blended watercolor haze design is available in eight bright and color themes, perfect for a wedding that demands lots of colors. With three size options to choose from and two classic cutout silhouettes, this design can be personalized further with the choice of two luxury paper fibers and the option to print in a portrait or landscape format. Don’t forget the matching ceremony and reception signs to keep a gentle color flow throughout your big day.

Nantucket Romance

Full of delicate floral and foliage elements, this design is perfect for a more delicately classic wedding. Available in three different sizes and a portrait or landscape format, this cocktail hour direction sign can also be printed in a matching reception, welcome, and ceremony sign to keep this beautiful theme flowing seamlessly through your wedding day decor. Available in six fun and bold color schemes, create a luxurious sign with one of the two high-quality paper options.

Reception Wedding Signs

Every Single Dawn With You

Available in three rich nature-inspired color themes, this wedding reception direction sign comes in three beautiful dramatic sizes and can be printed in a portrait or landscape format. With two luxury paper fibers to choose from, this atmospheric design can also be printed as a welcome sign, a cocktail hour direction sign, and even signage for your ceremony. 

My Tenderness

Available in five pastel color themes, this stunning design draws inspiration from our beautiful oceans. With three sizes to choose from, you can go for a smaller, more unassuming size or go all out with a large reception direction sign. Choose from one of the two cutout silhouettes and the two luxury paper fibers to create a unique reception sign with a lot of wow factor. This design is also available in a matching ceremony and cocktail hour sign.


This beautiful, classic, and simple design will match almost every single wedding. Choose from one of the three size options and customize this minimalistic design with one of the five stunning color schemes, two silhouette choices, and two luxury paper fiber options. Available as a cocktail hour and matching ceremony direction sign. This classy reception direction sign is timeless.

Wedding Direction Signs With Minted

Wedding direction signs are an absolute must-have for a wedding day that runs seamlessly and stress-free, what a beautifully stunning way to let your guests know where they need to be next.

With Minted, you have tonnes of artist-created designs that are very often highly customizable and come in the most sumptuous printed papers. 

Each time you place an order, you will be designated your very own designer who helps you through every step of the design process, giving this simple planning event a really personal and special feel. 

Plus, you get unlimited proofs, so you can keep changing until you have the perfect wedding direction sign for your big day.

I love helping people find Minted because their printing service is by far one of the most special and reliable in the industry.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get the wedding direction signs of your wedding day dreams.


What signs are needed for a wedding?

It is generally advised to have nine different types of signs for a wedding. These are: a ceremony direction sign, a welcome sign, a ceremony info sign, reserved seat signs, order of service sign, reception direction sign, bar/cocktail signs, guest book sign and a table plan sign. However some are optional depending on the type of wedding or layout of wedding venue.

How many signs are needed for a wedding?

It is generally advised to have one sign of each type for a wedding, assuming they are large enough. So one welcome sign, one ceremony direction sign etc. However, you may need more depending on the size of your venue and it’s general layout. You may need more for certain sign types too, such as reserved seat signs.

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