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When Should The Groom Get His Tux?

Your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life but making sure everything runs smoothly takes a lot of planning. The groom’s tux plays a part in all of this. Making sure you have your tuxedo order placed early can help to avoid a lot of stressful last-minute rushing around and ensures you will get it on time. But when does the average groom receive it? Let’s find out!

So, when should the groom get his tuxedo? Generally, a groom will get his tuxedo two or three weeks before the wedding. As long as you have started the fitting appointments at least four months before the big day, you should receive your finished tuxedo a good couple of weeks before you say I do. 

Organizing your tuxedo pick-up isn’t always straightforward if you don’t plan ahead. 

So here is a little bit of information about when your tux should be ready and what you need to do during your last tuxedo appointment with your tailor.

When Are Grooms Tuxes Typically Ready?

A groom’s tuxedo is typically made ready two to three weeks ahead of when it is required. 

Tuxedos are a classic and sleek option for your groom’s wedding attire, but they do take time to craft, especially if you decide to go for a fully custom tuxedo. 

If you have been pretty organized about your tuxedo shopping, you should receive your tuxedo at least a fortnight before your wedding day, but if you have left yourself with a pretty tight deadline, you may end up cutting things very fine with only a couple of days between your pick up appointment and your wedding ceremony. 

However, if you have chosen an off-the-rack tuxedo, you can have this even sooner than the average two weeks.

This is because your tuxedo will only need a few simple alterations to ensure it fits perfectly.

Off the rack, tuxedos are already made up, so it’s just a case of taking it in or hemming it properly to fit the height and body shape of the groom. 

Should Anyone Go With The Groom To Get His Tuxedo?

No one needs to go with the groom to get his tuxedo unless he is also picking up his groomsmen’s tuxedos.

Then it will be important that the groomsmen also attend this last appointment with their tailor. 

During your pick-up appointment, you will have to try on your tux one last time to make sure everything fits exactly as planned.

If you have also had your groomsmen’s tuxedos made by your tailor, they will need to show and also fit their suits for the last time. 

If your partner has also been involved with your tuxedo fitting appointments, you may want to bring them along as well.

This way, you can get their opinion on your tuxedo and whether they see any issues that you may have missed.

However, it’s common for a groom to go by himself to pick up his tuxedo for his wedding day. 

Suggestions When Getting Your Tuxedo

If you are preparing to pick up your tuxedo, here are a few tips and suggestions to help you get everything you need out of your last appointment. 

Schedule An Appointment 

Most tailors are by appointment only.

You want to have your tailor’s undivided attention during your tuxedo collection appointment to make sure everything fits perfectly.

If you decide to turn up out of the blue, your tuxedo may not be prepared for pick up, and your tailor could be busy with other customers. 

If you can, make this appointment at your previous appointment.

That way, you know exactly when you can expect to pick up your tuxedo, and you won’t have to worry about your tailor not having time to see you.

Check The Tux Over

Don’t rush your collection appointment.

I know you are probably at the very end of any planning patience you may have left but take the time to really look over your entire tuxedo.

Make sure it has been finished exactly how you and your tailor discussed it and that the correct fabrics and colors have been used. 

It’s very unlikely there will be any issues with your tuxedo at this stage, but there’s no harm in taking a few extra minutes to check your tux over a little. 

Try It On Before You Leave

Always try on your tuxedo before you leave the store with it.

You have probably spent a decent amount of money on this important piece of attire, and you don’t want to pop it on the morning of your wedding to realize that you can’t do up the button.

Move about in your tuxedo a little; a few squats aren’t out of the realm of good ideas to make sure that your tuxedo is comfortable and can withstand a night of partying with your friends and family.

Bring Your Shoes

Always bring your wedding shoes and any accessories you plan on wearing with your tuxedo.

You have probably done this during your last appointments, but you want to make sure everything matches and looks stylish. 

If anything looks a bit off, there’s nothing you can do about it the morning of your wedding, but if you know there are issues with the color of your shoes or the design of any accessories, you have a couple of weeks to shop around and find something more suitable. 

Be Honest

Your tailor has worked incredibly hard to create a tuxedo that you will love for your wedding day but don’t stop this from sharing your honest opinion.

There can be such a thing as being too polite.

If you have any questions or concerns about your tuxedo, let your tailor know. Usually, they will find the perfect answer that will quell any fears.

If there are some issues with the fit or comfort of your tuxedo, letting your tailor know means they should be able to correct any issues before your big day rolls around.

Picking Up The Grooms Tuxedo

On average, you should be able to pick up a groom’s tuxedo at least two weeks before the wedding.

This gives the groom ample time to purchase any needed accessories or shoes and also relieves a little bit of the planning stress so you can just enjoy the last two weeks of your unmarried life.

Does the bride go with the groom to pick out his tux?

Some brides go with the groom to pick out their tux, but not always. It ultimately depends on the couple and the thoughts, opinions and beliefs of both individuals involved.