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When Should Groomsmen Get Their Suits? [The Ideal Time Is…]

Being a groomsman is a big honor. But it does involve a few costs and responsibilities. Perhaps the biggest one of all is the suit. And being aware of, and getting the timelines right, is crucial. Nothing else will do. But what needs to be done, and by when? So whether you are a groom coordinating your groomsmen or one of the lucky chosen chaps, here is everything you are going to want to know.

So, when should the groomsmen get their suits? On average, groomsmen typically get (pick up) their suits 2-3 weeks before the wedding. More often than not, a groom will pick up his suit at the same time. Though suits will need to be ordered a few months before the wedding day in order to be ready, and fittings may take place in between (if required).

Of course, there will be exceptions to the rule.

It depends on what you want, how many groomsmen you have, and other factors like supply and demand (and if you are buying or renting).

That being said, groomsmen suits are something you are going to want to organize early.

The earlier, the better, in all honesty.

At least that’s what my (now husband said).

So with this in mind, keep reading to find out everything you need to know about picking up your groomsmen’s suits.

How Long Do Groomsmen Suits Take To Be Ready?

It can take anywhere from 4 weeks to two months for a groomsman’s suit to be wedding day ready.

This is why it is so important to start your wedding day attire planning as early as possible – 6 months pre-wedding is perfect.

However, there are a few things that can affect how long it takes for your groomsmen’s suits to be ready.

Custom Or Off The Rack

What kind of suit you are planning to have your groomsmen wear on your wedding day can affect how long they take to be ready. 

If you are going for a custom tuxedo, this can take a little bit longer for a tailor to have it measured and sewn, ready for your big day. There are a lot of sleek details required for tuxedos, and these take time to perfect. 

However, if you choose an off-the-rack design for your groomsmen, this could take as little as two weeks to finish.

Pre-made suit designs may only need a couple of alterations to fit perfectly and do not need to be made from scratch.

These kinds of suits are the perfect option if you are a little short on time and need suits as quickly as possible but do not want to sacrifice a good fit. 

Custom Additions

If you are looking for custom additions for each of your groomsmen’s suits, they can take a week or so longer to finish, especially if you want each suit to have a custom addition that suits each different groomsman. 

This could be a different lining for each man’s suit or alternative lapels that complement each other but give each suit a little bit of individual personality. 

Also, keep in mind the size of your groom’s party can affect the length of time it takes for custom additions to be complete.

If you only have one or two close friends joining you at your groom’s party, this will not add much time at all.

However, if you have ten to twenty men in your party, this is going to take up a significant amount of extra time.

Style Demands

So, you have chosen a style or fabric that is really in fashion at the moment.

Although you will have your nose on the current wedding fashions, demand for these fabrics and styles could be high.

High demand means you could have a longer wait for fabrics and materials to be dispatched from the supplier. 

It might not seem like a massive deal, but if you have to wait an extra week or two for materials, this is going to set back the time you receive the finished product greatly.

Popular Tailor

We all want a reputable tailor that really knows what they are doing when it comes to a beautiful-looking wedding suit.

However, choosing a popular and in-demand tailor means they could be insanely busy.

Although they do not take on more work than they can handle, they may have longer wait times for a finished suit.

Luckily, any good tailor worth their salt will let you know what their expected wait times are for suits, so you won’t be surprised halfway through the process that your suit could take three months instead of the two you might have anticipated.

Do Groomsmen Go Together To Get Suits

Groomsmen are not required to go together to get their suits, but it is a fantastic part of the wedding preparation experience, and it can be nice to share it. As such, it is common for groomsmen to go together.

However, it can be difficult to book appointments that suit everyone’s lives, and not everyone will be able to make the appointment. 

The only appointment that all the groomsmen must attend together is the very first suit appointment.

This is where suit colors and fabrics are chosen.

By having all of the groomsmen at this important, you can ensure everyone is happy with the choices and that everyone matches and will look well together. 

It can definitely be helpful for all groomsmen to attend the final pick-up appointment as you can reassure everyone that they look good all suited and batted together but don’t stress if there is a person or two who can’t make it. 

Suggestions When Getting Groomsmen Suits

You have spent weeks picking the perfect fabrics, being measured for your custom suit, and revisiting your tailor’s shop to ensure the final suit fitting results in the perfect suit for you and your groomsmen.

If you are preparing to pick up your groomsmen’s suits, here are a few tips that can help that final appointment go without a hitch.


If you can get all of your groomsmen together, this is the perfect time to check how you all look in your suits together.

Do you coordinate like you thought you would? 

It can be the perfect time to decide if matching shoes and accessories are necessary or if everyone can go with their own little personality flair. 

Take Shoes And Accessories 

You may have been really organized and already purchased the shoes, cufflinks, lapel pins, or any other accessories you want your groomsmen to wear.

If you have, you will want to take these items to the final appointment with your tailor. 

This way, you can double-check that all of your chosen accessories match your chosen suits.

Most final suit appointments take place a couple of weeks before your big day, so you will have plenty of time to purchase new accessories if your original choices just do not seem to work as well as you thought they would. 

Attend Appointment Together

Although you all do not need to attend the final appointment together, it is something you should try to do if you can.

Not only is it a bonding experience for your entire groom’s party, but it is also the very first look you will get of all these special men in your life dressed up and ready to support you as you marry the love of your life.

Be Honest

I know your tailor has spent weeks of hard work crafting these beautiful suits for your wedding day, but this is not a time to get shy, especially if there is something you do not like about the finished suits.

It may be very close to your wedding day, but if you get all of your groomsmen in their suits and notice a few hems look off, or the button closures are sitting nicely, gather the courage to tell your tailor. 

Many of these last-minute issues won’t take very long to fix, and they can be the difference between a smart and sleek aesthetic and you looking like a group of men who forgot how to wear a suit. 

So, It Is Time To Pick Up Your Groomsmen Suits…

You have put in all the work, the organizing is finally at an end, and your wedding is right around the corner. 

Most suit stores will have a groom’s wedding party suits ready around two weeks before the big day, giving you plenty of time to get accessories to match those beautiful suits.

Plus, you will have two weeks of far less stress worrying about how they are all going to look.

Try to get all of your groomsmen together for the final appointment but do not stress if life gets in the way.

They will be there for the most important part – your wedding day.

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