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When To Book A Florist For A Wedding

Beyond the dress, the venue, and the evening’s entertainment, nothing packs quite as visual a punch as your wedding flowers. They are, in truth, a huge part of the day. However, like all aspects of wedding planning, you’ll need to be aware of important timelines, such as when you need to order your flowers and have everything scheduled. 

So, when should you book a florist for your wedding? You need to have your florist booked at least three months before your big day. Although, I suggest booking at least six months before your wedding. This will ensure you can have your desired floral options and will allow for some extra should there be an issue that needs to be resolved.

Your wedding flowers can set the tone for your wedding day, so you want to pick the perfect ones.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you order your wedding flowers and avoid any issues. 

How Far In Advance Should You Book Your Florist For A Wedding?

At a bare minimum, you will want to order your wedding flowers at least three months before your wedding day

Although, your florist will appreciate the forethought if you give them even more time than this.

Many brides think that you only need a week or two to order your wedding flowers, and although you can certainly try this, it is likely your choices will be limited, and you won’t end up with the flowers you either want or can afford.

Giving your florist three months or more will enable them to come up with an arrangement, source the flowers, put in their order, and then arrange your flowers exactly how you want them.

Factors That Influence Florist Booking Timelines

Ordering your wedding flowers can be as easy as nipping into your favorite florists and asking them to order your desired blooms.

However, things are not always that simple, and there are a couple of things that can affect your florist’s timeline. 

If you are about to start your wedding flowers journey – and you have never ordered a large number of flowers from a florist before – here are some things you may want to keep in mind. 

Are Your Flowers In Season?

Just like our fruits and veggies, flowers have seasons too.

If you choose a type of flower that is out of season when your wedding day rolls around, not only will this cost you a lot more, but it can be trickier for your florist to source out-of-season blooms. 

To make your florist’s job easier and to save you a good few dollars, stick to flowers that are naturally in bloom at the same tie as your wedding. 

So, if you are going for a spring wedding, flowers like daffodils, tulips, and peonies are popular spring flowers for your wedding bouquet.

For a summer wedding, you could choose Calla Lilies, Delphinium, or even the dramatic blooms of the hydrangea. 

Supply And Demand

How in demand your chosen flowers can also extend your florist’s timelines. Roses are always insanely popular when it comes to a wedding, but, luckily, this is always expected, and there is usually an abundance of rose varieties.

However, some more obscure flowers go through phases of popularity and can make them very difficult to source when every bride is unexpectedly looking for them.

So, if you are riding the waves of wedding fashion, expect you may have to wait longer for your flowers.

However, if you haven’t the time or patience for this, you may have to choose a different bloom for your wedding bouquet. 

When You Place Your Order

When you place your order can make or break when it comes to getting the wedding flowers you really want.

If you order too late, not only will your options be a little more limited, there could be many types of flowers you really wanted completely unavailable. 

Another thing about when you order is if you try to lock in a florist during the wedding season – this usually falls during the summer months.

Florist timelines can be a bit longer during these busier wedding months, meaning you may have to wait longer for your wedding blooms. 

Other Suggestions When Booking A Florist For Your Wedding

You know exactly when to order your flowers and some of the things that can affect how long you may have to wait for your finished floral arrangements.

Now, here are some things you will want to think of and do when you book your florist and start your wedding flowers adventure.

Check Reviews

When deciding what florist to even choose, always check the reviews.

This can be google reviews or even Facebook reviews if they have a business page on Facebook.

If it is a larger floristry chain, you can always search their name in hashtags on most social media channels.

If there are any issues with a particular business that are being kept off their socials, they can pop up in hashtags instead. 

Also, take all reviews with a pinch of salt.

Some reviews can be from friends or family – although any business worth their salt won’t pull this game – and sometimes negative reviews can be from disgruntled customers that may be exaggerating their experience. 

Ask Friends And Family

If you want some reviews that you feel you can trust, there are no better people to go to than your friends and your family members.

Most people at least know of someone who has had an experience with a florist and will be able to point you in the direction of the one you can trust.

Consider Your Budget

Your budget is going to influence what florists you can realistically go to and also what kind of flowers you can afford.

Unfortunately, it is unavoidable that flowers can be pricey, and if you want a dramatic display, you are going to have to dig deep. 

So, be realistic when it comes to what you can afford. Your chosen florist will also have some good ways to get the very most for your money.

You may want to use this -> Wedding Flower Cost Calculator

Floral Designer Or Florist?

What even is the difference between a floral designer and a florist? Surely they are the same thing? 

Well, not quite. To make it really easy for you, a floral designer works with vendors and helps bring spaces to life with dramatic floral displays, including larger displays that may need to be built off-site.

However, a florist generally works from a bricks-and-mortar type establishment and sells smaller arrangements such as bouquets and table flowers. 

Naturally, a floral designer is going to cost a lot more, and a florist is going to be a little bit more budget-friendly.

Trust Your Florist

Your florist is an expert for a reason.

They know their way around the flower industry; they know what flowers last a long time and what ones will wilt the minute they even sense a bit of heat. 

You may have an idea in mind, but if your florist doesn’t think it is going to work, they are probably going to be right. So, trust their knowledge. 

Keep Sustainability In Mind

More and more brides want to be more sustainable when it comes to their wedding flowers and how they order them.

There are a few things you will want to keep in mind when trying to be more sustainable. 

If you can, choose florists that work with local flower farmers.

This will lower the environmental impact of your flowers and give you a good feel for supporting local businesses. 

If you can’t find a florist that works like this, find out how they dispose of their flowers – those who dispose of them responsibly are the kind of florist you want to go with.

The materials they use for their displays and arrangements can also help you choose more sustainably. 

Materials such as chicken wire and floral frogs can be easily reused time and time again.

However, floral foam is more of a single-use material and will be binned after every use. 

Booking Your Wedding Florist 

Flowers can really amplify your wedding aesthetic and give your guests a more peaceful and beautiful experience on your wedding day.

Many people have chosen to avoid ordering flowers to save on costs, but there really is something special about a stunning floral display. 

If you are going down the wedding blooms route, make sure you place your order nice and early so that you can get the flowers you have always dreamed of.

Be picky about your florist.

Just like your dress shopping, you don’t have to settle on the first florist you visit and always stick to your budget.

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