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What To Wear To A Wedding In Las Vegas? [Guide For Women & Men]

Do you have a wedding in Las Vegas coming up? Frantically trying to work out what outfit to wear? I understand. It can be challenging for your average wedding. But Las Vegas – adds another layer of complexity. But try not to worry. I’m here to help. 

So, what should you wear to a wedding in Las Vegas? If it’s a formal wedding in Las Vegas, ladies should go all out with ball gowns, and men should opt for tuxedos. For more casual Vegas weddings, ladies can opt for cocktail dresses or a nice knee, tea, or full-length dress. Men, depending on how casual it is, can wear a nice suit, a shirt, and khakis, or even jeans and a shirt. 

Ultimately, it depends on what kind of Vegas wedding it is. There are many fancy venues that are perfect for formal weddings but just as many Elvis-themed chapels.

With this in mind, below, you’ll find more information about various different dress codes, dos, and don’ts, as well as specific ideas for outfits–both for men and women. 

What To Wear To A Wedding In Las Vegas

  • The first thing to bear in mind when choosing an outfit is the suggested dress code on the invite. Or if there is a dress code. 
  • The second is the theme of the wedding. 
  • The third is the venue–check if it’s a fancy or casual venue, as well as if it’s outdoors or indoors. 
  • Last but not least, consider the season. 

Below you will find some ideas for different outfits, as well as things to consider (such as the theme of the wedding).

Las Vegas Wedding Outfit Ideas for Female Guests

Formal Wear

Vegas is a place where people tend to go full out, so if someone has chosen a fancy wedding and the invite says formal wear or optional-black tie, then go for the snazziest dress or ball gown you can find. 

As it’s Vegas, the couple likely won’t mind if you go for something a little bit sparkly or simply awe-inspiring. 

Optional Black Tie

For optional black tie, you can technically wear any kind of dress suitable for a wedding–it can be a cocktail dress, or a knee, tea, or full-length dress. 

People tend to say optional as not everyone happens to have a ball gown hanging about in their closet, or the finances, or wish to wear one. Whatever you choose, however, should be fancy. 

For something fancy yet short and playful, this dress is simply brilliant.

A cute alternative is this dress with an embroidered bodice and tulle skirt. 

A nice cocktail dress for someone who would like a more mature look, this sparkly number is great. It definitively has that Vegas feel.

For something more daring, but just as sparkly, you have got to see this dress.

If you want a nice, tea-length dress, this sequin dress offers a nice balance as it’s a formal cut, but it glitters enough to make it exciting. For a similar cut but with less glitter, check out this one

Another way to go with a tea-length dress is something a bit more relaxed and summery, such as this chiffon dress with ruffles

For a long dress that isn’t a full-blown ball gown, why not this maxi dress? Perhaps best suited for an outdoor venue in spring or summer.

Less Formal

If it’s not a strictly formal affair, you’re also allowed to wear a nice pantsuit or fancy jumpsuit. 

If you’re going full out with the black-tie, or the dress code says strictly formal or white tie, then you’re best off with a ball gown. 

For a ball gown that sparkles, look no further. This dress will certainly make you stand out in a crowd. As the colors are quite dark, it may be more suitable for a fall or winter wedding. 

For something just as stunning, but with fewer sparkles and more embroidery, this dress is perfect. It comes both in dark and light colors, so great for any season.

You’ll want to wear it with some sort of shawl or wrap, however, in case it gets cold. 

If looking for something a little bit more demure but still stunning, this long sleeve dress could be just the thing. 

Prefer something a little cute and fun? Then this number will be perfect for you. That dress certainly makes you stand out in a crowd, though, so if you’d like something not quite as intricate, then this dress is a good option


Should the invite say it’s casual, then anything goes so long as you make an effort to dress up. Dressy casual means you should opt for a dress of any kind.  

Las Vegas Wedding Outfit Ideas For Male Guests

When it comes to what to wear to a Vegas wedding for male guests, it, again, depends on what it says on the invite. 


For a white tie event, you’ll have to go all out with a tuxedo–tails and all (though you might get away without the tails). In short, you’re going for that penguin look. 

If you’re in the market for a new tux, here is the one to get.

Optional Black Tie

If it’s optional black tie, then a dark suit or some kind of a tuxedo is required. This tuxedo would be a good example.

Dressy Casual

For a dressy casual wedding, you can stick to the above or go for a suit of any kind. This light blue suit would be suitable for a summer wedding. 

As we’re talking Vegas, color is usually not amiss, so something like this cobalt blue suit would also be a great option.

Or why not something even shinier? It would definitively not be amiss in an Elvis chapel!


If it’s a casual affair, then khakis, a shirt, and a blazer is a good idea. 

Granted, it’s Vegas; you might want to opt for a linen blazer in the warmer months. Light colors, like this light green blazer, are good for spring and summer. 

What Not To Wear To A Las Vegas Wedding

What not to wear to a Vegas wedding depends on the venue, theme of the wedding, and time of the year. 

If the invite specifies you should dress according to a theme, then you best not show up in anything that jars with that theme.

If the wedding takes place at a fancy venue, then showing up in jeans isn’t a great plan, even if it isn’t specified what the dress code is. 

In general, if in doubt, drop the jeans. As a woman, if you’re unsure, a full-length or at least tea-length dress is better than a knee-length one.

The best tip? Ask the couple what they envision their guests wearing and if there are any considerations as far as the venue goes–such as it getting windy up on a rooftop or cold due to air condition.  

Other Las Vegas Wedding Outfit Considerations

Taking the weather into consideration is important if it’s an outdoor wedding. Vegas days are hot, and Vegas nights are fairly chilly as the desert tends to get cold at night. 

And, believe it or not, in winter, it can snow in Vegas. You will need heavy coats, gloves, and hats at that time of year.  

Due to the power of the sun in summer, you should consider a hat, or at the very least–sunblock and something to cover your shoulders if it’s an outdoor wedding. 

No doubt, shade will be provided, but only a little while in the glaring sun can burn your skin if you’re not used to it. 

If it’s summer, also bear in mind the temperature of the streets. You may not come to a wedding to walk around the streets, but you have to get to and fro the wedding venue, and pavements get so hot plastic shoes melt. Honestly.

Oh, and don’t forget the power of air conditioners–it can get pretty cold when indoors in Vegas. Dress in layers if possible–bring a matching jacket, or wrap.

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