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What Is The Purpose Of A Bridal Shower? [Are They Necessary?]

Bridal showers. They’ve become quite a popular wedding celebration. But what is the purpose of having one and are they even necessary? With these questions in mind, I spent some time researching this tradition and will be sharing all that I managed to find here with you today.

So, what is the purpose of a bridal shower? The purpose of a bridal shower is to celebrate the bride and to parade her with gifts, without the presence of the groom. This particular event is supposed to include an all-female guest-list including older relatives that may not be typically included in the bachelorette party.

Bridal showers typically take place 1-3 months before the big day; and they’re certainly a celebratory event.

In fact, they are just one of the many celebrations that may be planned in the run up to the wedding.

Each of course, serving a different purpose.

Nevertheless, let us now take a closer look at the Bridal Shower.

This way you will know exactly what to expect if you are a guest invited along, or even what’s involved from a planning perspective if this is coming your way!

What Is The Point Of A Bridal Shower?

The point of a bridal shower is to allow the bride and her closest female friends and female relatives to celebrate ahead of the big day. Furthermore, these guests can ‘shower’ her with gifts which will help her to settle into family life with her husband to be.

And Bridal Showers take many forms.

Some are held at a house, others at a restaurant.

In fact, there are no hard or fast rules that say a Bridal Shower has to be held anywhere in particular.

The only rule… there can be no men!

That’s what wedding showers are for.

Oh, and there is an expectation on the guests to provide a gift.

Traditionally, these gifts are very practical in nature. Household items such as pots, pans, appliances – pretty much anything that will help the bride and her groom for their upcoming life together.

But its not just all about gift giving.

Bridal showers often include plenty of games and entertainment.

And they’re usually wedding-themed to make it a lot more exciting!

Are Bridal Showers Necessary?

Bridal showers are not mandatory or necessary, as such. They are not required and not something that every bride has to have. That being said, if the bride does articulate she would like one, then it is generally best to have one organized.

And organization mainly falls on the Maid/Matron of Honor.

In fact, she may even be responsible for hosting it.

Or at the very least she is the main co-ordinator.

Nevertheless whether a Bridal Shower is ultimately organized and planned will have a lot to do on the preferences of the bride.

And while Showers are typically good fun and another event to celebrate, truth is, they’re not for everyone.

In fact, there are brides who report that they never had one, and have little regrets over the decision.

While it is true that Bridal Showers are a tradition, and most brides do end up having one; this is not a make or break event.

In some circumstances, a Bridal Shower may not even be viable or feasible.

What To Do Instead Of A Bridal Shower

The best alternatives to a traditional Bridal Shower include experiences, classes, overnight stays, and trips/days out.

Of course, what you end up doing will have a lot to do with preferences and budget.

But that being said, there is surely something for everyone and for every bride.

Or, there is always the possibility that you forgo the idea of a celebration here altogehter.

It could just be brunches, coffee dates, and regular meet-ups with the bachelorette party, close friends, and relatives.

In fact, it may even be that gifts are exchanged during these kinds of casual, less-formal events.

And there are many benefits to keeping it casual.

Less stress for one!

To Bridal Shower Or Not To Bridal Shower

While Bridal Showers are generally a lot of fun and another opportunity to celebrate, they are by no means mandatory.

Nor are they for everyone.

So, if you are a bride do not feel pressured into proceeding.

At the same time, if you are the Maid/Matron of Honor, female relative or other member of the Bachelorette Party/inner circle, start asking the question.

Try to find out what the bride wants. Like, really wants.

You do not have to have a Bridal Shower after all.

But if you do want one. Then great.

There are exciting things you can do, such as wishing wells, games and entertainment.

And these things take planning!