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11 Classic Monogram Save The Dates

You’ve just got engaged and booked the date for your big day. So, now is the time to send out those save-the-date cards to make sure your invited guests know exactly what date to get off work and jot down in their calendar. 

Save the dates are a fairly new wedding trend but they have become a very quickly expected part of the nuptials of a couple. 

But there’s a massive number of choices out there. It can be incredibly overwhelming to find the perfect save the date that gives your guests a sneak peek of the day to come.

If you’re a sucker for a clean and classic monogram, you may have already decided to use this love of classy design throughout your wedding, including your save the dates.

So, here are eleven monogram save the dates that I absolutely love, and I know you will too.

Initially Bold

This monochrome monogram is perfect for the couple who love simplicity and classic lines. Customize this with five different size options, over twenty color schemes, three classic silhouettes, and five luxury paper fibers. Featuring the first initial of each of you, gently tumbling off the top and bottom of the front space, this monogrammed save the date blends classic style with a modern twist. 


If you’re looking for a monogram save the date that has a little extra luxury, this design is perfect. The classic lettering gets a premium edge with beautiful foil-pressed details. This highly customizable save the date can be printed onto a modern flat card, or you can opt for a more traditional folded card. With six color themes, eight true foil finishes, four cutout silhouettes, and three premium fibers to choose from.


With five different sizes to choose from, even a magnet option for those who want to do something a little more out of the box, this monogram save the date with personalized photo space is beautifully designed. Choose from over twenty different color themes, four unique silhouettes, and six luxury paper fibers. Create the save the date of your dreams with a flat card or traditional folded card option.

Monogram Wreath

With its luxury foil-pressed details, this stunning monogram save the date comes with a half-page photo section and is highly customizable. Choose from five classic color themes, high real foil finishes, six cutout silhouettes, and six different paper fibers. This simple and classic design uses the foil elements to hug around your monogrammed letters with an artistic regal wreath. This is available in a flat or folded card design.


Available in five size options, this design features a bold monogram right in the center with a shadowed foliage background. Customize this stunning monogram save the date with over twenty different color themes, six classic silhouettes, five paper fibers, and the choice between a modern flat card design or a more traditional folded card. 

Initially Yours

Classic and sleek, this save-the-date card makes your monogram the stand-out element. The shadowed art background will compliment your personalized photo beautifully. Choose from five size options, including a more practical and long-lasting printed magnet. With over twenty color choices, three cutout silhouettes, and six paper fibers to choose from. 

Chic Monogram

Make you and your spouse-to-be the center of attention with this full photo monogram save the date. If one photo isn’t enough, you can add an additional backing piece to add more sentimental images. Available in five different sizes, over twenty color themes, five classic silhouettes, and six luxury paper options. You can create the monogram save the dates of your dreams.


Featuring a modern and bold monogram, this design blends photographic elements and monogram simplicity perfectly. Choose from five sizes, over twenty color schemes, and five silhouettes, and even have your final design printed landscape or portrait. You can also choose from six luxurious paper fibers for the perfect feel to the touch.


For the monogram minimalists, this card is all about simple yer bold lines. Customize this car with over twenty different color themes, five sizing options, five classic silhouettes, and three high-quality paper options.

Classic Monogram

Taking the classic monogram, this card gives a luxury finishes with true foil elements. Choose from five different sizing options, eight stunning foil finishes, six rich color themes, four classic cutout silhouettes, and five luxury paper fibers for a classic yet regal design.

Moody Marbling

Dreamy and mystical, this design is a whimsical blend of splattering foil elements, marble-esque art, and bold lettering. Choose from seven rich and fun color themes, eight foil finishes, three sizes, five silhouettes, and three stunning paper finishes for a unique and beautiful save the date. 

Monogram Save The Dates With Minted

Monogram save the dates are classic for a reason, and if you are looking for high-quality cards at a budget-friendly price, not forgetting epic customer service, Minted is the place to be. 

Not only do they walk you through the entire process with your very own designer, but you also get unlimited proofs and complimentary postage envelopes thrown in for good measure.

Each design comes straight from the artist, so you can be sure you get a unique design not available anywhere else.

Minted really is a saving grace.

I know how overwhelming choosing those important cards for your wedding can be and nothing beats having everything you need in one place.

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