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My Wedding Is In Two Months – Here’s What To Do

You have done all the heavy lifting, and your wedding is only eight weeks away. You might finally feel that nervous excitement for your big day just about now. However, I bet you are a little bit anxious, and you might be making sure you have everything checked off your to-do list. Today, I am going to help ensure you are fully prepared.

So, what do you need to do when your wedding is two months away? When two months out from your wedding, you should be confirming your vendors, planning your wedding timeline, and maybe even starting your hair and makeup trials. There is actually still a fair bit to do, but do not get overwhelmed. Write a list and slowly work your way through it.

If you are only two months away from saying I do, and you are wondering what you should be doing, keep reading. 

I am going to break down all of the important things you might want to get a head start on before your wedding day.

What Should Be Done 2 Months Before Wedding?

Two months can seem a long way from your big day but trust me when I tell you, this time will fly.

Being as organized as possible is the key to getting through the next couple of months.

So, here are some of the things you might want to do when it is only two months until your wedding.

Confirm Vendors And Suppliers

I know you have had your favorite caterer booked for over a year and your photographer for the last eight months.

However, these vendors and suppliers are only human, and everyone can make mistakes.

Take the time to ring around all your vendors and suppliers for your wedding to make sure they have you on their books.

You will also want to ensure they have all the information they need from you. DJs might need your wedding playlist.

Caterers could still be waiting for you to sign off on the menu.

The last thing you want is a mad dash panic a week before your big day, so call them all now.

Schedule Dress Fitting

Two months before your wedding is the perfect time to schedule your first dress fitting.

You should not experience massive weight fluctuations between now and your big day.

However, you also want enough time for your bridal boutique seamstress to wave her magic wand and complete any necessary alterations that will have your wedding gown fitting like a glove. 

If you have already had your first dress fitting, there is absolutely no harm in organizing a second fitting, just to be sure.

If your dress has been stressing you out, this is the perfect way to quell those fears and take a little worry off your shoulders. 

Confirm Travel Arrangements For The Day

If you have to organize travel to and from your wedding, now is the perfect time to confirm your travel arrangements with whoever is taking you.

It could be a friend, a parent, or a professional wedding car service. Just like your vendors and suppliers, you want to make sure you are in their books.

This is also when you should finalize your travel guest list.

Who is traveling with you in your car, the groom’s car, and if you are arranging travel for anyone of your other guests? 

Confirm Accommodation

Just like all of your other wedding plans, you will want to confirm any accommodation plans you have made.

You may be staying at a hotel the night of your wedding, or perhaps you have rented out an entire condo for your bridal party.

Give your accommodation a call to double-check that there should not be any issues with your booking. 

By doing this, if there is an issue, you have enough time to find alternative accommodation.

You may also have family members who have asked you to organize accommodation for them.

Doing this now gives you plenty of time to call around and find something suitable.

Plan Wedding Timeline

Two months before your wedding, you will want to sit down with your partner and finalize your wedding timeline.

This includes the organization of your wedding ceremony, any seating arrangements you have to organize, when your evening meal will come out, and when the DJ will crank the music for your evening reception.

Mail Your Invitations

It has been months since you sent your save the dates, but now is the time to send your official wedding invitations (if you haven’t already).

Make sure all addresses are correct, and everyone’s names are spelled correctly.

Do not forget to put the correct value postage stamps on each envelope so it gets to its intended recipient.

You would balk at the number of people who forget to put the right stamps on their invites and then have to deal with family and friends thinking they haven’t been invited. 

Expect that if you are going to handwrite all of your invitations, you may need to carve out a couple of days to do this, especially if you have over 100 guests invited.

Hair And Makeup Trials

If you have been super organized, you can probably skip this, but it is always a good idea to have a trial for your hair and makeup at least two months before your wedding, especially if you have recently changed your hairstyle or color. 

Now is also the time to really stick to a good skincare routine.

Choose good quality products and an easy-to-maintain routine that you can weave into your normal days over the next two months. 

Start Writing Your Speeches

If you and your partner are planning on handwriting your speeches, give yourselves a good head start.

Your speech is supposed to be heartfelt and personal, and very few of us can write a gold dust speech the night before we say I do. 

By starting your speech writing two months before the big day, you give yourself plenty of time to look at examples on the internet, remember funny little stories that your partner will love, and write something you are truly happy with.

Other Tips And Suggestions

The last two months of unmarried life should not just be about planning.

Enjoy this time and revel in the excitement of saying I do with the love of your life.

Here are a few extra tips to help you get through the next few weeks.


Do not forget to breathe.

No one denies that wedding planning is stressful and hard work.

Remember to breathe when you feel anxious or stressed.

You would be surprised what a few deep breaths will do to calm your nerves. 

Try To Enjoy The Process

Many of us only get married once.

So, remember to enjoy these moments.

It is unlikely you will get to do it all again, and future, you will wish you had enjoyed this time a lot more.

One thing that can help you stay in the enjoyable moments of wedding planning is recording them.

Take photos and videos and create a memory book of you and your partner planning the most exciting day of your relationship.

Take A Break

If things get too overwhelming, always take a break.

In fact, I suggest taking a weekend off, or even a week, and taking a vacation with your partner.

Wedding planning is hard, and it can be wonderful to take some time to reconnect with one another. 

If funds can’t stretch to a vacation, schedule a weekend where the curtains stay closed, the movies are on, and you just enjoy some peaceful time with each other without interruption. 

Outsource Help

Never feel ashamed to ask for help. If things are running away from you a little bit, ask a friend or family member to help out with different bits of the planning.

You would be surprised how many people would be happy to be involved in your big day.

For bigger things, like catering, if you were planning on doing it yourself, outsource this to a professional if you can afford it.

Doing things like this yourself can save a lot of money, but it can be a lot of extra pressure.

Getting someone to take this task off your plate can be the difference between enjoying your wedding planning and regretting doing it in the first place.

So, It is Only Two Months Till Your Wedding Day

You have put in most of the hard planning work already, but don’t let that momentum go.

This month is the perfect time to clear up all loose ends so that you can go towards your big day with little to no stress.

Ask for help if you need it, take time to sit back and relax, get those final invitations sent out, and ask your hair and beauty professional for a trial appointment.

But, most of all, enjoy every moment.

This is such a special time in your life, and you don’t want to look back on it with sadness.