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When Should The Groom Get Fitted For A Tuxedo?

The tux is chosen. It may even have been ordered. Heck, it could even be ready for collection. But a question that grooms often have is when they should have their tuxedo fitting. Besides, it’s got to fit just right. Regardless of where you’re currently at, here is all you are going to want to know and consider, 

So, when should a groom get fitted for a tuxedo? A groom should get fitted for a tuxedo around three to six months before the wedding. This should provide ample time to ensure it’s ready for the big day while allowing for leeway should the need arise. It also is something that can be sorted and ticked off from the to-do list relatively early, easing stress and letting you focus on other wedding planning activities. 

Your wedding day should be one of the most special days of your life, and it is important you look the part.

Tuxedos are a classic and refined outfit choice for any groom having a formal or black-tie wedding, but they need to fit right, or they can look a bit silly. 

So, whether you stick to a classic tuxedo design or get a custom-made suit with all the bells and whistles, it is important to get fitted as soon as possible.

Keep reading if you want to find out why.

Factors That Impact When A Groom Should Get Fitted For His Tuxedo

Getting a tuxedo fitted and crafted can take anywhere from two to five months, and that is not including custom-made tuxedos with specialized details and finishes. 

Custom tuxedos can take even longer to be wedding day ready. In fact, if you are planning to have your tuxedo custom-made, I recommend having your first fitting at least six months before your big day.

If you are getting fitted for a tuxedo, here are a couple of things that could impact when you decide to book your first tuxedo fitting.

Supplier Timelines

Knowing where you want to get your tuxedo from is half the battle. Once you know that, you can have a little word with the tailors to find out how long their current wait times are.

Suppliers are short of materials right now, we have a lot of things going on in the world to thank for that, and this means wait times for fabrics and other tailoring materials are longer.

A supplier’s timeline is going to directly impact how long it takes for your tailor to craft your tuxedo. 

Another thing that can affect suppliers when you need to get fitted for your tuxedo is the demand for this special kind of suit.

If suppliers are under pressure to meet the high demand for the classic wool and satin combination of a tuxedo, your tailor could be faced with having to wait a few more weeks for the fabrics to even arrive in store.

Groom Schedule

Your schedule as a groom is always going to have a massive effect on when you decide to get fitted for your tuxedo.

If you plan your wedding only a couple of months after your engagement, you need to get to a tailor’s shop very quickly and hope they have what you need.

You may have to consider a rental if suppliers are short on materials. 

Life is also far busier these days, and finding time for a tuxedo fitting can be difficult to plan.

You may even have to rejig your entire schedule to get fitted for your tuxedo in time for your wedding day.

Custom Or Off The Rack

So, you want a custom tuxedo with all the extra trimmings?

Well, you are going to want to start shopping around and have your first fitting out of the way at least six months before your wedding day.

Those extra details can make your tuxedo incredibly special, but they are also going to take extra time to craft properly. 

However, if you choose an off-the-rack, pre-made tuxedo that might only need a fitting or two, you could get away with shopping around and having your first fitting only four months before your big day.

However, always ring around your preferred tails first.

They can advise you on the best timing for your fitting with their current staff, stock, and spacing levels. 

How Long Does A Tuxedo Fitting Take For A Groom?

30 to 45 minutes is the average time a tuxedo fitting appointment should take.

Your first fitting will inevitably take the longest.

This is when your tailor will take every measurement they need and find out what details you would like them to craft for your tuxedo.

However, any follow-up fitting appointments should take thirty minutes tops.

Tuxedos come in a massive variety of styles and finishes, so this could take up the longest part of your first fitting.

Your tailor will want to know what colors you desire, whether you want a single-button or double-breasted style, and even whether you want belt loops or not. 

That’s right; a tuxedo is so much more than just black fabric and a crisp white shirt.

However, your first fitting should be fun.

Really take the time to feel and look at the fabric samples and be open to your tailor’s opinions.

They are the professionals, after all.

So, although a tuxedo fitting does not take as long as a wedding gown fitting, be prepared to carve out a good 45 minutes to give your tailor all the time they need to create the best tuxedo for you.

Suggestions When Getting Fitted For A Tuxedo?

Now you know how long your tuxedo fitting can take and when you should get fitted for it so that it is ready to go in time for your big day, here are some tips you might need when you get measured for that crisp suit.

Arrive On Time

Look, this one is plain good manners.

Tailors that specialize in wedding attire, like tuxedos, are busy people.

They have many appointments and often have waiting lists for prospective grooms – another reason to get fitted for your tux at least six months before your big day -, and they will not have time to wait on late arrivals. 

The best thing you can do is arrive ten minutes or so before your appointment so that your tailor can work seamlessly from one appointment to the next, yours. 

If you arrive late, you risk the possibility of losing your appointment altogether if they think you are a no-show.

You may even have to wait around even longer to be seen.

If there is another appointment after yours, you may have to wait for this groom and his groomsmen to finish before you get to see your tailor. 

So, plan ahead and turn up on time.

Consider Who Goes With You

It can be difficult to get all of your groom’s party in one place, but it is important you are all fitted for your tuxedos at the same time.

This way, you can match your fabric and style choices, or if you are going for contrasting but complementary tuxedos, you can ensure all the chosen styles and colors still work well together. 

You also want to make sure that the people you bring with you are both supportive and fun.

There is nothing worse than having a negative Nelly on board to bring down the vibe of a good time. 

Then again, this all comes down to who you choose to be a part of your groom’s party. So, choose wisely.

Bring Accessories And Shoes

When you attend your first or second tuxedo fitting, make sure you bring your wedding shoes and any accessories you want to wear on the day.

This way, you can ensure that your style choices look sleek with your shoes and that your accessories blend beautifully. 

There is nothing worse than a smart tuxedo ruined by a pair of shoes that do not look right.

By bringing these items with you and having your fitting early, you will know if you need to replace certain items or change your tuxedo choices.

Are You Ready To Get Your Tuxedo Fitted?

Tuxedos are so much more than a fancy suit; they really are a timeless classic that can never look wrong.

However, they are not easy to make, and your tailor is going to need a few months to craft your suit and squeeze in any alteration appointments that might be necessary.

By getting fitted for your suit six to four months before your big day, you won’t have to stress about getting your tuxedo in time. 

AND that is a big thing you want to avoid – stress.

This should be a fun part of your wedding planning, and giving yourself ample time to enjoy this process will help everything else run much smoother.

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