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What Do Groomsmen Pay For? [& What They Shouldn’t]

Being asked to be a part of the groom’s party at a friend or family member’s wedding can feel like a great honor; it also comes with some great fun – bachelor party, we’re looking at you. However, you may also be wondering what kind of financial responsibilities may be heading your way as a groomsman or usher. Here is everything you are going to want to know.

So, what do groomsmen pay for? Groomsmen typically pay for their own suits, travel expenses, and accommodation for the wedding. They will also need to budget for the bachelor party, which can include travel, food, drinks any other associated costs, which may include an overnight stay. However, the groom may factor some of these expenses into their wedding budget. This is entirely dependent on the groom, though.

Keep reading to find out exactly what you may be expected to pay for as a member of the groom’s party, and also what you definitely should not be paying for!

A Groomsmen Financial Responsibilities

As fun as being a groomsman can be, it does work out to be a little bit more expensive than attending a wedding as a regular guest. 

Being aware of what may be expected of you financially, and having some really clear conversations with the groom about it, is the best way of preparing yourself for the upcoming nuptials of a friend.

Wedding Day Attire

In most cases, regardless of whether you are renting or hiring a suit, you as the groomsman will be expected to fork out the cash yourself. 

This also includes footwear and any other accessories you may want to wear on the big day. 

However, as weddings continue to shy away from tradition, many grooms are including attire wear for their groom’s parties into their general wedding budget.

This isn’t always the case, but it’s always a good idea to chat with the groom about whether they are footing the bill or expecting you to do so. 

If the groom has very particular desires for the outfits his groomsmen will wear, and those desires may even be designers, which comes at an extra cost, you may need to convey your own personal budget to them before it gets too far down the line. 

Bachelor Party

Ah, the big night out. The last hurrah. The final night of being ‘single.’ 

The planning of the bachelor party is usually overseen by the best man, but nowadays, when it comes to the bill, it’s fairly customary for the entire groom’s party to chip in and pay their own way while also adding a little extra to cover the groom. 

Destination bachelor parties may cost even that little bit more if you have to factor in flight costs, longer accommodation booking, extra money for food drinks, and even gambling costs if you are hutting the bright lights of Vegas. 

Travel & Accommodation

Most travel and accommodation will solely be your own responsibility. 

For the day of the wedding, the groom may arrange transport for himself and his groom’s party to get to the wedding, but pretty much every other travel and hotel cost will land in your hands. 

As with all other things, the groom may actually factor some of the costs into his wedding budget, but it’s not that common and should be considered a real exception. 

Wedding Gifts

Purchasing a wedding gift for the wedded couple to be can feel a bit antiquated, especially if they are a couple who have already lived together for a long time, but it’s still a tradition that most couples are reluctant to surrender. 

Luckily the wedding registry is another tradition still going strong. So, you will have a list that should give a variety of budget gifts that the couple is happy to receive.

You may only have to give cash if requested by the couple, or they may actually forgo gifts altogether but expect to spend a little money on a thoughtful wedding gift.

What Should The Groomsmen Not Pay For?

Most big wedding purchases should never be the responsibility of a groomsman. Things like photography costs, catering, paying for the groom’s wedding attire, and even wedding entertainment are all big costs that you shouldn’t be expected to help out with. 

The only occasion where these costs end up being the responsibility of a groomsman is if they actually offer to pay for them instead of purchasing a wedding gift. 

Do Groomsmen Pay For Their Own Suits?

Groomsmen may be expected to pay for their own suits, although this really is all dependent on how the groom has arranged his wedding budget. 

Generally, if you are expected to purchase a suit, it is your responsibility, and if you are renting tuxedos, the groom may pick up the bill. 

However, there are many couples now including the wedding attire costs of their supporting people into their wedding budgets. 

So it is possible you won’t be expected to pay anything at all. 

This is where the all-important money conversation comes into play. 

You need to make sure what exactly your groom is willing to pay for and what you are expected to pay for as a groomsman before the planning even begins. 

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Is Being A Groomsmen Expensive?

Being a groomsman can get a little expensive. Between bachelor party costs, suit costs, and paying for travel and accommodation, it’s not going to be cheap. 

However, there are ways of cutting financial corners.

Renting suits can be a budget way of wearing a smart and stunning suit while not having to fork out the full cost of the suit. 

If your groom is hoping for a destination bachelor party, then having conversations about how far you can stretch financially can help bring the groom back to earth when it comes to deciding where to go and how much to spend.

How Much Does It Cost To Be A Groomsman?

A fair and rough estimation of the typical cost to be a groomsman is between $1,000-$5,000, all in. However, the total cost is entirely reliant on how extravagant you want to go and is predominantly determined by the bachelor party – where it takes place and what is organized. 

This is honestly a hard question to give a really solid answer to. Each wedding is different, and with each wedding comes a wide variety of financial expectations and budgets. 

However, if you are looking for a little more solid information when it comes to how much money you can expect to spend, I’ll give you an average idea. 

But remember, the costs could be less than this and, in some cases, also much more. 

Suit Costs

Firstly, the suit. 

For a good quality suit, you’re looking at anywhere from $500 to $4000; the more custom and designer you are hoping for, the higher the price. 

However, if you decide to rent, you can get a quality designer tux for as little as around $200. 

That cost decision is really based on whether you are going to get good wear out of the suit. 

If you only plan on wearing a suit once in your life, I suggest renting instead of buying. 

Bachelor Party Costs

Then there’s the bachelor party. If you scroll through the internet, you’ll get a real variety of ‘average’ bachelor party costs, and for good reason. 

Some bachelor parties involve renting out penthouse suites, flying to private islands, and even more luxurious endeavors. 

Other bachelor parties are far more reserved both in activities and financially. They can be quiet local affairs too that are not much more than your typical night out.

With that said, a bachelor party can cost you anywhere from $600 right through to $2000 and more. 

Remember you will be covering some of the costs for the groom as well, which is where the cost can begin to escalate. 

Travel & Accommodation Costs

There are also all the other travel and accommodation costs that come with being a groomsman. 

From getting to suit fittings, getting yourself home from the wedding, and paying for wedding night accommodation. 

You can expect to spend a few hundred dollars here at least. 

Wedding Gift Costs

And finally, The wedding gift. On average, $100 is perfectly ok for a groomsman to spend on a gift for the bride and groom. 

However, most tend to crack on for $200 when purchasing gifts, especially if they are choosing from the groom’s wedding registry. 

See what I mean? There really is no one number when it comes to how much it can cost to be a groomsman. 

The best piece of advice I would have is to be crystal clear with the groom from the very beginning about how much you can afford and where your budget ends. 

This helps to avoid any awkward conversations down the line when costs start to spiral a little. 


Being a groomsman is such an honor, but it’s also a really important role in a wedding. 

You are there not only for fun but to support the groom through one of the most important moments of his life. 

As much as the cost can really pinch the wallet, in most cases, it’s always 100% worth it. 

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