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What To Wear Under A Bridesmaid Dress – 3 Options To Consider

Being asked to join a brides bridal party is such an honor, plus you know you are going to able to take part in all of the fun build-ups to her wedding day. It also may mean having a bridesmaid dress bought for you if you are lucky. But that likely leads to questions, such as what you can or should wear underneath your bridesmaid’s dress.

So, what can you wear underneath a bridesmaid’s dress? There are loads of things you can wear under a bridesmaid dress, from shapewear and slip dresses to anti-chafe shorts. Just make sure that whatever you choose is comfortable and supportive and won’t annoy you all day long because, let’s be honest, weddings are always a long affair.

If you are a bridesmaid who is currently planning their wedding day outfit, keep reading.

I am going to break down some of the things that work perfectly underneath a bridesmaid’s dress and even some of the things you really might want to avoid!

What Can You Wear Under A Bridesmaids Dress?

Bridesmaids’ dresses are no longer frilly, ugly affairs. Brides are far more thoughtful when it comes to how their bridesmaids feel on their wedding day.

They want you to feel just as beautiful as they do.

So, you don’t want to undo all their thoughtful, hard work by making a beautiful dress feel uncomfortable or risk a little sweaty chafing on a particularly warm day.

So, here are three things you can definitely wear underneath your bridesmaid dress.

Shape Wear

One of the most popular items to wear under a bridesmaid’s dress is shapewear, like Spanx.

Not only does it hold in any lumps or bumps that you may feel self-conscious of, but it can also be the perfect way of adding a little hidden layer of warmth if you expect it could get a little chilly. 

Just make sure when it comes to your shapewear that you pick the perfect size and a reputable brand.

The last thing you want is a cheap and badly designed set of shapewear that leaves you with a shape you are really unhappy with. 

Chemise Or Slip

A slip may feel a little antiquated when it comes to undergarments for a dress, but it has been making its way back into fashion for the last ten years, and for a good reason.

Slips, or chemises, can come in some beautifully comfortable fabrics – think cotton, silk, and even satin – and can be the perfect garment to pop underneath your bridesmaid’s dress.

It can provide a little bit of a buffer between a dress that may be a little more transparent than you would like or provide a little extra warmth for chillier seasoned weddings. 

Anti-Chafe Shorts

Anyone of our plus-sized sisters knows that once those thighs get hit by the heat, chafing can become unbearable, and it can come on so fast it is almost unavoidable.

If you have things that like to get a little close, then you might want to opt for a comfortable pair of anti-chafe shorts for underneath your bridesmaid’s dress.

You won’t have to worry about painful chafing ruining your experiencing and keeping you from hitting the dance floor, and they can provide a little extra warmth when needed.

However, anti-chafe shorts are not just for those plagued by the chafe.

They can also be perfect for dresses that run the risk of being caught by the wind and exposing more than you would like. 

Use anti-chafe shorts to protect your modesty if you would like to keep your underwear a little more private.

What You Should Not Wear Under A Bridesmaids Dress

Now that we have covered some things that will work perfectly underneath your bridesmaid dress, how about some of the things you really want to avoid? 

Bright Colours

Unless it is the kind of look the bride is going for, you will want to avoid wearing anything bright underneath your bridesmaid’s dress.

There is nothing worse than a beautiful dress being ruined by bright underwear that can be seen through the dress.

Stick to colors that match your skin tone and won’t show through the dress.

Also, avoid colors that are exactly the same as your dress.

I know that it might make sense to wear matching colors underneath, but these colors will show through just as much as a bright pink bra set underneath a cream dress. 

Badly Fitted Under Garments

Use your role as a bridesmaid as the perfect excuse to purchase new undergarments for yourself.

Many of us don’t purchase brand-new underwear as often as we should because it gets expensive but old underwear can be loose, misshapen, and just not fit very well.

If your undergarments don’t fit well, you could be left with some unsightly lumps and bumps that turn a beautiful dress into one that makes you feel awful, and you will also be left with permanent photographic evidence of that ill-fitting underwear.

So, go on, treat yourself to some well-fitting undergarments for the big day.


If you love to go commando – I am not judging – but this is something you want to avoid as a bridesmaid.

You don’t want to be caught by an unexpected gust of wind and end up flashing the bride’s grandmother or her entire wedding party.

Not only would it be a little bit embarrassing for you but for them also.

Plus, if you plan on getting down on the dance floor and having a good few drinks.

Well, an innocent tipsy trip could end up with the world seeing far more of you than you ever planned.

And remember, if it gets chilly, your nipples will unavoidably pop up to say hello, and you will have nothing to keep them at bay.

Other Bridesmaids Attire Considerations

Choosing what you are going to wear underneath your bridesmaid’s dress is a big decision and can make or break how much fun you have on the day.

So, here are a few other things you might want to keep in mind when deciding on those all-important undergarments.

Try On Before The Big Day

Always make sure to try on anything you plan to wear at the wedding a few weeks before the big day.

This means you can make sure it fits perfectly and that you can comfortably wear it for 12-24 hours.

By trying it on a few weeks beforehand also gives you time to purchase an alternative if your first idea does not work as well as you thought it would

Comfort Over Style

I know how easy it is to get blinded by beautiful clothes, only to put them on at a later date, and they feel barbed-wired after an hour or two of wear.

So, always pick undergarments that are comfortable, soft, and breathable.

It is unlikely that anyone but yourself, or your partner, will see what you have on underneath.

So, those granny pants are not going to embarrass you. However, they will make it so that you can enjoy every moment as a bridesmaid.

Predicted Weather

Always keep in mind the kind of weather you might expect on the day.

If it is supposed to be hot, clammy summer weather, you want to make sure your chosen undergarments are made from a breathable material that won’t make you sweat any more than necessary.

However, if it is going to be cold, you may want to choose undergarments that act as a second clothing layer without changing how your dress looks, so you can avoid goose pimples and blue lips.

Bridesmaids Dress Style

The actual style of your bridesmaid’s dress will always influence what you wear underneath it.

If you have a strapless dress, you will want to find a supportive and comfortable strapless bra, something that can work out a little tricky if you have bigger Tata’s.

If you have a short-skirted dress, you will want to avoid knee-length anti-chafing shorts that will be visible underneath your skirt. 

So, always keep in mind the type of dress you will be wearing and what kind of undergarments will blend seamlessly with that style.

Choosing What To Wear Under Your Bridesmaids Dress

Being a bridesmaid is so much fun, and you want to choose undergarments that won’t stop that fun in its tracks.

Always choose clothing that is soft and comfortable but make sure it gives you support to get you through the day.

Otherwise, you could end up with sore streamlines or an achy back from badly supported boobies. 

Bridesmaids’ dresses come in so many styles and cuts these days that you will want to make sure that whatever undergarments you choose suit the dress perfectly and remain as invisible as possible.

You may even want to consider some anti-visible panty line underwear. 

Once you choose the perfect underwear, you will be free to enjoy the entire day with nothing there to get in your way.

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