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11 Unique Boho Wedding Invites You Have To See

If your wedding is going to be a cascading memory of pampas grass, blankets instead of tables, and earthy tones, I’d put a bet down that you’ve gone for a bohemian theme for your big day. Was I right? Well, if so, I’m also betting you need some beautiful boho wedding invites for your guests.

The great thing about the boho vibe is that it isn’t just one thing. Love rich, deep colors – awesome; there’s a boho theme for that. Prefer a light and airy vibe; boho has you covered.

Below you’ll find some of my favorite boho-themed wedding invites for any kind of bohemian vibe you want. Whatever kind of boho wedding you are planning, Minted has an artist design invite for you.

Block Print Frame

With a handprinted feel, this boho wedding invite looks like a comfy boho rug interweaved with your printed invitation message. The bold and intricately detailed border is available in over twenty different color schemes, and you can choose from two different size options. With three different silhouettes and five of Minted’s luxury paper fibers, this simple yet bold boho wedding invite is perfect for your eclectic big day.

Botanical Arches 3-in-1

If you’re looking for a unique boho wedding invite, then this richly colored 3-in-1 design is calling you. Available in eight different color themes, this wedding invite folds up beautifully to create its very own in-built envelope, and it even comes with a tearaway RSVP card for your guests. Not to forget the luxurious and delicate foil-pressed elements and eight different finishes to create the perfect look that gives this wedding invitation an understated luxury edge.

Heritage Paisley

Putting the bold back into boho, this wedding invitation is available in over twenty different vivid color schemes and features a stunning paisley design in a complementing color. Customize this invite by picking the silhouette and paper fiber you love the most. Available only as a flat card invite, this design has plenty of space for the invite messages to your guests.

Triangle Arch

Blending clean, modern lines and the free vibes of the true bohemian, this card has it all. The bold triangular feature is printed in a true foil that glitters and shines in the light and is available in eight different finishes. The hand-drawn floral details break up the rigidness of the foil elements giving a more relaxed boho feel. Choose from two different sizes, five silhouettes, three paper fiber choices, and four light and airy color themes.

Sparkling Night Sky

For the wedding that is being held underneath the stars, this boho wedding invitation is the perfect introduction for your guests. With three rich color themes to choose from, this flat card invite features clusters of foil-pressed stars on a watercolor-type background for that dreamy finish. Customize this design by choosing from the eight different real foil finishes, five cutout silhouettes, two sizes, and three paper fiber options.

Palm Springs

Soft colors and luxury foil elements give this wedding invitation a unique boho vibe. The shadowed palm leaves blend beautifully with the foil-pressed leaves, and the delicate foil border shines and glitters as it hugs your wedding invitation message. Available in four color themes, customize this card further with six different cutout silhouettes, eight real foil finishes, and three paper fibers to choose from.


Like the crashing waves of the sea, this boho wedding invite has a watercolor design that blends ocean elements with soft dustings of true pressed foil. With eight ocean color themes to choose from and eight different foil finishes, you can make this magical card your very own. With further customizable options such as three different cutout silhouettes and five luxury paper options, this flat card design is the perfect choice for a boho wedding by the sea.

My Tenderness

Another wedding invitation design that imitates the soft rolling waves of the sea, this invite is available in over twenty different color themes. Featuring a blend of sweeping lettering and clear, soft typewriter-style script, your printed invite message will be easy to read and beautifully surrounded by the artist’s watercolor design. Choose from two different sizes, six silhouettes, and three beautiful paper options.


For the boho wedding that loves a little bit more fun, this cacti wedding invite blends the soft colors of a boho wedding with the punchy and fun modern style cacti elements. Make your printed wedding invite message the star of the show with bold lettering and customize this invite by choosing from two sizes, over twenty different color themes, four cutout silhouettes, and four paper options.

My Tenderness 3-in-1

There’s something so magical and regal about Minted’s 3-in-1 card designs. Taking the ocean-themed design of the My Tenderness invite and blending it with their unique all-in-one design, send a card that will impress your guests. Folding neatly into its own contained envelope, this design also features a tearaway RSVP for your guests. With five different colors, two different paper finishes, and even two different folding options, choose a boho wedding invite that’s different from all the rest.


Bold, simple, and eclectic. This flat card boho wedding invite features an abstract floral element in the center with plenty of room in the surrounding areas for your printed invitation message. Choose from over twenty different color themes, six beautiful cutout silhouettes, and four of Minted’s most popular paper options.

Boho Wedding Invitations With Minted

With over fifty different boho designs to choose from, with Minted, not only do you get designs straight from the artists, but many of them are highly customizable. You even get a dedicated designer who will work with you to ensure you get the exact invites you desire.

And most importantly, you can send wedding invites that are your very own.

It may sound like I’m a Minted salesperson, but they really do provide an incredible service; I wouldn’t go to anyone else from their dedicated designers, unlimited proofs, and reasonable prices.

You can finally choose a wedding invite you can be proud of without breaking the bank.

Because let’s be honest, weddings aren’t cheap, and you deserve every bit of the boho wedding day you dream of. 

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