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Do Groomsmen Have To Wear Matching Shoes? [This Is Why…]

Getting the wedding attire right comes down to the finest details. And it does not just stop at the bride and groom. For the groomsmen, suits are one thing but do their shoes need to match to make it all work? Is this expected and the typical thing to do? Let’s find out!

So, do groomsmen have to wear matching shoes? Groomsmen do not have to wear matching shoes. Although, it is a fair request of the bride or groom to ask the groomsmen to wear a particular style or color of shoe in order to do so. This typically ensures that all shoes, and attire, match the overall wedding theme.

It’s not a necessity, but its certainly a possibility.

If you are a groomsmen then perhaps its worth checking.

If you are a bride or a groom, then perhaps set the expectations. Early on.

And it’s important that you do so; because it does not just stop at shoes.

There is the full attire to consider here too.

The suits, ties, accessories, etc.

This is where the groomsmen do typically match.

And it is strongly advised that they do.

Either by wearing the same style of suit or at the very least, have attire in the same color shade.

And then there is the rest of the bridal party to consider – the bridesmaids, for instance.

While the groomsmen do not have to match them, again, there are undoubtedly advantages in doing so.

Establishing consistency and a sense of unison between the wedding party perhaps being the main ones.

Nevertheless, lets get back to shoes.

That’s what you’re here for, right?!

Do Groomsmen Need To Wear Same Shoes?

Groomsmen do not need to wear the same style or color of shoes. Unless this has been specifically requested by the bride and groom. That being said, matching shoes do tend to look great and are generally worth trying to coordinate.

As a bride or groom, it generally helps to set the expectations and let the groomsmen know.

And if they do so, it is the courteous thing to follow instructions and the requests.

Besides, nobody wants to be the one who stands out.

If the bride and groom have not made it clear, then it’s may also be worthwhile asking them ahead of time.

They’ll be able to give their groomsmen direction, at the very least.

Thankfully, for a formal wedding, there are only two real options.

Black or brown leather shoes.

Chances are the groomsmen already have a pair or two.

And these colors are available in most formal styles.

The key here is not necessarily having the same shoes – but those in a similar shade. So specifying the color is generally more important than specifying the style.

They just look much better in the photos, trust me!

Does The Best Man Wear The Same Shoes As The Groomsmen

Typically, the best man will wear the same shoes as the groomsmen. That is if the male bridal party is coordinating their attire, trying to match and stay in unison.

For the most part, the best man will dress very similarly, if not the same as the groomsmen.

Some brides and grooms do however, decide to differentiate him a little.

Small, subtle differences in his attire.

This is normally not the shoes, however, and is more likely to be his buttonhole/boutonniere.

Nevertheless, it’s important that the best man compliments the groom without matching him exactly or overstating him.

Does The Groom Wear The Same Shoes As The Groomsmen?

The groom may decide to wear different shoes to the best man and his fellow groomsmen – although it is not required. He can differentiate himself in other ways if desired.

Generally, this is usually in the form of the suit.

Some grooms decide to wear a contrasting jacket and trousers.

Others decide to wear patterns, whereas the rest of the groomsmen wear plain.

At the end of the day – it is ultimately up to the groom what he wears.

And it is best if he directs the groomsmen and advises them on how they can match without sticking out for all the wrong reasons!

What Shoes Should Groomsmen Wear?

Groomsmen should wear smart, polished, and comfortable shoes that compliment their outfit and the wedding theme.

Shoes should be appropriate for the event, first and foremost.

It’s a long day and they’ll be a lot of movement, after all.

As we have seen, whether the shoes match in style or color is something that only the bride or groom can confirm and communicate.

But, having that conversation will ensure that whatever shoes are chosen, will not be a problem come the big day!


Groomsmen shoes do not have to match, although it is generally advised that they do.

If not in style, then in color at the very least.

And while it can be hard to have that conversation, most groomsmen would actually appreciate the direction.

It minimizes decisions.

And it helps people to plan.

So, if you are a bride or a groom – do not hesitate and let your thoughts known.

Tie the shoes in with the wedding theme, venue, and the bridesmaid’s attire too.

That will make for great photos.

Alternatively, if you are one of the groomsmen – reach out to the groom.

He’ll be able to offer you some advice.

And he’ll be pleased you asked.

Remember that.

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